Conquering Hyrule: A Breath of the Wild Walkthrough


Breath of the wild walkthrough, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild isn’t just a game; it’s an open-air adventure unlike any other. With a vast world to explore, challenging puzzles to solve, and a captivating story to unravel, Breath of the Wild offers an experience that’s both expansive and deeply personal. But with so much freedom, where do you even begin? This walkthrough will guide you through the main story, offer tips for exploration, and help you avoid some early pitfalls.

Breath of the wild

Getting Started: The Great Plateau

Your journey starts on the Great Plateau, a secluded area that serves as a tutorial of sorts. Here, you’ll reawaken Link, the legendary hero, and reacquaint yourself with the core mechanics of the game. Follow the guidance of the mysterious voice, the Sheikah Slate, to complete the four main objectives:

Free the Sheikah Towers: Ascend the four towers scattered across the plateau. Each climb rewards you with a map section and unlocks a Fast Travel point for later use.

Commune with the Four Divine Beasts: Locate the four massive mechanical creatures – Vah Ruta, Vah Naboris, Vah Rudania, and Vah Medoh. These are your primary objectives in the main story.

Complete the Trials: Unlock and complete the four shrines found on the plateau. These miniature dungeons introduce you to combat mechanics, puzzle-solving, and shrine-specific challenges.

Defeat Calamity Ganon’s Malice: Venture into the heart of the plateau and face a corrupted manifestation of Ganon. This fight equips you with the paraglider, a crucial tool for exploration.

Beyond the Plateau: Embrace the Open World

Once you activate the final tower and paraglide off the plateau, Hyrule unfolds in all its glory. The world is vast and teeming with possibilities. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Prioritize Exploration: There’s no set order to tackle the Divine Beasts. Explore, discover villages and stables, complete side quests, and find hidden Shrines. This not only levels you up but also uncovers more of the story and enriches your experience.

Gear Up: Weapons and shields degrade with use, so keep an eye on their durability. Stash good weapons for later and experiment with different ones. Upgrade your armor at shops to improve your defense.

Cooking is Key: Foraging for ingredients allows you to cook food that replenishes health, grants temporary buffs, and offers elemental resistance. Experiment with different combinations to discover powerful dishes.

The Elements are Your Ally: Use the environment to your advantage. Lightning can strike enemies with metal weapons, fire can ignite flammable objects, and ice can freeze enemies and water.

Conquering the Divine Beasts

The four Divine Beasts are corrupted by Ganon’s Malice, and each has a distinct theme and dungeon design. Here’s a glimpse into what awaits you:

Vah Ruta (Zora’s Domain): This elephant-like Divine Beast is located in a watery region. Helping the Zora Prince requires solving water-based puzzles and navigating the beast’s interior to take control.

Vah Naboris (Gerudo Desert): This camel-like Divine Beast roams the scorching Gerudo Desert. Gaining access to Gerudo Town as a male Gerudo allows you to enter the beast and face its fiery challenges.

Vah Rudania (Death Mountain): This dragon-like Divine Beast resides atop Death Mountain, a volcanic region. Helping the Gorons requires navigating scorching heat and using bombs strategically to overcome obstacles within the beast.

Vah Medoh (Hebra Mountains): This falcon-like Divine Beast soars through the frigid Hebra Mountains. Helping the Rito Champion involves using updrafts and Revali’s Gale (a reward from a previous quest) to reach the beast and complete its aerial challenges.

Confronting Calamity Ganon

After freeing the Divine Beasts, you can make your way to Hyrule Castle to face Calamity Ganon. The castle is a challenging gauntlet of enemies and puzzles. Utilize the abilities gained from the Divine Beasts and the Champions’ Blessings to overcome the obstacles. The final battle against Ganon tests your combat skills and mastery of the game’s mechanics.


Where do I begin?

Your adventure starts on the Great Plateau, a tutorial area. Here, you’ll learn the basics of combat, movement, and Sheikah Slate abilities. Follow the main quest markers to reach the Old Man, who will point you towards the four Divine Beasts.

Should I follow the main story or explore?

Breath of the Wild’s beauty lies in its freedom. The main story can be tackled at your own pace. Explore the world, complete side quests, find shrines (mini-dungeons), and collect Korok Seeds (for inventory upgrades) to power yourself up before tackling the Divine Beasts.

How do I find all the Shrines?

Shrines are scattered throughout Hyrule. Look for Sheikah Towers – climb them to activate the map and reveal nearby Shrines as blue stars. Talk to NPCs and follow hints they give about Shrine locations.

What are Korok Seeds for?

These tiny, hidden seeds are collected for a mischievous spirit named Hestu. Every 900 Korok Seeds you give him expands your inventory space. Look for circles of rocks with a single odd leaf sticking out – these often hide Korok Seeds.

How do I fight enemies effectively?

Learn enemy attack patterns and dodge strategically. Use the environment to your advantage – roll bombs into enemy camps or use stasis to freeze and launch objects at them. Experiment with different weapons, bows, and elemental effects to find what works best.

My weapons keep breaking! What do I do?

Weapons in Breath of the Wild degrade with use. Weaker enemies often drop weaker weapons. Consider using different weapon types depending on the situation and keep an eye out for stronger ones in enemy outposts or chests.

How do I survive the cold/heat?

Certain areas have extreme temperatures. Wear appropriate gear – warm clothes for cold regions and fire-resistant gear for hot zones. You can also cook meals with specific ingredients to grant temporary temperature resistance.

Can I upgrade my armor?

Yes! Find Fairys at specific springs scattered around Hyrule. They can enhance existing armor pieces for increased defense. Look for glowing light beams to find these springs.

What are the Divine Beasts?

These giant mechanical creatures are piloted by corrupted spirits known as Malice. You’ll need to solve puzzles and defeat the boss within each Divine Beast to free them and gain their power.

Is there anything to do after beating the main story?

Absolutely! There’s plenty to discover: The Champions’ Ballad DLC offers new story content and challenges. You can also aim for 100% completion by finding all Korok Seeds, Shrines, and other hidden secrets. Hyrule awaits!

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