The Enigmatic Light Dragon-Tears of the Kingdom’s Celestial Mystery


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) introduced a captivating new addition to Hyrule’s skies – the Light Dragon. This majestic creature, shimmering with gold and jade scales, soars high above the land, shrouded in an aura of mystery. Unlike the three returning dragons, Dinraal, Farosh, and Naydra, the Light Dragon carves its path, leaving players wondering: what is its role in TotK?

This article dives deep into everything we know about the Light Dragon, exploring its significance, uncovering secrets to finding it, and addressing the burning questions that have sparked discussions online.

A Celestial Enigma: Unveiling the Light Dragon’s Role

Theories abound regarding the Light Dragon’s purpose. Here are some of the most intriguing possibilities:

  • Connection to Zelda: Some speculate the Light Dragon is linked to Zelda herself. In the post-credits scene of TotK, Zelda mentions forgetting parts of her past, possibly hinting at a transformation into the dragon. This theory aligns with the Light Dragon’s healing properties, potentially symbolizing Zelda’s role as the protector of Hyrule.
  • Fragment of the Triforce: Another theory suggests the Light Dragon embodies a fragment of the Triforce, the legendary artefact representing power, wisdom, and courage. The three returning dragons are believed to be reincarnations of the goddesses who created the Triforce, so the Light Dragon could represent a missing piece.
  • Guide and Guardian: The Light Dragon’s consistent presence throughout the game might signify a watchful guardian spirit. Perhaps it observes Link’s journey, offering aid or cryptic clues at crucial moments.
  • Unlocking Secrets: Some believe the Light Dragon holds the key to unlocking hidden areas or powerful items. Defeating the dragon or interacting with it in a specific way could trigger events leading to valuable discoveries.

The developers have remained tight-lipped about the Light Dragon’s true role, leaving players to piece together the clues scattered throughout the game.

Soaring Through the Skies: How to Find the Light Dragon

Unlike the other dragons with designated paths, the Light Dragon takes a more elusive approach. Here are ways to spot this celestial wanderer:

  • Skyward Scans: Keep your eyes peeled! The Light Dragon can be seen soaring high above Hyrule at various points throughout the game. It often circles the perimeter of the map, making it visible from a distance with a keen eye.
  • Korok Forest Connection: Completing quests in the Korok Forest, specifically the “Recovering the Hero’s Sword” quest, might trigger the appearance of the Light Dragon. The Great Deku Tree offers cryptic hints about the Master Sword’s location, and the Light Dragon’s presence could be linked to this revelation.
  • Geoglyph Guidance: Players who discover all 12 Geoglyphs scattered across Hyrule might unlock a hidden quest that sheds light on the Light Dragon. These Geoglyphs contain fragments of the Tears of the Dragon, hinting at a deeper connection between the dragon and these ancient markings.

While these methods increase your chances of encountering the Light Dragon, its unpredictable nature adds to the thrill of the hunt.

Burning Questions from the Community: Unraveling the Mysteries

The Light Dragon has sparked countless discussions online. Here are some of the most common questions players are asking:

  • Can You Ride the Light Dragon? Currently, there is no confirmed way to ride the Light Dragon in TotK. However, some fans speculate that future updates or DLC might introduce this possibility.
  • Does the Light Dragon Offer Rewards? Successfully hitting the Light Dragon with arrows can yield valuable rewards. A Light Dragon Scale is a common drop, while hitting its glowing spikes grants Shards of Light Dragon Spike, potentially used for crafting powerful equipment.
  • Is There More to the Light Dragon’s Story? With the game’s focus on uncovering secrets and exploring Hyrule’s forgotten corners, there’s a strong possibility that the Light Dragon’s story has yet to be fully revealed. Future quests or additional lore entries might shed light on its origins and true purpose.

The developers have a history of crafting intricate narratives and hidden secrets within the Legend of Zelda franchise. The Light Dragon is likely no exception. With continued exploration and keen observation, players might uncover the truth behind this enigmatic creature and its place in the grand tapestry of TotK.


Q. What is the Light Dragon?

The Light Dragon is a brand new, golden and jade-colored dragon exclusive to TOTK. Unlike the other dragons (Dinraal, Naydra, Farosh), the Light Dragon has a unique path that circles the entire Hyrule map at a much higher altitude. It’s also said to possess healing properties.

Q. Where can I find the Light Dragon?

Due to its vast flight path, spotting the Light Dragon is easier than specifically locating it. You can look up towards the heavens and keep an eye out for its shimmering form. Alternatively, you can use the following methods:

  • Head to Skyview Towers: The Light Dragon can sometimes be seen flying past the Skyview Towers during its circuit.
  • Recovering the Hero’s Sword Quest: Completing this quest provides a vital clue. After returning the Master Sword, the Light Dragon breaks through the cloud barrier, potentially revealing its location.

Q. Is there a way to track the Light Dragon’s path?

Unfortunately, there’s no in-game mechanic to directly track the Light Dragon’s movement. However, players have observed a recurring pattern in its flight path. You can find discussions and community-made maps about this online.

Q. Can I land on the Light Dragon?

Yes! With careful gliding and manoeuvring using your Paraglider, you can land on the Light Dragon’s back. This might take some practice and patience.

Q. What do I get from defeating/interacting with the Light Dragon?

  • Light Dragon Scale: These can be obtained by hitting most parts of the Dragon’s body.
  • Shard of Light Dragon Spike: These rarer drops come from hitting the glowing spikes on its body or by collecting them from its back after landing.

Q. What is the purpose of these items?

The exact use of Light Dragon Scales and Shards is yet to be revealed, but players speculate they might be used for crafting powerful equipment or upgrades.

Q. Is the Light Dragon connected to the story?

There’s currently no confirmed story connection, but some theories suggest the Light Dragon might play a role in later events or hold a secret related to Zelda or the ongoing calamity.

Q. Anything else to know about the Light Dragon?

Keep an eye out for interesting details! The Light Dragon is still shrouded in mystery. Players are constantly discovering new things about its behaviour and potential significance in TOTK.

Conclusion: A Beacon of Mystery in Hyrule’s Skies

The Light Dragon adds a captivating layer of mystery to TotK. Its celestial presence, shrouded in symbolism and speculation, fuels the adventurous spirit of players. Whether it’s a guardian, a cryptic puzzle piece, or a harbinger of hidden secrets, the Light Dragon beckons players to explore. 

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