Lurelin Village-A Breathtaking Oasis in Hyrule


Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Faron and the turquoise waters of East Necluda lies Lurelin Village, a charming settlement brimming with maritime flair. This location, featured in both The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its upcoming sequel, Tears of the Kingdom, offers players a tranquil escape and a chance to delve into the lives of Hyrule’s seafaring folk. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a curious newcomer to the Zelda franchise, Lurelin Village has something to captivate you.

A Fishing Paradise: Life by the Sea

Lurelin Village thrives on its connection to the sea. The villagers, known for their warm hospitality and expertise in fishing, make their homes in colorful huts perched along the water’s edge. Boats bob gently in the harbor, and fishing rods lean casually against weathered docks, painting a picture of a peaceful life sustained by the ocean’s bounty.

In Breath of the Wild, Lurelin Village serves as a haven for weary travelers. The cheery innkeeper, Chessica, offers comfortable beds for a well-deserved rest, while the Lurelin General Store provides essential supplies for your journey. You can even test your luck at the quirky game “All or Nothing,” a local favorite that involves strategically placing arrows on a rotating board.

Tears of the Kingdom takes a slightly different approach. Here, Lurelin Village has fallen on hard times. Pirates have overrun the settlement, driving away the villagers and leaving the once-bustling community in disarray. As Link, the hero, it falls upon you to liberate Lurelin Village from this scourge and help its inhabitants rebuild their lives.

Restoring Lurelin Village to its Former Glory (Tears of the Kingdom)

The “Lurelin Village Restoration Project” is a key quest in Tears of the Kingdom. By aiding the villagers in driving out the pirates and gathering the necessary materials, you’ll witness Lurelin Village blossom anew. Witnessing this transformation firsthand adds a layer of emotional investment to the experience, making the village feel even more special.

As you progress through the restoration project, new shops and amenities spring up, transforming Lurelin Village into a more vibrant hub. A lively restaurant serving delicious seafood dishes entices your taste buds, while a mini-game shop offers new challenges and entertainment options. The restored Lurelin Village Inn boasts not only comfortable beds but also a rejuvenating “Salt Spa” that revitalizes you after a long day of adventuring.

The Heart of Lurelin Village: Its People

The true soul of Lurelin Village lies in its inhabitants. Here’s a glimpse into some of the key characters you’ll encounter:

  • Chief Rozel (Breath of the Wild): The wise and benevolent leader of Lurelin Village in Breath of the Wild, Chief Rozel oversees the well-being of his people.
  • Chessica (Breath of the Wild): The friendly innkeeper who runs the Lurelin Village Inn. Chessica offers a warm welcome and comfortable lodgings for weary travellers.
  • Cloyne (Both Games): A skilled fisherman who can be found casting his line near the docks. Cloyne plays a vital role in the “LurelinVillage Restoration Project” in Tears of the Kingdom.
  • Kiana (Both Games): A young girl with an adventurous spirit. Kiana often participates in Lurelin Village’s events and adds a touch of youthful energy to the community.

These are just a few of the endearing characters who call LurelinVillage home. As you interact with them, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for their way of life and the challenges they face.

Beyond the Docks: Exploring Lurelin Village’s Surroundings

The beauty of LurelinVillage extends beyond its immediate surroundings. Lush forests teeming with wildlife border the village, offering opportunities for exploration and thrilling encounters with Hyrule’s diverse creatures.

In Breath of the Wild, a hidden shrine awaits discovery nestled amidst the dense foliage. Completing the trials within this shrine rewards you with valuable equipment and a sense of accomplishment. Tears of the Kingdom might offer new secrets to uncover in the surrounding area, so keep your eyes peeled for hidden pathways and intriguing landmarks.

The Abandoned Lurelin Mine, a decaying network of tunnels located nearby, adds a touch of mystery to the region. While the mine itself isn’t accessible in Breath of the Wild, it remains to be seen if Tears of the Kingdom delves deeper into its history and offers players a chance to explore its depths.

Lurelin Village’s Legacy: A Beacon of Hope

LurelinVillage serves as a microcosm of Hyrule itself. It’s a place where peace and prosperity can flourish, but also vulnerable to threats and devastation. Witnessing its restoration in Tears of the Kingdom becomes a testament to the resilience of its people and the power of collective action.


Q. Where is Lurelin Village?

  • Breath of the Wild: LurelinVillage is nestled on the southern beaches of Faron province, offering a tropical paradise within Hyrule.
  • Tears of the Kingdom: The village remains in East Necluda, but the once-peaceful location is now overrun by pirates.

Q. What’s Lurelin Village Like?

  • Breath of the Wild: LurelinVillage boasts a laid-back atmosphere with friendly fishermen and locals. Enjoy the sunshine, grab a bite to eat, or rent a boat for some fishing fun.
  • Tears of the Kingdom: The village is in ruins, devoid of its former residents. However, with your help, you can restore Lurelin to its former glory!

Q. What can I do in Lurelin Village?

  • Breath of the Wild:
    • Relax at the inn run by Chessica.
    • Grab a tasty meal or stock up on supplies at the Lurelin General Store.
    • Challenge your bowling skills at the All or Nothing mini-game.
    • Take a boat out and enjoy some deep-sea fishing.
  • Tears of the Kingdom:
    • Help liberate LurelinVillage from pirates.
    • Embark on the “Lurelin Village Restoration Project” to rebuild the town.
    • Unlock new shops and amenities as the village flourishes.
    • Enjoy the restored inn with its health-boosting Salt Spa.

Q. How do I restore Lurelin Village in Tears of the Kingdom?

  • You’ll need to complete the “Ruffian-Infested Village” quest to kick out the pirates and initiate the restoration project.
  • Gather resources like wood and monster parts to rebuild the ruined houses.
  • Completing the restoration project unlocks new shops and revives the village.

What are some interesting facts about Lurelin Village?

  • The village is named after Lurelin, a Zora who once resided there (Breath of the Wild).
  • You can find a secret Hot Spring hidden nearby in Breath of the Wild.
  • Tears of the Kingdom offers a more involved experience, allowing you to directly impact the village’s fate.

LurelinVillage offers something for every Zelda player. Whether you crave tranquillity or a good rebuilding challenge, this seaside destination is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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