Unearthing the Truth: A Guide to Starfield Evidence Locations


starfield evidence, the highly anticipated space epic from Bethesda Game Studios, throws you headfirst into a vast interstellar adventure. As you explore the cosmos, you’ll encounter the intriguing “Burden of Proof” questline, which tasks you with gathering evidence to expose a conspiracy.

But with a sprawling galaxy to navigate, pinpointing these crucial pieces of information can be daunting. Fear not, intrepid spacefarer! This guide will equip you with everything you need to find all the evidence locations in Starfield’s “Burden of Proof.”

Understanding the Evidence Hunt

The “Burden of Proof” questline unfolds as you delve deeper into the Crimson Fleet storyline. Throughout your investigation, you’ll need to collect various evidence types, including data slates, logs, and terminals. These hold vital clues that unravel the truth behind the Crimson Fleet’s operations.

There are two important things to remember during your evidence hunt:

  1. Not Missable Evidence: Some evidence is automatically retrieved during specific missions, ensuring you won’t miss them. These are typically story-critical moments where you interact with key characters or explore designated areas.
  2. Exploration Pays Off: Other evidence pieces are cleverly hidden throughout the game world, requiring a keen eye and a thirst for exploration. These optional pickups add depth to the narrative and can influence your perception of the Crimson Fleet.

Here’s a breakdown of all the evidence locations in “Burden of Proof,” categorized for your convenience:

Evidence Found During Missions

  1. The Echoes of the Past (Mars):
    • Nava Meetup Evidence: This data slate sits on a table behind Adler Kemp in Sedonia on Mars.
  2. Absolute Power (Neon):
    • Big Score Evidence: Look for this on a bedside table inside a first-floor bedroom at Madame Savage’s bar.
  3. Meeting with Bayou (New Atlantis):
    • General’s Orders Evidence: Located inside a safe within General Dan’s office on the General Industries floor of the Trade Tower. Follow the quest markers to reach this area.

Exploration-Based Evidence Locations

Alpha Centauri System

  1. New Atlantis (Jemison):
    • Carter’s Gig Evidence & Warden’s Log Evidence: These are both found during the “Echoes of the Past” mission. Carter’s Gig Evidence is unmissable, while the Warden’s Log is located in the Warden’s office, accessible by following the yellow-painted rooms and ascending the stairs.

Valo System

  1. Hopetown (Polvo):
    • Hopetown Raid Evidence: Travel to Hopetown and head to the main building. Look for a bar called “Pit Stop” and locate the evidence slate on the front counter at the back of the room.

Wolf System

  1. The Den (Chthonia):
    • Kreet Officer Evidence: Once you dock at The Den, head inside and find a table beneath the giant neon sign that reads “Open.” The evidence will be there for your collection.

Miscellaneous Locations

  1. UC Naval Station:
    • Slate in Captain’s Room: Board the UC Naval Station and head to the Captain’s Quarters on the second floor. Look for Rokov’s room, and you’ll find the evidence on a shelf near his bed.
  2. Key (Unidentified Location):
    • Delgado’s Computer Evidence: Within the Key space station, take a left at the main entrance and climb the stairs at the back. Take another left and ascend the following stairs to reach the Operations Room. The evidence is located on the left as you enter.
  3. SY-920 Space Station (Crimson Fleet Mission – “The Best There Is”):
    • Dr. Gabriel Vogel’s Lab Evidence: During this mission, you’ll naturally reach Dr. Vogel’s lab if you avoid raising alarms. Once inside, head through the back door and look right to find the evidence on a black trolley.

Remember: While some evidence requires specific mission progress, others are cleverly hidden throughout explorable locations. Don’t hesitate to delve into every corner and speak with every character you encounter. You never know where the next crucial piece of information might be waiting!

Beyond the Evidence: Additional Tips

  • Pay Attention to Dialogue: Conversations with characters can offer subtle hints about potential evidence locations. Keep your ears peeled for any mention of Crimson Fleet activities or suspicious events.
  • Environmental Exploration: Search terminals, data pads, and containers scattered throughout various locations. These may hold hidden messages or cryptic clues that point towards additional evidence.


Q: What is the Burden of Proof in Starfield?

A: Burden of Proof is a questline in Starfield where you gather evidence to expose a conspiracy within the Crimson Fleet. Finding all the evidence pieces is crucial to completing the quest.

Q: Where can I find all the Burden of Proof evidence locations?

A: There are ten pieces of evidence scattered across various locations in the Starfield universe. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Request Denied Evidence: On the Crimson Fleet ship, second floor, Captain’s Quarters, on a shelf next to Rokov’s bed.
  2. Adler’s Table Evidence: On Mars, behind Adler Kemp on the table.
  3. Kay’s House Evidence: Alpha Centauri system, planet Jemison, Well district, inside Kay’s house, at the back of the kitchen.
  4. Madame Sauvage’s Bar Evidence: Behind the bar at Madame Sauvage’s place.
  5. Delgado’s Computer Evidence: On the Key, Operations Room (upstairs and to the left of Delgado’s computer).
  6. Hopetown Raid Evidence: Valo System, planet Polvo, Hopetown, inside the Pit Stop bar on the front counter.
  7. Kreet Offer Evidence: Wolf System, planet Chthonia, The Den, on the table in front of the giant neon sign “Open.”
  8. Jasmine’s Computer Evidence: On the Key, next to Jasmine’s computer.
  9. The Lock Locker Evidence: Found during a mission on the Lock, marked as an optional objective.
  10. Warden’s Final Message: Warden’s office on the Lock.

Q: Are there any video guides showing the evidence locations?

A: Yes, several video guides showcase the Burden of Proof evidence locations. You can search for “[YouTube Starfield Burden of Proof Evidence Locations]” to find them.

Q: Do I need to find all the evidence to complete the quest?

A: Yes, collecting all ten evidence pieces is necessary to progress the Burden of Proof questline and uncover the full conspiracy.

Q: Can I miss any evidence locations?

A: Some evidence is found during specific missions, so following the quest objectives carefully will ensure you don’t miss them. However, others are hidden in various locations, so referring to this FAQ or a video guide can be helpful.

Q: What happens after I collect all the evidence?

A: Once you have all ten pieces, the quest progresses, and you’ll confront the culprits behind the conspiracy. The outcome depends on your choices throughout the questline.

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