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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom throws you into another epic Hyrulian adventure, and one of the fiery challenges you’ll face is the Fire Temple. This volcanic labyrinth holds the key to calming the marbled rock roast plaguing the Gorons and houses the formidable Marbled Ghoma boss. But fear not, courageous adventurer! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate the scorching halls and emerge victorious.

Gear Up for the Heat

Before venturing into the Fire Temple, ensure you’re well-prepared. Here’s a checklist of essentials:

  • Heat-Resistant Gear: While Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t have traditional heat meters, some areas in the Fire Temple will inflict continuous damage. Consider wearing armour with fire resistance or stocking up on restorative items.
  • Upgraded Tools: Having your Sheikah Slate abilities like Ultrahand and Recall fully powered up will be immensely helpful in solving puzzles and manoeuvring through the temple.
  • Yunobo’s Assistance: Yunobo, the Goron Champion, plays a crucial role in the Fire Temple. Make sure you’ve completed his quest in Goron City to unlock his champion ability.

Navigating the Fiery Labyrinth

The Fire Temple is a multi-floored structure filled with volcanic hazards, lava flows, and devious puzzles. Here’s a breakdown of the key areas and challenges you’ll encounter:

Entrance and Lower Floors (1F-3F):

  • Upon entering, you’ll find a broken bridge. Use Ultrahand to reconnect the bridge pieces, then launch Yunobo at it. He’ll break through the ceiling, revealing a cube. Use Recall to reach the higher floor.
  • On the higher floors, you’ll encounter minecart tracks and switches. Activate the switches using Yunobo to redirect the minecart, allowing you to reach new areas. Be mindful of Gloom enemies that spew fireballs and destroy them for helpful items.

The Power of Water (3F):

  • You’ll encounter a constantly running hydrant on Floor 3. Use this to create stone platforms over lava. This will be crucial for reaching certain areas and activating switches.
  • Combine Ultrahand with the hydrant-created platforms to bridge gaps and reach higher platforms.

Reaching the Upper Floors (4F-5F):

  • Use the minecart tracks and strategically placed red rocks to smash through obstacles and reach new floors. Yunobo’s strength comes in handy here.
  • Look for switches and strategically use Yunobo to activate them, unlocking new paths and revealing hidden areas. Some switches might be hidden behind marbled rocks; Yunobo can break them open.

The Gongs and the Key (4F-5F):

  • Scattered throughout the upper floors are large metal gongs. Striking a gong with Yunobo will unlock specific sections of the temple.
  • Finding and activating all the gongs is essential to reaching the boss room and obtaining the key item.

Boss Battle: Marbled Ghoma

  • Marbled Ghoma, a monstrous lava creature, awaits in the deepest chamber.
  • The boss fight utilizes Yunobo’s strength strategically. Use Yunobo to launch himself at the walls near Ghoma, causing it to fall and exposing its vulnerable eye.
  • While Yunobo is crucial for damaging Ghoma, don’t neglect using your own attacks during openings. Utilize ice-based attacks to exploit Ghoma’s weakness.
  • Defeating Marbled Ghoma will reward you with a Heart Container and permanently unlock Yunobo’s champion ability for future use outside the temple.

Advanced Tips and Tricks from the Community

While the core walkthrough guides you through the Fire Temple, resourceful players on YouTube have discovered some clever strategies to optimize your journey:

  • Flying Machine Shortcut: This advanced technique involves building a makeshift flying machine using fans and a steering stick. While risky, it allows you to reach certain areas much faster.
  • Strategic Use of Hydrant Platforms: Don’t just create single stepping stones over lava. You can build multi-level platforms using the hydrant to reach higher areas or create pathways around obstacles.
  • Enemy Exploitation: While some enemies pose a threat, others can be manipulated to your advantage. For example, use Gloom enemies strategically to destroy marbled rocks blocking your path.

Remember, these are just suggestions! Experiment and have fun devising your own solutions to the Fire Temple’s challenges.


Q: How do I enter the Fire Temple in Tears of the Kingdom?

A: You’ll access the Fire Temple after completing the Yunobo of Goron City quest. Head to Death Mountain and navigate the Depths to reach the entrance.

Q: What abilities are essential for the Fire Temple?

A: You’ll heavily rely on two key abilities:

  • Yunobo’s Rolling Attack: This powerful move allows Yunobo to break through obstacles and activate switches.
  • Ultrahand: This Sheikah Slate power lets you manipulate objects in the environment, including rebuilding bridges and positioning platforms.

Q: Are there any items I should bring to the Fire Temple?

A: While not mandatory, consider bringing items that deal with fire or create ice, as they can be helpful against enemies and environmental hazards. Also, stock up on healing items as you’ll encounter enemies throughout the dungeon.

Q: I’m stuck on the minecart section. What do I do?

A: This section requires using Yunobo strategically. Aim Yunobo at the fan switch on the minecart track to change directions. Later, you’ll encounter a marbled rock blocking a passage. Use Yunobo’s attack to break it and continue on the minecart tracks.

Q: How do I solve the bridge puzzle in the Fire Temple?

A: Locate a broken bridge leading to a room. Use Ultrahand to reassemble the bridge pieces. Ascend the bridge and use Yunobo’s rolling attack on the red block on the ceiling. This will make a cube fall. Use Recall to teleport yourself onto the cube and reach the upper floor.

Q: What are the Gongs in the Fire Temple for?

A: There are five Gongs scattered throughout the temple. Striking each Gong with Yunobo unlocks a previously inaccessible area or removes a barrier.

Q: How do I defeat the Boss: Marbled Ghoma?

A: Marbled Ghoma is the fiery guardian of the Fire Temple. Here’s how to take it down:

  • Use Yunobo’s rolling attack to break Marbled Ghoma’s legs, causing it to fall and become vulnerable.
  • Dodge Marbled Ghoma’s attacks, including fireballs and body slams.
  • Focus your attacks on its giant eye to deal damage.
  • Utilize any remaining items you have that can deal with fire or create ice for an advantage.

Q: What reward do I get for completing the Fire Temple?

A: Upon defeating Marbled Ghoma, you’ll earn a Heart Container, permanent access to Yunobo’s ability outside the dungeon, and likely some story revelations.

Q: Are there any video guides available for the Fire Temple?

A: Yes! There are several video guides available online that offer a visual walkthrough of the Fire Temple. Search for “[YouTube Tears of the Kingdom Fire Temple Guide]” to find them.

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