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Bethesda’s upcoming space epic, Starfield, offers a vast universe brimming with possibilities. From exploration to combat, diplomacy to resource gathering, the game caters to a wide range of playstyles. But before you embark on your interstellar odyssey, a crucial step awaits: crafting your character.

Your background and traits will shape your initial skills and provide unique bonuses, influencing your journey through the cosmos. This guide delves into the most popular questions surrounding character creation in Starfield, helping you forge the perfect spacefarer.

Backgrounds: Defining Your Place in the Constellation

Starfield boasts a diverse selection of backgrounds, each offering a distinct set of starting skills and a bonus trait. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most sought-after backgrounds and how they might suit your playstyle:

  • For the Diplomat:
    • Backgrounds like Diplomat or Freestar Collective are ideal if you prefer a charismatic approach. They grant bonuses to Speech and Persuasion, allowing you to navigate complex negotiations and forge alliances with ease.
  • For the Spacefarer:
    • If piloting spaceships and navigating the cosmos are your priorities, backgrounds like Long Hauler or Spacer are excellent choices. These provide a head start in skills like Piloting, Science (for ship upgrades), and Lockpicking (for looting derelict vessels).
  • For the Scoundrel:
    • Do you prefer a more “hands-on” approach? Backgrounds like Neon Street Rat or Bounty Hunter cater to the cunning and resourceful. They offer boosts to Lockpicking, Sneak, and Hacking, perfect for acquiring valuable resources through less-than-legal means.
  • For the Industrialist:
    • If building a spacefaring empire is your ambition, backgrounds like Industrialist or Wastelander might be the way to go. These provide advantages in skills like Lockpicking (for scavenging), Mercantile (for better deals), and Barter (for trading with different factions).

Remember, the “best” background depends entirely on your desired playstyle. Consider what kind of spacefarer you envision yourself to be, and choose the background that best complements your aspirations.

Traits: Unearthing Your Hidden Potential

Traits in Starfield add another layer of customization, offering unique advantages and drawbacks that can significantly impact your gameplay. Here are some of the most popular traits and their implications:

  • The Social Butterfly:
    • Extroverts and Introverts are two sides of the same coin. Extroverts grant increased stamina when adventuring with companions, while Introvert offers more stamina when exploring solo. Both offer improved carry capacity, a valuable asset in any playthrough.
  • The Gifted One:
    • Traits like Hero Worshipped or Kid Stuff provide bonuses to specific skills depending on your choices during character creation. These can give you a significant edge in areas like Hacking, Lockpicking, or Mercantile. However, some come with drawbacks like reduced reputation with certain factions.
  • The Pragmatist:
    • Traits like Taskmaster or Dream Home cater to specific gameplay styles. Taskmaster offers a chance for automatic ship system repairs when your crew is skilled enough, but it increases crew hiring costs. Dream Home grants a permanent bonus to settlement happiness but comes with a starting debt.
  • The Enigma:
    • Alien DNA and Serpent’s Embrace are more niche traits that cater to specific player preferences. Alien DNA offers bonuses to specific stats depending on your chosen alien origin, but you might face suspicion from some factions. Serpent’s Embrace grants immunity to certain toxins but reduces your starting reputation with a particular faction.

It’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons of each trait before making your selection. Some traits offer clear advantages with minimal drawbacks, while others might require adjustments to your playstyle.

Beyond the Basics: Additional Considerations When Choosing Backgrounds and Traits

Here are some additional factors to keep in mind when creating your Starfield character:

  • Playstyle Synergy: Think about how your chosen background and traits complement each other. For example, pairing the Bounty Hunter background with the Sharpshooter trait would create a formidable combat specialist.
  • Long-Term Goals: Consider your long-term goals in Starfield. Do you want to build a sprawling space empire? Then, choose a background and traits that benefit resource acquisition and settlement management.
  • Replayability: The beauty of Starfield lies in its replayability. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different backgrounds and traits on subsequent playthroughs to experience the game from various perspectives.


Q. What are Backgrounds and Traits?

  • Backgrounds: These define your character’s origin story, granting starting skills and bonuses that suit a specific playstyle (e.g., Diplomat, Bounty Hunter).
  • Traits: These are optional personality quirks that offer unique advantages and drawbacks (e.g., Extrovert gains bonus stamina with companions, Introvert gains solo stamina boost).

Q. How to Choose the Best Background?

There’s no single “best” background, as it depends on your desired playstyle. Here’s a breakdown of popular options:

  • Combat-focused: Bounty Hunter (bonuses to combat skills), Soldier (heavy weapon proficiency).
  • Exploration-oriented: Long Hauler (increased carry capacity, piloting, and weapon skills).
  • Social butterfly: Diplomat (persuasion and negotiation skills).
  • Tech-savvy: Wastelander (engineering and lockpicking skills).

Q. What are some strong Traits to consider?

  • Extrovert/Introvert: Choose based on your playstyle (solo or companion-heavy).
  • Taskmaster: Provides a chance for ship systems to self-repair below 50% health (great for space battles).
  • Hero Worshipped: Gain reputation bonuses and discounts with certain factions.
  • Raised Enlightened/Universal: Religious backgrounds offering unique starting items and bonuses (pick one based on your character’s beliefs).

Q. Where can I find more information?

For a deeper dive into each background and trait, you can explore online resources like IGN’s Starfield Guide [IGN Starfield Best Traits and Backgrounds] or YouTube channels dedicated to Starfield guides [YouTube Starfield Character Creation Guide].

Additional Tips:

  • Consider your desired roleplaying style when choosing your background and traits.
  • Remember, traits are optional and can be removed later in the game if needed.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations to find the perfect fit for your spacefarer!

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