Exploring Starfield Updates: A Universe of Possibilities


Since its explosive arrival in late 2023, Starfield, Bethesda’s epic spacefaring RPG, has captivated players with its vast open world, diverse alien species, and seemingly endless exploration opportunities.   However, the launch wasn’t without its stumbles.  This article delves into the updates released so far, analyzes their impact on the game, and explores potential...

Starfield: Eye of the Storm-A Maelstrom of Choice and Loot


Eye of the Storm is a pivotal quest in Bethesda’s upcoming spacefaring RPG, Starfield. This mission throws you headfirst into a thrilling heist aboard a legendary lost vessel, the “Legacy,” while forcing a critical decision that shapes the remainder of your playthrough. Here’s a deep dive into everything you need to know about Eye of the Storm, including walkthrough...

Best Backgrounds and Traits in Starfield


Bethesda’s upcoming space epic, Starfield, offers a vast universe brimming with possibilities. From exploration to combat, diplomacy to resource gathering, the game caters to a wide range of playstyles. But before you embark on your interstellar odyssey, a crucial step awaits: crafting your character. Your background and traits will shape your initial skills and provide unique bonuses...

Navigating the Cosmos: A Starfield Walkthrough


Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, has finally arrived. With a vast open world, diverse factions, and countless customization options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when stepping onto your first spaceship. This walkthrough will guide you through the initial stages of Starfield, equipping you with the knowledge to carve your own path amongst...

Starfield Gets a Stellar Update: Everything You Need to Know


Space explorers, rejoice! Starfield, the sprawling spacefaring RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, just received its biggest update since its launch on May 15th, 2024. This massive update, aptly named the “May Update,” addresses many player requests and injects a healthy dose of new features into the already expansive universe. Whether you’re a seasoned Starfield voyager or a...

Unveiling the Cosmos: A Guide to Starfield Names


The vast expanse of space has captivated humanity for millennia, its mysteries beckoning us to explore. In the realm of science fiction, video games like Starfield offer the chance to journey beyond our own world and delve into the unknown.  A crucial part of this immersive experience is the naming of celestial objects, particularly the starfields that illuminate the interstellar canvas...

Starfield: IGN’s Verdict


Bethesda Game Studios, the minds behind legendary franchises like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, launched into the vast expanse of space with Starfield in November 2023. This highly anticipated title promised a next-generation open-world RPG experience, filled with exploration, deep quests, and epic spacefaring adventures. But how did it fare in the eyes of IGN, one of the leading video game...

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