Starfield: Eye of the Storm-A Maelstrom of Choice and Loot


Eye of the Storm is a pivotal quest in Bethesda’s upcoming spacefaring RPG, Starfield. This mission throws you headfirst into a thrilling heist aboard a legendary lost vessel, the “Legacy,” while forcing a critical decision that shapes the remainder of your playthrough. Here’s a deep dive into everything you need to know about Eye of the Storm, including walkthrough guides, choice consequences, and the exciting rewards that await.

Unlocking the Eye

Eye of the Storm becomes available after completing the “Absolute Power” quest for the Crimson Fleet faction. This questline revolves around retrieving data fragments for a mysterious “Conduction Grid.” Once you hand over the completed data to Delgado on The Key, buckle up for a whirlwind of action and intrigue.

Gearing Up for the Storm

Before embarking on this perilous mission, ensure your ship is adequately prepared to weather the electromagnetic storms plaguing the Bannoc system. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Conduction Grid Module: This vital piece of equipment strengthens your ship’s hull, allowing you to navigate the system’s intense storms. You can acquire it through Delgado on The Key.
  • ComSpike Module: This module disrupts enemy communications, granting you a tactical advantage during the space battle that unfolds upon reaching the Legacy. It’s also obtained from Delgado.

Following the Trail

With your ship prepped, head to the UC Vigilance in the Sagan system to meet with Commander Ikande. Here, a crucial choice awaits. You can either:

  1. Side with the Crimson Fleet: Keep the mission’s true objective – looting the Legacy – a secret from the United Colonies (UC).
  2. Disclose the Truth: Reveal the Crimson Fleet’s plan to Ikande, potentially jeopardizing the heist but earning the UC’s favor.

The decision you make here significantly impacts the rest of the mission and the Starfield story.

Into the Maelstrom: Reaching the Legacy

Set course for Bannoc IV, a system ravaged by electromagnetic storms. As you approach, the colossal silhouette of the legendary Legacy, shrouded in crackling energy, emerges from the tempest. Docking proves impossible due to the intense storm; a daring spacewalk is required.

Aboard the Ghost Ship

Once inside the Legacy, the eerie silence is broken only by the hum of malfunctioning technology. Your objective is to locate the ship’s vault and access its riches. However, navigating the derelict vessel is no easy feat. Here’s a breakdown of what awaits you:

  • Exploration and Combat: The Legacy is a maze of corridors and chambers filled with hazards like malfunctioning turrets and automated security drones. Carefully explore the ship, utilizing your combat skills to eliminate these threats.
  • Finding Jasper Kryx’s Possessions: Locate a datapad containing information about accessing the vault’s control center. This datapad can be found near the Captain’s Quarters.
  • The Transfer Module: With the datapad in hand, head towards the Vault Control Center. You’ll encounter a dead body near the entrance; next to it lies the essential Transfer Module, which you’ll need to unlock the vault door.

The Moment of Truth: The Big Choice

Reaching the Vault Control Center presents another critical decision:

  1. Side with the Crimson Fleet: Reroute power to the vault, disabling the Legacy’s defences and allowing access to the riches within. However, this also leaves the ship vulnerable to the storm’s full fury, escaping a perilous endeavour.
  2. Help the UC: Instead of activating the vault, reroute power to the ship’s defences, enabling a safe extraction but leaving the Crimson Fleet empty-handed (and potentially angering them).

The choice you make here has a dramatic impact on the mission’s finale and the Starfield storyline.

Fleeing the Fury: Escape from the Legacy

Depending on your choice, escaping the Legacy becomes either a mad dash for survival or a more controlled extraction.

  • Crimson Fleet Choice: With the defences down, the Legacy is quickly succumbing to the storm. Fight your way back to the vault, battling malfunctioning robots and enduring the harsh environmental effects. Once inside the vault, access the loot (a massive credit reward) and make a daring escape through the damaged hull.
  • UC Choice: The UC provides backup, allowing for a more controlled escape. However, you’ll miss out on the massive wealth of the vault.


Q. What is Eye of the Storm?

Eye of the Storm is a critical mission in the upcoming space RPG Starfield. It’s part of the Crimson Fleet questline, leading you to the legendary lost ship “Legacy” and a difficult decision that impacts the rest of the game.

Q. Is there a walkthrough for Eye of the Storm?

Absolutely! Several resources offer detailed walkthroughs, including IGN ( and Screen Rant ( These guides cover everything from ship preparation to navigating the Legacy, finding hidden loot, and making the final choice.

Q. What choices do I have to make in Eye of the Storm?

The heart of Eye of the Storm lies in the final decision: siding with the Crimson Fleet or the United Colonies. This choice significantly affects the storyline and your relationships with various factions.

Q. How do I prepare my ship for Eye of the Storm?

To survive the intense electromagnetic storms of Bannoc IV, where the Legacy resides, you’ll need to equip your ship with two specific modules:

  • Conduction Grid Module: Improves your ship’s shielding against electromagnetic attacks.
  • ComSpike Module: Disrupts enemy communications, potentially giving you an edge in potential battles.

Walkthrough guides like offer detailed instructions on acquiring and installing these modules.

Q. What happens aboard the Legacy?

Your exploration of the derelict Legacy involves navigating its halls, solving puzzles, and potentially facing hostile robots. You’ll also need to locate the ship’s vault and make a crucial decision: reroute power to access the Crimson Fleet’s hidden treasure or prioritize the Legacy’s escape from the storm.

Q. Are there any consequences to my decision in Eye of the Storm?

Yes, the decision to side with the Crimson Fleet or the United Colonies has major ramifications. It affects your standing with each faction, opening up unique storylines and rewards depending on your choice.

Q. Can I find gameplay footage of Eye of the Storm?

If you’d like to see the mission in action before playing it yourself, you can find gameplay footage on platforms like YouTube by searching for “Starfield: Eye of the Storm”.

Remember, Eye of the Storm is still upcoming in Starfield. While these FAQs are based on the latest information available, some details might be subject to change.

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