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Bethesda Game Studios, the minds behind legendary franchises like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls, launched into the vast expanse of space with Starfield in November 2023. This highly anticipated title promised a next-generation open-world RPG experience, filled with exploration, deep quests, and epic spacefaring adventures. But how did it fare in the eyes of IGN, one of the leading video game reviewers? Let’s delve into IGN’s analysis of Starfield, exploring its strengths, weaknesses, and the overall verdict.

A Universe of Possibility: Starfield’s Vast Open World

One of Starfield’s defining features is its sheer scale. The game boasts a playable Milky Way galaxy, containing over a thousand star systems to explore. Each system offers a unique blend of planets, moons, space stations, and anomalies to discover. IGN applauds this ambition, praising the sense of wonder and awe players experience when navigating this vast frontier. However, the sheer size can be overwhelming at times. IGN highlights the need for better in-game tools to streamline navigation and make exploration less daunting for newcomers.

Building Your Own Destiny: Character Creation and Roleplaying

Starfield offers a robust character creation system, allowing players to customize their appearance, skills, and background story. This level of detail fosters a sense of agency, as players carve their own path through the galaxy. IGN commends the variety of character builds available, ranging from charismatic diplomats to ruthless space pirates. However, the reviewer notes that some skills, particularly those related to ship customization, feel underutilized in the early stages of the game.

A Familiar Formula in a New Setting: Combat and Questing

While venturing into space, Starfield retains some core gameplay mechanics reminiscent of past Bethesda titles. Players engage in first-person combat, utilizing a variety of energy weapons, ballistic firearms, and melee options. IGN finds the combat system functional but slightly dated, lacking the innovation seen in other aspects of the game.

Questing is another familiar element, with NPCs offering a plethora of missions and side quests. While IGN acknowledges the sheer volume of quests, some repetitive tasks and a lack of branching narratives can lead to a sense of tedium. However, the reviewer acknowledges that for players who enjoy Bethesda’s signature open-world RPG formula, Starfield offers a familiar and engaging experience within a spectacular new setting.

Taking the Helm: Spaceship Exploration and Customization

One of Starfield’s most unique features is the ability to pilot and customize your own spaceship. Players can explore derelict vessels, engage in dogfights, and even build their own spacefaring outposts. IGN praises this aspect, highlighting the freedom and sense of accomplishment it brings. The ability to customize your ship with various modules and weaponry caters to players who enjoy tinkering and creating a personalized vessel. However, the reviewer notes that the space combat system can feel clunky at times, and the user interface for managing larger ships lacks intuitiveness.

A Galaxy Full of Bugs? Performance and Technical Issues

While Starfield boasts an impressive world, it’s not without its technical shortcomings. IGN encountered various bugs, ranging from minor graphical glitches to quest-breaking issues. Performance, particularly on consoles at launch, was a point of concern, with frame rate drops impacting gameplay. However, recent updates have addressed some of these issues, with Bethesda continuously working on improving stability and performance.

The Verdict: A Sprawling Universe with Room for Improvement

IGN’s final verdict on Starfield is a mixed bag. The sheer ambition, vast open world, and deep character customization are undeniable strengths. However, technical shortcomings, repetitive quests, and a somewhat dated combat system hold the game back from reaching its full potential.

Overall, IGN recommends Starfield for players who crave the freedom of exploration and enjoy Bethesda’s brand of open-world RPGs. The sense of wonder and the endless possibilities within the Milky Way galaxy are truly captivating. However, those seeking a polished and tightly focused experience might need to manage their expectations. With continued updates and potential expansions, Starfield has the potential to become a truly groundbreaking space odyssey.

Here are some additional points to consider based on recent developments:

Post-Launch Updates: Bethesda has released several updates since launch, addressing bugs, improving performance, and adding features like detailed world maps and display mode options for Xbox Series X.

Starfield’s First Expansion: News broke recently regarding the upcoming “Shattered Star” expansion, expected to launch in September 2024. Details are scarce, but it promises new content, locations, and gameplay possibilities.

Whether you’re a seasoned space explorer or a curious newcomer, Starfield offers a vast universe brimming with potential. While it may not be a perfect odyssey, it’s a journey worth taking for those seeking adventure among the stars.


Starfield, the highly anticipated space RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, has arrived, and IGN has everything you need to navigate its vast universe. Whether you’re a seasoned spacefarer or a curious newcomer, this FAQ will equip you for launch.

What is Starfield?

Starfield is an open-world, single-player RPG set amongst the stars. You’ll create your own custom character and embark on a journey of discovery, exploration, and adventure. Explore a sprawling universe filled with a multitude of star systems, planets, and factions.

Is Starfield good?

IGN awarded Starfield a 7/10, praising its expansive world and engaging roleplaying elements. However, the review also highlights some technical issues and a slow start. Ultimately, whether you enjoy Starfield depends on your tolerance for bugs and your desire for an open-ended spacefaring experience.

What are the critics saying about Starfield?

Reviews for Starfield have been mixed. Some critics laud the game’s ambition and scale, while others criticize its technical shortcomings and repetitive gameplay. You can find a variety of reviews on IGN, including a written review and video reviews on IGN’s YouTube channel [YouTube ign starfield review].

What are the latest updates for Starfield?

A major update for Starfield was released in May 2024. This update addressed some of the game’s launch issues, including improved maps, new difficulty options, and additional ship customization options for Xbox Series X players.

What are some common complaints about Starfield?

Common complaints include repetitive quests, technical glitches, and a cumbersome inventory system. Some players also felt the game’s early hours were slow and lacked direction.

Does Starfield have an expansion?

Bethesda is currently targeting a September 2024 release for Starfield’s first expansion, titled “Shattered Space.”

Is Starfield worth buying?

If you’re a fan of Bethesda’s previous RPGs like Fallout and Skyrim, and you crave an open-world space adventure, Starfield might be for you. However, if you’re looking for a polished and bug-free experience, you might want to wait for further updates or see if the game clicks with you through reviews and gameplay videos.

Where can I learn more about Starfield?

IGN is your one-stop shop for all things Starfield. Check out the IGN website ,for the latest news, guides, reviews, and videos. You can also find helpful content on IGN’s YouTube channel [YouTube ign].

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