Navigating the Cosmos: A Starfield Walkthrough


Starfield, the highly anticipated space exploration RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, has finally arrived. With a vast open world, diverse factions, and countless customization options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when stepping onto your first spaceship. This walkthrough will guide you through the initial stages of Starfield, equipping you with the knowledge to carve your own path amongst the stars.


Character Creation: fortifying your legend

Your journey begins with crafting your legend. Starfield boasts a robust character creation system, allowing you to tailor your backstory, skills, and appearance. Here’s a breakdown of key aspects to consider:

Backgrounds: Choose from backgrounds like Bounty Hunter, Diplomat, or Scholar, each offering unique starting skills and perks that influence your playstyle.

Skills: Invest points in skills like Persuasion for smooth talking, Lockpicking for cracking safes, or Hacking for bypassing security systems.

Appearance: Customize your character’s facial features, hairstyle, and physique. Don’t forget to choose a spacesuit that reflects your personality!

Choosing Difficulty: Be mindful of the difficulty you choose. Starfield offers a range of options, from a relaxed exploration experience to a hardcore challenge with bullet-sponge enemies.

One Small Step: A Giant Leap into Adventure

The first mission, “One Small Step,” throws you right into the action. Here’s what to expect:

Leaving the Nest: You begin on the mining station Constellation, your home base. Interact with NPCs and explore the station to get a feel for the world.

Protocol Indigo: Accept a seemingly simple retrieval mission for a mysterious organization called Constellation.

Into the Fray: Things take a turn for the worse when pirates ambush your ship. This is your first taste of combat in Starfield. Master the controls for ship movement and firing weapons to emerge victorious.

The Escape: Following a daring escape, you’ll crash land on the planet Kreet. Here, you’ll learn the basics of on-foot exploration and combat.

Tips: Utilize cover during the pirate fight, and target their critical systems to disable their ships quickly. On Kreet, scan for resources and use your jetpack to navigate the terrain.

The Old Neighborhood: Rekindling Familiar Ties

“The Old Neighborhood” takes you back to your childhood home, the city of New Atlantis on the planet Neon. Here’s how to navigate this pivotal part of the story:

Reunion: Reunite with your family and explore the bustling city of New Atlantis. Talk to shopkeepers, accept side quests, and familiarize yourself with the local factions.

Factions and Alliances: You’ll encounter various factions vying for power, like the militant Crimson Fleet or the tech-savvy Freestar Collective. Your interactions with these factions can influence the narrative and unlock unique opportunities.

Picking a Side (Optional): While not immediately necessary, you can choose to align yourself with a faction at this point. Each faction offers distinct benefits and story threads.

Choices and Consequences: Remember, your decisions in Starfield can have lasting consequences. Choose your allegiances wisely, keeping your long-term goals in mind.

Back to Vectera: Gearing Up for the Unknown

With renewed purpose, you head back to the Constellation space station in the mission “Back to Vectera.” Here’s what awaits you:

Gearing Up: Visit shops on the station to purchase new weapons, armor, and upgrades for your ship. Customize your gear to suit your combat preferences.

Crew Recruitment: You can start recruiting crew members to join your ship. These companions offer valuable combat support and can have unique storylines.

Taking Flight: Once prepared, speak with Captain Banfield to embark on your next adventure.

Exploration and Customization: Starfield encourages exploration. Use your ship’s scanner to identify points of interest in star systems, which could lead to resource deposits, hidden settlements, or dangerous encounters. Remember to keep your ship upgraded to handle the challenges you might face.

Beyond the Beginning: Where Do You Go From Here?

The world of Starfield opens up after these initial missions. Here’s a glimpse into the vast possibilities that await:

Main Story Progression: Continue unraveling the mysteries surrounding Constellation and the artifact you retrieved.

Factions and Side Quests: Deepen your relationships with the factions and complete side quests to gain rewards, reputation, and uncover hidden lore.

Space Exploration: The vast expanse of space is yours to explore. Discover new planets, engage in trade with alien species, or become a daring space pirate.


Is there a main story walkthrough?

Absolutely! Several guides explore the critical path missions to complete the main Starfield story. These guides lay out the quests in order, helping you progress through the narrative.

What about walkthroughs for side quests?

Starfield is packed with optional adventures! While extensive main story guides exist, finding detailed side quest walkthroughs might require searching specific quest names online.

How can I find walkthroughs for puzzles and challenges?

Many Starfield locations hold brain-bending puzzles and unique challenges. Stuck on a specific one? Look for guides that target those puzzles by name for step-by-step solutions.

Are there difficulty-based walkthroughs?

Currently, in-depth walkthroughs tailored to specific difficulty settings seem less common. However, general walkthroughs often provide tips that can be adapted to all skill levels.

What about walkthroughs for companions?

Companions add another layer to Starfield’s experience. While dedicated companion walkthroughs might be scarce, main story and side quest guides often mention companion interactions and choices you’ll encounter.

Are there video walkthroughs available?

If you prefer a more visual approach, numerous Starfield walkthroughs exist on platforms like YouTube. These can be great for following along and seeing gameplay in action.

Should I follow a walkthrough exactly?

Walkthroughs are fantastic tools, but Starfield’s beauty lies in exploration. Feel free to use them as a guide while venturing off the beaten path and discovering things on your own!

How can I avoid spoilers while using a walkthrough?

Many walkthroughs offer spoiler-free options. Look for guides that focus on objectives without revealing story details.

Are there walkthroughs for specific character builds?

While walkthroughs generally don’t dictate character builds, some might suggest skills or perks beneficial for certain playstyles. Explore different builds and see what works for you!

Where can I find the most up-to-date walkthroughs?

Since Starfield is a new game, walkthroughs are continuously being developed and updated. Search for guides from reputable gaming websites or YouTube channels known for staying current.

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