Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan- a thorn in Link’s side


Lurking in the shadows of Hyrule, the Yiga Clan is a band of ruthless assassins obsessed with eliminating Link. Leading this treacherous group is the flamboyant and cunning Master Kohga, who serves as a recurring antagonist in the latest instalment of the Legend of Zelda series, Tears of the Kingdom.

This article delves into everything we know about Master Kohga, his role in the Yiga Clan’s motives, and the thrilling encounters players can expect with him throughout the game.

The Yiga Clan’s Vendetta and Master Kohga’s Rise to Power

The Yiga Clan’s origins remain shrouded in some mystery. However, it’s well established that they hold a deep grudge against the Sheikah, a mystical race with ties to the royal family of Hyrule. This animosity likely stems from the Sheikah’s historical role as protectors of Hyrule, which may have clashed with the Yiga Clan’s agendas. With the Sheikah’s decline, the Yiga Clan saw an opportunity to seize power and eliminate any potential threats, including Link.

Master Kohga’s rise to leadership is also unclear, but his flamboyant personality and ruthless tactics have solidified his position as the Yiga Clan’s leader. Unlike some past Zelda villains motivated by world domination or godly power, Kohga appears driven by a twisted sense of loyalty to his clan and a personal vendetta against Link.

A Deceptive First Encounter: Master Kohga in “A Mystery in the Depths”

Players first encounter Master Kohga during the main quest “A Mystery in the Depths.” Following a chain of mysterious statues, Link reaches the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Here, he acquires the Autobuild skill for his Sheikah Slate from a friendly Construct. However, the celebration is short-lived as Master Kohga emerges, revealing his true colours and initiating the first of several boss battles against Link.

This initial encounter subverts expectations. Master Kohga, dressed in a vibrant outfit and sporting a wide, toothy grin, comes across as more comedic than menacing. He even challenges Link to a “friendly” duel, hinting at his playful and flamboyant nature. However, the fight quickly dispels this notion, showcasing Kohga’s surprising agility and deadly arsenal of electrified Yiga Clan blades.

A Persistent Foe: Multiple Encounters and Evolving Strategies

Following his initial defeat, Master Kohga doesn’t stay down for long. Throughout the game, Link will encounter him multiple times in various abandoned mines scattered across Hyrule. Each encounter presents a unique twist on the boss battle, forcing players to adapt their strategies.

  • Abandoned Gerudo Mine: Here, Kohga utilizes explosive barrels and a more frenetic fighting style, requiring Link to stay agile and utilize well-timed dodges.
  • Abandoned Lanayru Mine: The environment takes center stage in this battle. Kohga uses the icy terrain and strategically placed ice blocks to his advantage, forcing Link to navigate the slippery slopes while dodging Kohga’s attacks.
  • Abandoned Hebra Mine: The final showdown takes place in the coldest corner of Hyrule. Kohga employs a combination of his previous tactics and introduces new icy attacks, making this the most challenging encounter.

These repeated battles highlight Master Kohga’s resourcefulness and his unwavering determination to eliminate Link. Despite his flamboyant personality, he proves to be a persistent and cunning foe who constantly refines his strategies to overcome Link.

Theories and Speculation: Kohga’s True Motives and the Fate of the Yiga Clan

While Master Kohga’s dedication to the Yiga Clan’s vendetta is clear, some players speculate there may be more to his motives. Perhaps he harbours a personal grudge against Link stemming from a past encounter, or maybe there’s a deeper reason behind the Yiga Clan’s hatred for the Sheikah.

The question of the Yiga Clan’s ultimate goal also remains unanswered. Are they simply content with eliminating Link and weakening Hyrule, or do they have a grander scheme in play? Exploring these questions through potential future DLC or sequels could provide a deeper understanding of the Yiga Clan and Master Kohga’s true ambitions.

Master Kohga’s Legacy: A Flamboyant Villain Who Provides Thrilling Encounters

Master Kohga may not be your typical Zelda villain seeking world domination or wielding ancient magic. However, his flamboyant personality, persistent threat, and unique boss battles make him a memorable antagonist. His presence adds a layer of intrigue and danger to Link’s journey, reminding players that even in the depths of Hyrule, cunning assassins lurk in the shadows. Whether driven by loyalty or personal vendetta, Master Kohga undoubtedly establishes himself as a formidable foe and a worthy addition to the rich tapestry of villains in The Legend of Zelda universe.


Who is Master Kohga?

Master Kohga is the leader of the Yiga Clan, a group of Sheikah assassins sworn to eliminate Link in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. He is flamboyant and enjoys theatrics, contrasting with the more ruthless Yiga Footsoldiers.

Where do I find Master Kohga?

The fight with Master Kohga is part of a multi-stage side adventure titled “Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan.” There are four total encounters with him throughout the game, each in a different abandoned mine scattered across Hyrule:

  • Abandoned Central Mine (Deep Depths)
  • Abandoned Gerudo Mine (Gerudo Desert)
  • Abandoned Lanayru Mine (Lanayru Range)
  • Abandoned Hebra Mine (Hebra Mountains)

How do I start the Master Kohga side quest?

There are two ways to initiate this quest:

  1. Following the Main Story: Completing a specific regional phenomenon and speaking to Josha in Lurelin Village will trigger the main quest “A Mystery in the Depths,” which leads you to the Abandoned Central Mine and your first encounter with Kohga.
  2. Going Straight There: You can bypass the main quest and head directly to the Abandoned Central Mine.

How do I beat Master Kohga?

Each fight with Master Kohga follows a similar pattern:

  1. Spot the Fake Yiga: Kohga will disguise himself among several banana-loving Yiga clones. Use the Sheikah Sensor to identify the real one (he will have a higher health bar).
  2. Bring Him Down: Once identified, use arrows to knock Kohga off his glider and then attack him with melee weapons when he’s grounded.

What happens after I defeat Master Kohga?

After defeating Kohga in each location, he will flee and you’ll receive rewards. The final defeat unlocks a secret shop run by the Yiga Clan.

Is Master Kohga difficult?

The Kohga fights are not particularly challenging. The main trick is to identify the real Kohga quickly.

Is Master Kohga a new character?

No, Master Kohga appeared in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as well. However, his role and the fight mechanics are different in Tears of the Kingdom.

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