The Minecraft Sniffer: A Guide to the Prehistoric Plant Hunter


The Minecraft community has spoken, and the winner of the Minecraft Live 2022 Mob Vote is the adorable and ancient Sniffer! This herbivore with a keen sense of smell isn’t just a cute addition to the game; it’s a game-changer for botany enthusiasts.

This article will be your one-stop guide to everything Sniffer-related in Minecraft, from its origins to its unique abilities and how to interact with it. So, gear up, grab your pickaxe, and let’s delve into the world of this fascinating prehistoric mob!

From Fossils to Fan Favorite: The Sniffer’s Origins

The Sniffer’s story began not in the vibrant world of Minecraft, but in the minds of the passionate Minecraft community. During the Minecraft Live 2022 event, players were presented with three exciting mob concepts to vote on: the Sniffer, the Rascal, and the Tuff Golem.

The Sniffer, a gentle giant with a trunk-like nose, captured the hearts of many with its unique ability to sniff out ancient plant seeds. In a landslide victory, the Sniffer garnered a whopping 55% of the votes, surpassing its competitors and securing its place in the upcoming update.

Unveiling the Sniffer: An Extinct Herbivore Awakens

The Sniffer isn’t your typical Minecraft mob. Unlike creepers or zombies, you won’t find Sniffers roaming freely in the Overworld. That’s because these magnificent creatures are extinct! But fear not, there’s still a way to bring them back.

The secret lies in Suspicious Sand. This special type of sand, found buried in warm ocean ruins, occasionally holds Sniffer Eggs. These eggs, when carefully retrieved and placed in a warm environment, will begin to hatch. However, patience is key – hatching a Sniffer Egg takes a considerable amount of time.

Once hatched, you’ll be greeted by a tiny Snifflet, a baby Sniffer. Sniffles are adorable but have limited functionality. They’ll wander around aimlessly and take a while to grow into their majestic adult forms.

Here’s a tip for impatient players: while waiting for your Snifflet to mature naturally, you can speed up the process by feeding it Torch Flower seeds. This not only accelerates growth but also unlocks a special advancement called “Growing Up.”

The Master of the Nose: How the Sniffer Works

Now that you have a fully grown Sniffer, it’s time to witness its unique talent. The Sniffer, true to its name, possesses an exceptional sense of smell. It spends its days roaming around, occasionally stopping and pushing its nose into the ground. This sniffing behaviour indicates that the Sniffer has detected something interesting – an ancient seed!

The exact type of seed the Sniffer unearths is random. However, these unearthed seeds are special. They represent new and exciting plant life that wasn’t previously available in Minecraft. These “Sniffed Seeds” can be planted and grown just like any other seed, but the resulting plants will be unique additions to your world.

What kind of plants can you expect from Sniffed Seeds? 

Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, haven’t revealed the specifics yet, but they’ve hinted at exciting possibilities. Imagine vibrant new flowers, towering trees with unique properties, or even entirely new decorative plants to enhance your builds!

Beyond Seeds: The Sniffer’s Role in the Ecosystem

While unearthing ancient seeds is the Sniffer’s primary function, its impact on the Minecraft world goes beyond mere botany. The Sniffer’s presence creates a sense of mystery and encourages exploration. Players will be driven to seek out Suspicious Sand and revive these fascinating creatures, adding a new layer of depth to underwater exploration.

The introduction of Sniffed Seeds also opens doors for creative possibilities. Players can use these new plants to design breathtaking landscapes, create themed gardens, or even develop custom biomes within their worlds. The possibilities are truly endless!


What is the Sniffer?

The Sniffer is an ancient mob, long thought extinct, that you can help bring back! These gentle giants roam the Overworld, sniffing out unique and exciting plant seeds.

How do I find a Sniffer?

Unfortunately, Sniffers don’t spawn naturally. You’ll need to find a Sniffer Egg first. These eggs are hidden within suspicious sandblocks found in warm ocean ruins.

How do I hatch a Sniffer Egg?

Once you find a Sniffer Egg, place it on any warm block. Unlike some eggs, there’s no need for specific light levels or mob presence. The egg will hatch into a baby Sniffer called a Snifflet, which will then grow into a full-sized Sniffer.

What does a Sniffer do?

Sniffers spend most of their time wandering around. However, keep an eye out for them sniffing the ground! This means they’ve found an ancient seed. The exact seed depends on the biome the Sniffer is in, and these seeds can grow new and exciting plants not found anywhere else in Minecraft.

What plants can a Sniffer find?

Currently, Sniffers can unearth two types of seeds:

  • Torchflower: These bright red flowers provide light and can be used to breed Sniffers and heal them.
  • Pitcher Plant: These carnivorous plants lure and capture unsuspecting mobs, giving you a new way to manage your surroundings.

Can I breed Sniffers?

Yes! You can breed two adult Sniffers with Torchflowers. This is a great way to expand your Sniffer population and ensure a steady supply of ancient seeds.

Where can I learn more about the Sniffer?

The official Minecraft website has a great guide on the Sniffer, including tips on finding eggs and hatching them: Minecraft Sniffer

Looking for a visual guide?

Several YouTubers have created informative videos on finding, hatching, and utilizing Sniffers in your Minecraft world. Search for “Minecraft Sniffer Guide” to find detailed tutorials.

With a little exploration and some Sniffer help, you’ll be filling your world with vibrant new flora in no time!

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