Blight- Survival – A Descent into the Heart of Medieval Horror


Get ready to face the horrors of a blighted world in Blight: Survival, a highly anticipated upcoming cooperative action-horror roguelite. This title from Haenir Studio throws you into a nightmarish alternate 14th century, where a terrifying new strain of blight ravages the land, twisting the dead and turning the living into monstrous servants of a growing darkness.

What is Blight: Survival?

Blight: Survival is a four-player co-op experience that pits you and your teammates against the forces of the Blight. This deadly affliction not only corrupts the living but also reanimates the fallen, creating a nightmarish landscape teeming with both twisted humans and horrifying undead creatures.

The game takes place in a war-torn purgatory between two warring kingdoms. The constant bloodshed has become a breeding ground for the Blight, fueling its spread and fueling the rise of monstrous foes. Here, amidst the ruins and battlefields, you and your companions rise as the last hope to stem the tide of this gruesome blight.

Key Features of Blight: Survival

  • Thrilling Co-op Gameplay: Blight: Survival is all about teamwork. You and your fellow players must work together to overcome challenges, strategize against enemies, and ultimately survive the horrors that await you.
  • Brutal and Punishing Combat: Expect a visceral and challenging combat system. Blight: Survival throws a variety of monstrous foes your way, each with its own unique attacks and weaknesses. Mastering your weapons and working together with your teammates will be crucial for success.
  • Medieval Weaponry: Embrace the tools of war! Players will wield a variety of medieval weaponry, including swords, axes, shields, and bows. Mastering these weapons and learning to combine them effectively will be key to surviving the onslaught.
  • Roguelite Elements: Blight: Survival incorporates roguelite elements, meaning each playthrough will be unique. Procedurally generated environments and randomized enemy encounters will keep you on your toes and force you to adapt your strategies.
  • A Dark and Oppressive Atmosphere: Prepare to be immersed in a world consumed by darkness. The developers have crafted a haunting atmosphere filled with dread and despair. The sound design and visuals are sure to send shivers down your spine.

What People Are Asking About Blight: Survival

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most common questions people are asking about Blight: Survival:

  • Is Blight: Survival Out Yet?
    No official release date has been announced for Blight: Survival as of May 24, 2024. However, you can sign up for updates and news directly on the developer’s website:
  • What Platforms Will Blight: Survival Be Available On?
    Currently, there is only confirmation that Blight: Survival will be available for PC on Microsoft Windows through Steam
  • Will Blight: Survival Have Singleplayer Gameplay?
    There is no official information regarding single-player functionality in BlightSurvival. Based on the trailers and available information, the game seems heavily focused on cooperative play.

A Glimpse into the Blighted World

Trailers for BlightSurvival showcases a world ravaged by war and despair. Lush landscapes have been twisted and corrupted by the Blight. Ruined villages and battlefields become your playground as you face shambling undead, hulking monstrosities, and even twisted versions of once-human soldiers.

The trailers also hint at a deeper mystery surrounding the Blight. We see glimpses of a dark and powerful entity seemingly fueling this horrific transformation. Will you and your team be able to uncover the source of the Blight and extinguish this growing darkness?

What to Expect from Blight: Survival

BlightSurvival promises a thrilling and horrifying cooperative experience. With its brutal combat, punishing roguelite elements, and oppressive atmosphere, the game is sure to test your skills and teamwork.

If you’re looking for a challenging and atmospheric co-op adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then BlightSurvival is definitely a game to keep an eye on. Here are some additional things to consider:

  • The difficulty curve is expected to be steep. BlightSurvival appears to be a challenging game that will demand both skill and teamwork from players. Be prepared to die and learn from your mistakes.
  • Communication and coordination will be key to success. With a variety of enemies and a focus on teamwork, communication and coordination will be essential for overcoming the challenges in BlightSurvival.


Q. What is BlightSurvival?

BlightSurvival is an upcoming cooperative action-horror roguelite set in a grim, alternate 14th century. Developed by Haenir Studio, it pits you and up to three other players against a deadly new strain of Blight that’s turning fallen into monstrous creatures.

Q. What kind of gameplay does BlightSurvival offer?

The game is described as a “medieval co-operative extraction-lite.” You’ll team up with others, venture into a perilous no man’s land, fight off the Blighted and other threats, and hopefully reach the source of the outbreak to destroy it.

Q. Is there a release date for Survival?

No official release date has been announced yet. You can sign up for updates on the developer’s website

Q. What platforms will BlightSurvival be available on?

Currently, the only confirmed platform is Microsoft Windows through Steam

Q.What’s the story behind Blight: Survival?

The game takes place between two warring kingdoms. The land is already ravaged by conflict, and a new, more aggressive strain of Blight emerges from the battlefields, reanimating the dead and twisting them into monstrous forms. You and your companions are tasked with venturing into this nightmarish zone to find the source and eradicate the Blight.

Q. Is Blight: Survival single-player or multiplayer?

Survival is designed for cooperative play with up to four players.

Q. Can you tell me more about the combat in Survival?

Based on the trailers [YouTube Blight Survival gameplay], the combat appears to be focused on close-quarters action with medieval weaponry like swords, shields, and axes.

Q. What are the “Blighted” enemies like?

The Blighted seem to be reanimated corpses twisted by the dark magic of the Blight. They appear grotesque and powerful, posing a serious threat to players.

Q. I saw something about a “Survival” trailer. Where can I find it?

There is an official gameplay reveal trailer available on YouTube [YouTube Blight Survival gameplay].

Q. Are there any other features of Survival we should know about?

Since the game is still in development, details are limited. However, the “roguelite” elements suggest procedurally generated environments and potentially permadeath, adding an extra layer of challenge.

Stay tuned for more information!

As Blight: Survival gets closer to release, we can expect more details and information to emerge. Keep an eye on the developer’s website and social media for updates.

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