Ocelot Virtue: A Sleek Electric Rocket on the Streets of Los Santos


Ocelot Virtue, rejoice! The Ocelot Virtue, a stunning electric supercar, roared (well, silently glided) onto the scene in GTA Online’s “The Last Dose” DLC update. Since its debut in March 2023, this whip has been setting hearts racing and turning heads. But is it all just good looks, or does the Ocelot Virtue pack a punch under the hood (or lack thereof)? Let’s delve into everything you need to know about this electrifying ride.

Ocelot Virtue

Inspiration in the Fast Lane: The Lotus Evija Influence

The Ocelot Virtue boasts a sleek, futuristic design that bears an uncanny resemblance to the real-life Lotus Evija. This British hypercar, famed for its all-electric powertrain and mind-bending acceleration, clearly served as a major inspiration. While the in-game version might not quite match the Evija’s top speed, it retains the essence of the original’s design philosophy – a low-slung silhouette, aggressive lines, and an overall sense of aerodynamic prowess.

This homage extends beyond aesthetics. Much like the Evija, the Ocelot Virtue is a silent but deadly force on the road. Its electric motor provides a thrilling surge of acceleration, leaving gas-guzzlers in the dust.

Unlocking the Ocelot Virtue: Free or For Sale?

There are two ways to snag this beauty:

The Free Agent Route: The most rewarding path involves completing all eleven missions across “The First Dose” and “The Last Dose” DLC storylines. By becoming the ultimate norco-eliminator, you’ll be gifted the Ocelot Virtue as a well-deserved prize. But remember, only the mission host receives the car, so gather your most reliable crew if you’re playing co-op.

Instant Gratification (for a Price): If patience isn’t your virtue (pun intended), you can head over to Legendary Motorsport and shell out a cool $3,000,000 for the Ocelot Virtue. That’s a hefty price tag, so weigh the pros and cons before pulling the trigger on your digital wallet.

Performance Perks: A Look Under the (Nonexistent) Hood

While the Ocelot Virtue might not be the absolute fastest car in GTA Online, it definitely holds its own. Here’s a breakdown of its key performance aspects:

Acceleration: This is where the Ocelot Virtue truly shines. The electric motor delivers an instant burst of power, propelling you from zero to sixty in a blink (well, almost). This makes it perfect for quick getaways or pulling ahead in tight races.

Top Speed: The Ocelot Virtue falls a bit short of the top dogs in terms of raw top speed. However, it’s still plenty fast to outrun most pursuers and hold its own in most races.

Handling: The low center of gravity and sleek design contribute to responsive handling. Taking corners at high speeds feels smooth and controlled, making the Ocelot Virtue a joy to maneuver on winding roads.

Customization: Like most GTA Online vehicles, the Ocelot Virtue offers a plethora of customization options. You can tweak the paint job, rims, spoilers, and even add Imani Tech upgrades for enhanced performance and defensive capabilities.

Community Questions Answered: Your Ocelot Virtue Concerns Addressed

Based on what players have been buzzing about online, here are some of the most common questions regarding the Ocelot Virtue:

Is it worth the price tag? This depends on your in-game finances and priorities. If you have the cash to spare and crave a stylish, high-performance electric car, then the Ocelot Virtue is definitely worth considering. However, if you’re on a budget or prioritize raw top speed, there might be better options available.

How does it compare to other electric cars? The Ocelot Virtue sits comfortably in the upper echelon of electric cars in GTA Online. It boasts superior acceleration compared to most and delivers a great balance of performance and aesthetics.

If you enjoy a challenge and have the time, completing the “The First Dose” and “The Last Dose” missions is a rewarding way to earn the Ocelot Virtue for free. However, if you’re impatient or simply don’t want to deal with the missions, buying it outright is an alternative.

The Verdict: A Show-Stopping Ride with Substance

The Ocelot Virtue is more than just a pretty face. It offers exhilarating performance, sleek design, and the thrill of piloting a cutting-edge electric supercar. While the price tag might be steep, and it might not be the absolute fastest on the track, the Ocelot Virtue is a worthy addition to any discerning GTA Online player’s garage


What is the Ocelot Virtue?

The Ocelot Virtue is a high-performance supercar, inspired by the real-life Lotus Evija. This electric beast boasts impressive acceleration and a sleek design, making it a coveted addition to any GTA Online player’s collection.

How to Get Your Hands on the Ocelot Virtue

There are two ways to snag the Ocelot Virtue:

Complete the Last Dose Missions: By completing all five missions in “The Last Dose” DLC, you’ll be rewarded with the Ocelot Virtue for free. However, there’s a catch: only the mission host receives the car. So, if you’re playing with friends, make sure you’re leading the pack!

GTA+ Subscription (Limited Time): If you have a GTA+ subscription during the specific promotional period, the Ocelot Virtue might be available for free on the Legendary Motorsport website. But this offer might not be permanent, so check the website regularly.

How Much Does the Ocelot Virtue Cost (if not free)?

If you miss the free offers, the Ocelot Virtue will set you back a cool $3,000,000 at Legendary Motorsport.

Is the Ocelot Virtue Worth the Price?

While not the absolute fastest car in the game, the Ocelot Virtue holds its own. Its stellar acceleration and decent top speed make it a strong contender for races and missions alike. Additionally, the car boasts exclusive upgrades available at the Agency, including Imani Tech gadgets for enhanced defense.

What are the Key Features of the Ocelot Virtue?

Inspired by the Lotus Evija: This real-world inspiration translates into a stunning design that’ll turn heads on the streets of Los Santos.

Impressive Acceleration: The Ocelot Virtue boasts some of the best acceleration in the game, allowing you to outrun rivals from a standstill.

Decent Top Speed: While not the undisputed champion, the Ocelot Virtue packs a punch when it comes to reaching high speeds.

Imani Tech Compatibility: Upgrade your Ocelot Virtue with exclusive armor, countermeasures, and other defensive options from the Agency.

Customization Options: Put your personal touch on the Ocelot Virtue with a variety of liveries and modifications available at Los Santos Customs.

Is the Ocelot Virtue Easy to Drive?

The Ocelot Virtue, like many supercars, can be a handful for beginners. Its high-powered nature demands precise handling. However, with practice, you can master this beast and dominate the streets.

Is the Ocelot Virtue Good for Stunts?

The Ocelot Virtue’s focus lies on speed and performance rather than acrobatics. While you can pull off some jumps, its low clearance might not be ideal for daring stunts.

Is the Ocelot Virtue Bulletproof?

No car in GTA Online is invincible. However, with Imani Tech upgrades, you can significantly increase the Ocelot Virtue’s resilience against bullets and explosions.

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