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Panam romance, Night City’s sprawling metropolis offers more than just danger and chrome. For V, the mercenary on the edge, there’s also a chance at love. Among the cast of potential romances, Panam Palmer, the fiery nomad leader, has captured the hearts of many players. But unlike some flings in this neon-drenched world, Panam’s romance requires specific choices and a bond built on trust.

This guide will navigate you through the highways and byways of romancing Panam, from the initial spark to hitting the road together.

Panam romance

Who is Panam Palmer?

Panam is a prominent figure in the Nomads, a group that values tradition and community in the face of Night City’s ruthless chaos. You first encounter her during the main story mission “Ghost Town,” where her crew assists yours in a daring heist. A skilled mechanic with a fierce loyalty to her clan, Panam quickly becomes a valuable ally.

Unlocking the Panam Romance

There’s a key caveat for Panam’s romance: it’s currently only available for V with a male body type. While some fans hope for future updates that expand options, for now, the following steps assume a male V.

Building Trust: Key Decisions

Throughout various quests with Panam, your dialogue choices will shape her perception of V. Here are some key points to remember:

Be supportive and helpful. Panam prioritizes her clan, so show you’re on their side.

Choose the flirtatious options when available. Compliment her skills and show your interest subtly.

Avoid prioritizing money over helping her. Panam values loyalty and camaraderie over mercenary work.

Take the initiative to call her after completing quests. This shows continued interest.

The Panam Questline: Where the Romance Ignites

Following “Ghost Town,” the side quests “Riders on the Storm” and “Queen of the Highway” form Panam’s main questline. These missions offer multiple opportunities to build your bond:

“Riders on the Storm”: Help Panam rescue a kidnapped clan member. Choose the dialogue options that prioritize saving people over rushing the job.

“Queen of the Highway”: The climax of Panam’s storyline involves recovering a powerful vehicle, the Basilisk. Here are some crucial points:

During the mission, reject Saul’s offer to betray Panam.

When Panam contemplates destroying the Basilisk, voice your disagreement.

After successfully building the Basilisk, Panam suggests taking it for a test drive. This leads to a pivotal moment where you can initiate the romance.

The Crucial Choice: Hitting the Road to Love

After the test drive, Panam will ask, “You ever felt that kind of connection before?” This is your moment. Here’s what your options mean:

“Not really. Not like this.” (kissing lips icon) – This is the key choice to initiate the romance.

If you choose the first option, Panam and V will share a passionate moment, solidifying the romance.

Beyond the Ride: A Relationship on the Open Road

After the confession, Panam’s role in the story expands. You’ll have opportunities to interact with her at the Nomad camp, learning more about her life and dreams.

Panam Romance: Fan Reactions and Speculation

Panam’s romance has garnered a positive response from fans, praising her strong personality and loyalty. However, some players express disappointment with the exclusivity for male V. There’s ongoing discussion and speculation about the possibility of CD Projekt Red expanding romance options in future updates.

Conclusion: A Love Story Built on Chrome and Grit

The journey with Panam is more than a typical video game romance. It’s a story of trust, shared danger, and finding connection in a world on the brink. By making the right choices and showing your genuine support, you can unlock a powerful bond with this unforgettable character. So buckle up, Nomad, and hit the open road with Panam by your side.


Can I Romance Panam?

Unfortunately, the option to romance Panam is only available for players with a male V. The developers haven’t included a same-sex romance option for Panam.

How Do I Start a Romance with Panam?

Here’s the roadmap to Panam’s heart:

Meet the Nomad: Panam first appears during the main story mission “Ghost Town” in Act 2. Complete this mission to unlock her side quests.

Gain Her Trust: Several Panam-related side quests become available after “Ghost Town.” These include “Riders on the Storm,” “People Like Us,” and the pivotal “Queen of the Highway.” Throughout these quests, prioritize helping Panam and her clan, the Aldecaldos. Choose dialogue options that show you care about her goals and well-being. Avoid being self-serving or dismissive of the nomads’ struggles.

Key Choices: During “Riders on the Storm,” keep Panam’s plan a secret from Saul. When she asks your motivation for helping, choose options that show genuine care, not mercenary interest or romantic intent (which can backfire).

The Big Moment: In “Queen of the Highway,” after fixing the Basilisk and enjoying a heart-to-heart with Panam, a crucial decision arrives. When Panam asks if you want to push the synchronization further, select “Oh yeah. Let’s go.” This choice initiates the romance.

What Happens After the Romance?

After the events of “Queen of the Highway,” depending on your ending choice in the main story, Panam might call you, inviting you to join the Aldecaldos on their journey towards a new life. This bittersweet yet hopeful ending signifies a future together.

Tips for Success

Be a Reliable Merc: Consistently complete Panam’s quests and show yourself as a trustworthy ally.

Nomad Camaraderie: During conversations, choose options that emphasize understanding nomad culture and a desire to help the Aldecaldos.

Flirt, But Not Too Much: Show your interest subtly. Panam appreciates a strong character, but overt flirtation might come off as shallow.

Romance Panam and Ride Off into the Sunset!

With the right approach, you can win Panam’s heart and embark on a unique romance amidst the harsh realities of Night City. Remember, patience, kindness, and a willingness to help the Aldecaldos are key to unlocking this rewarding storyline.

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