Professor Garlick Assignment 2- Magical Flora in Hogwarts


Professor Garlick, the Herbology professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is no stranger to challenging her students. In her second assignment, you’ll delve deeper into the fascinating world of magical plants, encountering growth and cultivation and the unique properties of combat-oriented flora.

This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to conquer Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 and unlock exciting rewards.

The Quest Breakdown: A Two-Part Challenge

Professor Garlick presents you with a twofold task:

  1. Grow and Harvest Fluxweed: This seemingly simple task introduces you to the fundamentals of plant cultivation within the Room of Requirement. Fluxweed is a common magical ingredient used in various potions, and successfully growing it demonstrates your understanding of basic Herbology principles.
  2. Field Testing Combat Plants: The true test lies in utilizing three specific aggressive plants simultaneously:
    • Chinese Chomping Cabbage: This leafy menace lunges and chomps down on any unsuspecting creature nearby.
    • Mandrake: Renowned for its ear-splitting scream that can knock out opponents, the Mandrake is a potent (and potentially hazardous) weapon.
    • Venomous Tentacula: This tentacled terror lashes out at anyone who dares come close, inflicting poison damage.

Professor Garlick wants you to witness the combined effects of these ferocious flora.

Conquering the Steps: A Detailed Walkthrough

Part 1: Cultivating Fluxweed

  1. Gathering the Essentials: You’ll need a Potting Table and Fluxweed Seeds.
    • Potting Table: Head to Hogsmeade, the charming village outside Hogwarts. Visit Tomes and Scrolls, a shop specializing in magical supplies. Here, you can purchase a Potting Table with a large pot spellcraft for 1000 Galleons.
    • Fluxweed Seeds: Still in Hogsmeade, visit The Magic Neep, a reputable Herbology shop. You’ll find Fluxweed Seeds readily available for purchase.
  2. Planting and Growth:
    • Room of Requirement: Make your way to the Room of Requirement, a customizable space that serves as your own personal headquarters at Hogwarts.
    • Placing the Potting Table: Use the conjuring spell to place the Potting Table in a suitable location within the Room.
    • Planting the Seed: Interact with the Potting Table and choose the option to plant. Select the Fluxweed Seed from your inventory and confirm the action.
    • Growth Time: The Fluxweed will take approximately 15 minutes to fully mature in real-time. You can use this time to explore Hogwarts or complete other tasks.

Part 2: Unleashing the Combat Trio

  1. Acquiring the Combat Plants:
    • Similar to acquiring Fluxweed Seeds, you can purchase the Chinese Chomping Cabbage, Mandrake, and Venomous Tentacula from The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade.
  2. The Field Test:
    • There’s no designated location for this test. You can head outside Hogwarts to a safe, open area.
    • Simultaneous Use: The key to this part lies in using all three combat plants at the same time. Simply equip each plant from your inventory and throw them onto the ground in quick succession. Witness the chaos and mayhem as these aggressive plants unleash their fury!
  3. Reporting Back: Once you’ve successfully used the three plants simultaneously, return to Professor Garlick in the Herbology greenhouse.

Professor Garlick’s Reward: The Flipendo Spell

Congratulations! Completing Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 will earn you the valuable Flipendo spell. This spell allows you to forcefully knock back enemies, creating an opening for further attacks or strategic manoeuvring during combat encounters. You’ll also receive 150XP, a nice boost to your overall experience.


Q. What is Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2?

This is a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy where Professor Garlick tasks you with testing out some magical plants and cultivating Fluxweed. Completing this assignment unlocks the Flipendo spell, a useful combat tool.

Q. What are the objectives of the assignment?

  1. Grow and harvest Fluxweed.
  2. Use all three combat plants (Chinese Chomping Cabbage, Mandrake, and Venomous Tentacula) simultaneously.

Q. How do I grow Fluxweed?

  1. You’ll need to purchase a Fluxweed Seed and a Potting Table with a Large Pot spellcraft.
  2. Head to Hogsmeade:
    • Get the Fluxweed Seed from The Magic Neep shop.
    • Purchase the Potting Table from Tomes and Scrolls.
  3. Place the Potting Table in your Room of Requirement and plant the Fluxweed Seed.
  4. The Fluxweed takes 15 minutes in real-time to fully grow.

Q. Where do I get the combat plants?

You don’t need to grow them! These can be bought directly from Dogweed and Deathcap in Hogsmeade.

Q. How do I use the combat plants simultaneously?

There’s no need for an elaborate setup. Simply travel outside Hogwarts and throw down all three plants (Chinese Chomping Cabbage, Mandrake, and Venomous Tentacula) at the same time. You don’t even need to be in combat for this part.

Q. What happens after I complete the objectives?

Return to Professor Garlick in the Herbology Greenhouse. She’ll be impressed and reward you with the Flipendo spell.

Q. Are there any additional tips for completing this assignment?

  • You can check your progress on the objectives in the quest menu.
  • While waiting for the Fluxweed to grow, you can explore Hogwarts or complete other assignments.

Q. I’m stuck! What if I can’t find something?

  • Utilize the map to locate shops and greenhouses in Hogsmeade and Hogwarts.
  • If you’re having trouble finding a specific ingredient, try revisiting the shops in Hogsmeade.
  • Many helpful video guides can be found online by searching for “Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 Walkthrough” [YouTube].

Q: Can I speed up the growth time of Fluxweed?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no in-game mechanic to expedite the growth of magical plants. The 15-minute wait time is unavoidable. However, you can utilize this time productively by tackling other quests or exploring Hogwarts.

Q: Do I need to fight enemies while using the combat plants?

A: No, you don’t need to engage in combat. Simply throwing the Chinese Chomping Cabbage, Mandrake, and Venomous Tentacula on the ground simultaneously fulfils the objective.

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