The Haunting of Lethal Company-the Secrets of the Ghost Girl


Lethal Company, a top-down shooter with a heavy dose of psychological horror, throws a diverse range of monstrous entities at players. But none are quite as terrifying, or as enigmatic, as the Ghost Girl. This spectral pursuer haunts a single player at a time, relentlessly toying with them before delivering a swift and brutal demise.

This article dives deep into the mystery of the Ghost Girl, exploring everything players have been searching for online. We’ll dissect her behaviour, uncover the factors that trigger her appearance, and delve into the (limited) strategies available for surviving her wrath.

Who is the Ghost Girl?

The Ghost Girl appears as a young girl in a tattered red dress with glowing eyes. Unlike other enemies, she’s invisible to everyone except the unfortunate soul she’s targeting. Her presence is announced by a variety of unsettling effects: flickering lights, distorted sounds, and chilling whispers.

While the game offers no official explanation for her existence, the chilling atmosphere of Lethal Company paints a picture of a tormented spirit trapped within the confines of the facility, or perhaps even the moon itself.

How Does the Ghost Girl Target Players?

The Ghost Girl’s selection process is shrouded in mystery, but players have pieced together some key factors that seem to influence her choice:

  • Insanity: The higher your character’s insanity level, the more likely you are to be targeted. Isolation and exposure to disturbing events contribute to insanity, so sticking close to teammates and avoiding creepy gramophones can help.
  • High-Value Items: Carrying valuable loot like expensive tools or scrap can make you a more attractive target. Consider leaving them behind if you suspect the Ghost Girl might be lurking.
  • Looking Around: Some players believe excessive turning and looking around increases your chances of being targeted. While this remains unconfirmed, staying focused on the objective might be a good idea.
  • Critical Injuries: Being critically injured may make you a less appealing target. However, relying on this tactic is incredibly risky.

It’s important to remember that these are just theories compiled by the Lethal Company community. The exact criteria for the Ghost Girl’s selection remain a source of ongoing debate.

The Haunting Begins: Signs and Symptoms

The first indication of the Ghost Girl’s presence is usually flickering lights or distorted sounds. These subtle cues can escalate quickly as she gets closer. Be on the lookout for:

  • Intensified Flickering: Lights will flicker more rapidly as the Ghost Girl approaches.
  • Warped Audio: Voices and ambient sounds will become distorted and unsettling.
  • Whispers: You might hear faint whispers, often in a child’s voice. This is a sure sign she’s very close.

Once you experience these signs, immediate action is crucial.

Facing the Fear: Strategies for Survival

Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed way to defeat the Ghost Girl. However, players have discovered a few strategies that can help you survive her pursuit:

  • Stay with the Team: The Ghost Girl only targets one player at a time. Sticking close to your teammates can make you a less appealing target, as she’ll have to choose between multiple players.
  • Utilize Cover: While she can teleport through walls, the Ghost Girl can’t follow you through tight spaces. Utilize narrow corridors, and furniture, or even climb on top of objects to create temporary barriers.
  • The Terminal Safe Haven: While unconfirmed by developers, some players report that staying on the main terminal seems to prevent the Ghost Girl from attacking. This could be a viable option if you’re the only one targeted.
  • The Storage Locker Exploit: This glitch allows you to climb on top of the storage cabinet, becoming unreachable by the Ghost Girl. However, relying on exploits might not be the intended experience.

Remember, these are just temporary measures. The Ghost Girl will relentlessly pursue you until she either kills you or you manage to escape the facility (on some maps).

Beyond Survival: Theories and Open Questions

The mystery surrounding the Ghost Girl fuels much speculation within the Lethal Company community. Here are some lingering questions players are grappling with:

  • Is there a way to appease her? Some theories suggest approaching her twice might cause her to disappear. However, attempting this a third time is a guaranteed death sentence.
  • Does she have any lore significance? The game offers no official explanation for her existence. Could she be connected to the overall narrative of Lethal Company?
  • Is there a “true” way to defeat her? Currently, there’s no documented method to permanently eliminate the Ghost Girl. Perhaps future updates or DLC might shed light on this.


Q. Who is the Ghost Girl?

The Ghost Girl is a rare enemy encountered on higher-difficulty moons in Lethal Company. Unlike other enemies, she targets a single player and relentlessly stalks them until they’re killed or escape.

Q. How do I know she’s there?

There are a few ways to tell if the Ghost Girl is haunting you:

  • Flickering Lights: Random flickering lights indicate her presence, even if you can’t see her yet.
  • Distorted Sounds: Warped and distorted sounds are another sign she’s nearby.
  • The Haunting: If you’re the chosen target, you’ll see the Ghost Girl herself – a creepy little girl in a red dress.

Q. How does she attack?

The Ghost Girl is a one-hit kill. If she gets close enough to touch you, it’s lights out.

Q. Can my teammates see her?

Nope! Only the targeted player can see and interact with the Ghost Girl.

Q. How do I target her?

You can’t directly target the Ghost Girl. Once she’s chosen someone, she’s laser-focused on that player.

Q. How do I survive?

There are a few strategies to avoid a ghostly demise:

  • Keep Moving: Don’t let her corner you.
  • Line of Sight: Having your back against a wall or object can prevent her from spawning behind you.
  • Storage Locker Exploit: (For the truly desperate) By jumping onto a storage locker in build mode, you can create a temporary safe zone she can’t reach (her hitbox doesn’t clip through the roof).
  • Terminal Escape: If you’re the designated “man in the chair” and stay at the terminal, you’re safe from her grasp (but not much else).

Q. Is there a way to fight back?

Unfortunately, no. The Ghost Girl is immune to all attacks. Your best bet is to avoid her or escape.

Q. What factors make me a target?

The exact targeting criteria aren’t fully known, but some theories suggest factors like:

  • High Insanity: Being alone for extended periods increases Insanity, making you more susceptible.
  • High-Value Items: Carrying valuable loot might make you a more tempting target.
  • Looking Around: Constantly swivelling your view might flag you.

Q. Is there anything else to know?

The Ghost Girl is very rare, so encountering her isn’t a guarantee. However, being prepared can save your space-faring life (and sanity)

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