Uncharted 2- Nathan Drake Charting a Course for the Big Screen?


The 2022 release of “Uncharted” brought the popular PlayStation video game franchise to life on the big screen. Starring Tom Holland as a young Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Sully, the film captured the essence of the game’s adventurous spirit, thrilling action sequences, and witty banter. With the first film leaving audiences wanting more, the question on everyone’s mind is: will there be an Uncharted 2 movie?

Uncharted 2: Officially Unconfirmed, But Likely on the Horizon

As of May 5, 2024, there has been no official confirmation from Sony Pictures regarding a sequel. However, several factors suggest that Uncharted 2 is a strong possibility.

  • Box Office Success: The first film performed well at the box office, grossing over $400 million worldwide. This financial success is a strong indicator that Sony Pictures is keen to continue the franchise.
  • Mark Wahlberg’s Hints: In December 2023, Wahlberg hinted at a potential script being in development, mentioning he’d heard “lots of different ideas” and that the sequel “would consist of having the moustache the whole time,” referencing his character Sully’s post-credits scene transformation.

These indicators, coupled with the franchise’s popularity, make a sequel highly likely.

Casting Choices: Familiar Faces and New Adventures?

While there’s no official cast list, it’s safe to assume Tom Holland would reprise his role as Nathan Drake. Holland’s portrayal of a young and witty Drake resonated with audiences, and his commitment to stunts embodies the character’s daring spirit.

Mark Wahlberg’s return as Sully seems equally likely, especially considering his comments about the script. Their on-screen chemistry was a highlight of the first film, and fans would likely welcome their continued partnership.

The first film introduced Chloe Frazer, played by Sophia Ali, but her fate remained ambiguous. Could she return for a more prominent role in the sequel? The games establish Chloe as a recurring character and potential love interest for Drake, so her return wouldn’t be unexpected.

New characters are also a possibility. The vast universe of Uncharted offers a plethora of treasure hunters, villains, and mentors who could be introduced in the sequel. A fan-favourite like Sam Drake, Nathan’s long-lost brother, or the ruthless villain Nadine Ross could add a new layer of intrigue to the story.

Plot Speculation: Charting a Course for the Sequel

With no confirmed script details, the plot of Uncharted 2 remains a mystery. However, fans can speculate based on the first film’s ending and the source material.

The Post-Credits Scene: The first film’s post-credits scene featured Sully sporting a moustache, a signature look for the character in the games. This transformation, combined with his possession of a ring linked to a new treasure hunt, suggests the sequel might take inspiration from “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.”

Following the Games – With a Twist: While the first film borrowed elements from several Uncharted games, it wasn’t a direct adaptation of any single story. Director Ruben Fleischer has expressed a desire to incorporate iconic sequences from the games, but also to craft an original narrative. This suggests Uncharted 2 could draw inspiration from various games, like the fan-favourite car chase from “Uncharted 4,” while still offering a fresh adventure for audiences.

New Villains and Treasures: The Uncharted universe is filled with potential antagonists. The first film featured a fictional villain, so the sequel might introduce a character like Chloe’s rival Nadine Ross or the ruthless warlord Zoran Lazarević. Treasure possibilities are equally vast, with the sequel potentially focusing on the Cintamani Stone, the lost city of Shambhala, or a legendary pirate’s hoard.

When Can We Expect Uncharted 2?

Unfortunately, there’s no official release date for Uncharted 2. Development might have been impacted by the recent Hollywood strikes. However, with growing anticipation and positive signs from the cast, an official announcement regarding the sequel could come sooner rather than later.

A Glimpse into the Future: Uncharted Beyond the Big Screen

The potential success of Uncharted 2 could pave the way for a cinematic universe based on the franchise. With a rich backstory and diverse characters, Uncharted offers ample material for spin-offs or prequel films focusing on characters like Sully or Chloe Frazer.

The franchise’s popularity could also translate to other forms of entertainment. An Uncharted TV series exploring a different chapter in Nathan Drake’s life or a series focusing on a new generation of treasure hunters could be possibilities.


Q. Setting Sail for Another Adventure?

Hold on to your hats, treasure hunters! There’s a storm brewing on the horizon, and it might just carry Nathan Drake on another globe-trotting adventure. Here’s a breakdown of everything we know (and don’t know) about the highly anticipated Uncharted 2 movie:

Q. Is Uncharted 2 officially happening?

Not yet, but things are looking good. The first movie’s success, coupled with Mark Wahlberg hinting at a script and preparation for his role, suggests a sequel is likely.

Q. When will Uncharted 2 be released?

Unfortunately, with no official confirmation, there’s no release date on the table. Stay tuned for announcements from Sony Pictures!

Q. Who will be in the cast?

Tom Holland is expected to return as a young Nathan Drake. Mark Wahlberg should also reprise his role as Sully, with his signature moustache potentially playing a bigger role than IGN. The possibility of introducing new characters, like Nate’s love interest Elena Fisher, also adds intrigue.

Q. What will the plot be?

While details are scarce, speculation is rife. The movie might draw inspiration from the second Uncharted game, “Among Thieves,” featuring the return of Nate’s long-lost brother, Sam. However, director Ruben Fleischer has expressed interest in creating original narratives while incorporating iconic action sequences from the game’s YouTube.

Q. Will Uncharted 2 follow the games closely?

Probably not. The first movie took liberties with the source material, focusing on a young Nate and Sully. The sequel is likely to follow suit, cherry-picking elements from the games while forging its cinematic path.

Q. Is there a trailer?

Not yet. Keep an eye out for official channels from Sony Pictures for any trailers or teasers.

Q. So, what can we do in the meantime?

While we wait for news on Uncharted 2, you can revisit the first movie, or dive into the treasure trove of Uncharted games! You can also watch fan-made trailers on YouTube to fuel your excitement.

Q. One last question: Will Chloe Frazer make an appearance?

Only time will tell! But with the vast universe of Uncharted characters, there’s always the possibility of exciting cameos in future films.

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