Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2: Mastering Magical Plants in Hogwarts Legacy


Professor Garlick is back with another assignment in Hogwarts Legacy, this time tasking you with cultivating and utilizing some fascinating magical flora. This assignment pushes your Herbology skills a step further, introducing you to the unique properties of combat plants and the ever-useful Fluxweed. Here’s a comprehensive guide to conquering Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2, incorporating insights gleaned from popular YouTube walkthroughs and other online resources.

The Quest Breakdown: Cultivating and Combat

Professor Garlick’s second assignment is a two-part challenge that tests your understanding of magical plant properties and their practical applications. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the objectives:

Grow and Harvest Fluxweed: This common magical ingredient is used in various potions. You’ll need to acquire a Fluxweed seed, plant it in a pot, and nurture it to maturity in the Room of Requirement.

Field Test Combat Plants: Professor Garlick wants you to test the combined effects of three specific combat plants: Chinese Chomping Cabbages, a Mandrake, and a Venomous Tentacula. The goal is to use all three plants simultaneously and observe the outcome.

Professor Garlick

Conquering the Steps: A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s delve into the practicalities of completing this assignment. Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure you efficiently navigate Professor Garlick’s requirements:

Acquiring the Fluxweed Seed:

Head to Hogsmeade, the charming village nestled outside Hogwarts.

Locate the shop named “The Magic Neep.”

Here, you’ll find the Fluxweed seed available for purchase.

Preparing the Room of Requirement:

The Room of Requirement serves as your customizable space within Hogwarts. This is where you’ll cultivate your Fluxweed.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to acquire a potting table with a large pot spellcraft. You can purchase this from Tomes and Scrolls, another shop in Hogsmeade, for 1000 Galleons (the magical currency).

Once you have the potting table, place it strategically within the Room of Requirement.

Planting and Growing the Fluxweed:

Interact with the potting table and choose the option to plant the Fluxweed seed.

It takes roughly 15 minutes in real-time for the Fluxweed to mature fully. You can spend this downtime exploring Hogwarts or completing other tasks.

While waiting, keep an eye on the pot; as with any magical plant, there might be visual cues indicating its growth progress.

Obtaining the Combat Plants:

Unlike Fluxweed seeds, the specific locations for acquiring the three combat plants aren’t directly mentioned in the assignment. However, you can purchase them from Dogweed and Deathcap, another shop in Hogsmeade.

Alternatively, you might encounter these plants growing in the wild during your Hogwarts explorations, but purchasing them ensures a reliable source.

The Field Test: Unleashing the Botanical Fury

Here comes the exciting part – testing the combined effects of the combat plants.

You don’t necessarily need to be in combat to complete this objective. Find a suitable outdoor location away from bustling areas or potential hazards.

Simply equip each of the three combat plants (Chinese Chomping Cabbages, Mandrake, and Venomous Tentacula) and use them simultaneously.

Observe the results! Each plant has unique properties; the Chinese Chomping Cabbages are aggressive devourers, the Mandrake emits a scream that can stun, and the Venomous Tentacula lashes out with poisonous tendrils. Witnessing their combined effects is part of the learning experience.

Reporting Back to Professor Garlick:

Once you’ve successfully cultivated the Fluxweed and conducted the combat plant field test, return to Professor Garlick in the Herbology greenhouse.

Inform her of your progress, and she’ll be pleased with your accomplishments.

Bonus Tip: While completing the field test, ensure you have enough space around you to observe the plants’ effects safely. Remember, some of these plants have potent properties!

Rewards and Significance: The Benefits of Completing the Assignment

Professor Garlick won’t leave you empty-handed for your efforts. Here’s what you gain from completing this assignment:

Learning Flipendo: Professor Garlick rewards you with the Flipendo spell, a valuable offensive charm that knocks back enemies.

Experience Points (XP): Completing the assignment grants valuable XP points, contributing to your overall character progression.


What are the objectives of Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2?

There are two parts to this assignment. First, you’ll need to grow and harvest a Fluxweed plant. Second, Professor Garlick wants you to test three specific combat plants simultaneously.

How do I grow Fluxweed?

You won’t find Fluxweed readily growing anywhere. Here’s what you need to do:

Get a Potting Table: Head to Hogsmeade and visit Tomes and Scrolls. Purchase a Potting Table with a large pot spellcraft for 1000 Galleons.

Buy Fluxweed Seeds: Visit The Magic Neep, also in Hogsmeade, and purchase some Fluxweed Seeds.

Plant and Grow: Go to the Room of Requirement, place your Potting Table, and plant the Fluxweed Seed. Remember, it takes 15 minutes in real-time for the Fluxweed to grow fully.

Where do I find the combat plants for the test?

You won’t need to search for grown combat plants. Professor Garlick provides the specific ones you’ll need:

Chinese Chomping Cabbages


Venomous Tentacula

How do I use the combat plants all at once?

There’s no fancy spell required here. Simply travel outside Hogwarts Castle and throw all three plants (seeds will do) on the ground at the same time.

Is there an easier way to complete the combat plant test?

Absolutely! You don’t need to fight any enemies with these plants. Throwing them on the ground together fulfills the objective.

What happens after I complete the assignment?

Head back to Professor Garlick in the Herbology Greenhouse. She’ll be impressed with your Herbology prowess and reward you with the Flipendo spell, a nifty charm that sends objects flying!

Where can I learn more about Flipendo?

The game doesn’t provide a detailed explanation of Flipendo within the quest itself. However, you can experiment with the spell after you learn it to see how it works in combat and exploration.

Is there anything else I should know about Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2?

This assignment is a great opportunity to practice growing plants in the Room of Requirement. You can use this skill to cultivate other useful ingredients throughout the game.

Is Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2 missable?

No worries! This assignment is not missable. You can complete it at your own pace as you progress through the game.

I’m stuck! Any advice for Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2?

If you’re having trouble finding the shops in Hogsmeade, consult your in-game map. It will show you the location of Tomes and Scrolls and The Magic Neep.

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