Unearthing Divine Power: A Guide to the Blood of Lathander in Baldur’s Gate 3


Baldur’s Gate 3 throws you into a world brimming with secrets and legendary artifacts. Among these coveted treasures, the Blood of Lathander stands out as a beacon of holy power. This mace, imbued with the blessings of the Morninglord himself, offers unparalleled strength and divine resilience to its wielder. But acquiring this relic is no easy feat. It demands both cunning exploration and strategic decision-making. This guide delves deep into the Blood of Lathander, uncovering its secrets, guiding you through the intricate quest to obtain it, and exploring the strategic considerations that come with wielding this divine weapon.

Baldur's Gate 3

The Might of Lathander’s Blessing

The Blood of Lathander is a legendary +3 mace, radiating an aura of power that surpasses its physical form. Here’s a breakdown of its awe-inspiring properties:

Lathander’s Blessing: This potent ability activates once per long rest. When the wielder falls unconscious (0 hit points), Lathander’s mercy intervenes. The mace surges with divine energy, restoring 2d6 hit points to the fallen hero. Furthermore, allies within a 30ft radius are also graced by Lathander’s touch, regaining 1d6 hit points each. This life-saving ability can turn the tide of battle, offering a second chance and bolstering the party’s resilience.

Lathander’s Light: The Blood of Lathander sheds a constant, holy light in a 20ft radius. This illumination serves a dual purpose. It acts as a portable torch, banishing the oppressive darkness that often shrouds dungeons and crypts. More importantly, this light acts as anathema to fiends and undead creatures. Any such foes foolish enough to linger in the mace’s radiance must make a Constitution saving throw (DC 14) or face the debilitating effect of blindness. This strategic advantage can significantly weaken enemy forces, making them vulnerable to attacks.

+3 Bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls: As a legendary weapon, the Blood of Lathander grants a significant +3 bonus to both attack rolls and damage rolls. This translates to increased physical prowess, allowing the wielder to land more blows and deal more devastating damage with each swing.

These combined abilities make the Blood of Lathander an incredibly desirable weapon, particularly for characters who thrive in melee combat. Paladins, Clerics, and even Fighters can leverage the mace’s divine power to become formidable bastions of righteousness on the battlefield.

The Path to Divinity: Unveiling the Quest

The Blood of Lathander isn’t simply handed to worthy adventurers. It lies hidden within the hallowed halls of the Rosymorn Monastery, nestled deep within the crevasses of Creche Y’llek. To claim this divine weapon, you must embark on the aptly named quest: “Find the Blood of Lathander.” Here’s a step-by-step walkthrough to guide you:

Initiation at Rosymorn: Your journey begins within the Rosymorn Monastery. As you explore the central room on the first floor, examine the plaque adorning the central statue. This interaction triggers the quest, etching the Blood of Lathander’s legend onto your quest log.

Unearthing the Ceremonial Weapons: To claim the Blood of Lathander, you must first gather four ceremonial weapons. These relics act as keys, unlocking the path to the true prize.

The Ceremonial Warhammer: Scale the heights of the monastery by entering the Kobold room on the west side. Exit through the northwest exit, allowing you to climb to the second floor. The Warhammer awaits you on the rooftop.

The Ceremonial Battleaxe: Seek out the hidden chamber within the graveyard adjoining the monastery. This chamber requires some digging to access. Once inside, the Battleaxe lies in wait.

The Rusty Mace: This seemingly unassuming weapon can be found nestled amongst the clutches of a Githyanki patrol roaming the cliffs near the monastery. Defeat them to claim the Mace.

The Stained Glass Conundrum: With the three ceremonial weapons in hand, head to the top floor of the Rosymorn Monastery. Locate the intricate stained glass puzzle adorning the walls. Here, you must strategically rearrange the glass fragments, aligning them to depict a specific symbol. Consult online resources or in-game hints to decipher the correct configuration. Completing this puzzle unlocks a hidden chamber.

Dawnbringer’s Crest: A Crucial Choice: Within the newly revealed chamber, you’ll encounter the Dawnbringer’s Crest. This crest presents a crucial decision point. Here’s where things get interesting:


What is the Blood of Lathander?

It’s a mighty +3 mace imbued with Lathander’s divine power. Lathander, the Morninglord, is a god associated with dawn, renewal, and life.

Why is it so sought after?

This legendary weapon packs a punch! It not only deals serious bludgeoning damage but also boasts powerful magical properties.

What are these magical properties?

Lathander’s Blessing: Once per long rest, it revives the wielder with a burst of health and heals nearby allies.

Lathander’s Light: It constantly emits holy light, harming fiends and undead while illuminating the path.

How do I find the Blood of Lathander?

The quest to acquire it takes you to the ruined Rosymorn Monastery, located on the mountain pass path towards Act 2.

Is there a specific way to enter the Monastery?

There’s no grand entrance. Look for a cracked window you can climb through to infiltrate the abandoned building.

What awaits me inside the Monastery?

Prepare for a challenging journey! You’ll encounter puzzles, traps, and hostile creatures guarding the path to the legendary mace.

Is there a trick to getting the Blood of Lathander?

Yes! Don’t just grab it – it’s heavily trapped. Look for a Dawnmaster’s Crest you find earlier in the Monastery. Inserting it into the pedestal disarms the traps and allows you to claim your prize safely.

Is the Dawnmaster’s Crest missable?

Don’t worry! The Crest is part of the quest and can’t be permanently overlooked.

Who can wield the Blood of Lathander most effectively?

This mace is a dream come true for Clerics or any character who thrives in close combat. The healing ability and bonus light make it a game-changer.

Are there any guides or walkthroughs available online?

Absolutely! If you get stuck or want a visual reference, a quick web search for “Blood of Lathander BG3 guide” will yield numerous helpful resources, including videos.

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