Unveiling the Nightsong in Baldur’s Gate 3: A cryptic quest with weighty choices


Nightsong Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3), a tantalizing side quest called “Find the Nightsong” beckons adventurers. This cryptic mission takes players on a journey across diverse landscapes, forcing them to confront difficult puzzles and make impactful decisions. But what exactly is the Nightsong, and why is it shrouded in such mystery? This comprehensive guide delves into everything you need to know about this pivotal BG3 quest.

The Enigmatic Nightsong: Relic or Redemption?

The initial whispers of the Nightsong come from Aradin in the Druids’ Grove. He speaks of a powerful relic hidden beneath a goblin-occupied temple, hinting at its potential to break a powerful curse. However, as the quest unfolds, a startling revelation emerges: the Nightsong isn’t an object, but a person.

Dame Aylin Unveiled: Deeper investigation unveils the Nightsong’s true identity: Dame Aylin, a Paladin of the moon goddess Selune. Centuries ago, she was sent to Moonrise Towers to protect the faithful. But tragedy struck when her own father, Ketheric Thorm, succumbed to grief after her apparent demise. This grief drove him towards the clutches of Shar, the goddess of darkness. To further torment Ketheric and weaken Selune’s influence, the cunning necromancer Balthazar trapped Dame Aylin in a Soulcage within the Shadowfell.

Nightsong Baldur's

The Gauntlet of Shar: A Perilous Path to Liberation

The quest to find the Nightsong leads players to the Gauntlet of Shar, a treacherous dungeon heavily influenced by the aforementioned Shar. Here, navigating through puzzles and overcoming challenging encounters becomes paramount.

Unveiling the Path: Accessing the Gauntlet itself requires solving an environmental puzzle involving three paintings in the Grand Mausoleum’s Thorm Mausoleum. By interacting with the paintings in the correct order (Moonrise Towers, Grief, General), a hidden passage leading to the Gauntlet is revealed.

Conquering the Gauntlet’s Challenges: Once inside, players must solve a series of puzzles involving levers, light manipulation, and the retrieval of four Umbral Gems. These gems play a crucial role in activating a device that unlocks the Gauntlet’s deepest chambers, where the Nightsong awaits.

The Spear of Night and Shadowheart’s Connection: For a smoother experience within the Gauntlet, acquiring the Spear of Night from the Silent Library is highly recommended. This weapon proves particularly effective against the denizens of the Shadowfell. Additionally, having Shadowheart in your party can provide unique dialogue options and shed light on her own troubled past intertwined with Shar.

Facing the Nightsong: A Choice with Lasting Repercussions

Finally reaching the heart of the Gauntlet, players come face-to-face with the captive Nightsong, Dame Aylin. Here, a critical decision arises: free her or succumb to the whispers of Shar.

The Price of Freedom: Choosing to liberate Dame Aylin requires using the four Umbral Gems on the Soulcage. This act severs Balthazar’s hold and allows her to return to the realm of the living. However, her freedom comes at a cost. Weakened by her imprisonment, Dame Aylin can be a valuable ally, offering her holy magic and insights into the events that transpired. But be warned, her presence may attract the ire of Shar and her followers.

Yielding to Shar’s Influence: Alternatively, players can succumb to the whispers of Shar and sacrifice Dame Aylin. This dark path grants access to powerful, albeit corrupting, magic. However, the consequences of this choice remain shrouded in some mystery, potentially impacting the later narrative of BG3.

Beyond the Gauntlet: The Lingering Echoes of the Nightsong

The ramifications of the Nightsong choice extend far beyond the Gauntlet. Depending on your decision, the world and characters around you may react differently.

A Renewed Hope or a Descent into Darkness: Freeing Dame Aylin injects a beacon of hope, potentially bolstering the forces of good. Conversely, aligning with Shar may unlock dark abilities but could also attract unwanted attention and corrupt your party.

Shadowheart’s Path: The Nightsong quest sheds light on Shadowheart’s past as a former Selunite novice. The choices made here can influence her development and potentially alter her relationship with your party. The future holds more revelations about the House of Grief, a location intimately tied to Shadowheart’s past trauma.

Aradin’s Fate: Depending on your success in retrieving the Nightsong (be it the relic or Dame Aylin herself), Aradin’s quest can be resolved. Completing his objective earns you his gratitude and potential rewards.


What is the Nightsong?

Forget magical instruments – the Nightsong is actually a person! Her true name is Dame Aylin, a Paladin of Selune (goddess of the moon) and daughter of the goddess herself. Talk about powerful lineage!

Why is she important?

Aylin’s immortality is key. Imprisoned in the Shadowfell (a dark plane), she constantly revives, fueling a powerful ritual for the villainous Ketheric Thress. Stopping this ritual is crucial.

How do I find the Nightsong?

Patience, grasshopper. The quest unfolds across Acts One to Three. Speak with Aradin about his goblin expedition or find their remains. The final showdown occurs in Act Three.

Where is the Nightsong located?

The Gauntlet of Shar, a treacherous Shar (goddess of darkness) temple, holds Aylin captive. Be prepared for tough puzzles and combat encounters.

Should I save or kill the Nightsong?

This moral dilemma depends on your playthrough. Saving her grants a powerful ally, while killing her disrupts Ketheric’s ritual but has story consequences.

How do I save the Nightsong?

Prepare for battle! Wield the Spear of Night, found in the Silent Library, to weaken the cage binding Aylin. Shadowheart, a companion with a Selunite past, might have additional dialogue options.

What if I kill the Nightsong?

This path has weight. Ketheric’s ritual weakens, but Shadowheart may be distraught and future story elements might change.

Are there any consequences to my choice?

Absolutely. The fate of the Nightsong affects your relationship with Shadowheart and potentially the overarching Baldur’s Gate 3 story.

Is there a “right” choice?

Not necessarily. Both options offer unique rewards and drawbacks. Consider your character’s morality and desired story outcomes.

Can I learn more about the Nightsong lore?

Keep your eyes peeled! Exploring the world and interacting with characters can reveal additional details about Aylin’s backstory and significance.

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