Purah: The Ancient Tech Genius of The Legend of Zelda


Purah, the energetic and brilliant scientist from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, is making a much-anticipated return in the upcoming sequel, Tears of the Kingdom. With the sequel shrouded in some mystery, fans are eager to learn more about Purah’s role in the new Hyrulean adventure. This article delves into everything we know about Purah in Tears of the Kingdom, drawing upon the latest information gleaned from trailers, interviews, and educated speculation.

From Scholar to Child: A Recap of Purah’s Story in Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, players encountered Purah as the director of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab. Despite her supposed elderly status, Purah appeared as a young girl with a childlike demeanor. This was a consequence of her research into an anti-aging Sheikah Rune. A miscalculation caused the rune to backfire, reverting her physical age but retaining her vast knowledge. Despite her youthful appearance, Purah remained a sharp intellect, aiding Link in upgrading his Sheikah Slate with her expertise in ancient technology.

Throughout Breath of the Wild, players could find Purah’s diaries scattered across Hyrule. These diaries chronicled her scientific pursuits and hinted at a deeper relationship with her sister, Impa. We also learned of Purah’s past as a researcher in the Royal Ancient Lab alongside Robbie, where their experiments often resulted in comical explosions (thankfully covered up by Zelda and Impa!).

By the end of Breath of the Wild, Purah managed to reverse the anti-aging effect, returning herself to a physical age closer to her twenties. This change hinted at Purah’s frustrations with being treated as a child and a desire to reclaim a more mature role.

Purah’s Transformation in Tears of the Kingdom

Trailers for Tears of the Kingdom showcase a significant transformation for Purah. Gone is the childlike appearance; Purah now sports a more mature design, resembling a woman in her twenties. This aligns with her physical state at the end of Breath of the Wild. Her attire also reflects a newfound authority. She dons a stylish Sheikah outfit with prominent blue accents, suggesting a position of leadership.

This visual makeover isn’t purely aesthetic. It signifies Purah’s potential rise to a more prominent role in Hyrule’s defense against the looming threats. Here’s how fans are theorizing about Purah’s involvement in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Head of Lookout Landing: Trailers depict Purah overlooking a new region called Lookout Landing. Speculation suggests she may be in charge of this location, using her knowledge of ancient technology to monitor and defend Hyrule.
  • Continued Research: Purah’s scientific brilliance is undeniable. She might be leading research efforts in Lookout Landing, delving deeper into Sheikah technology to combat the growing malice.
  • Aiding Link: Given her expertise and past association with Link, it’s safe to assume Purah will play a crucial role in assisting Link on his adventure. She could provide vital upgrades to the Sheikah Slate, offer cryptic clues gleaned from her research, or even directly participate in the fight against the encroaching darkness.

While Nintendo remains tight-lipped about Purah’s specific role, her newfound maturity and leadership qualities point towards a more significant contribution to the narrative compared to Breath of the Wild.

Questions Pique Fan Interest: A Look at YouTube Searches

A look at popular YouTube searches related to “Purah TotK” reveals fans’ burning questions:

  • Will Purah have new Sheikah Slate upgrades? Given Purah’s role in Breath of the Wild, players highly anticipate new and improved Sheikah Slate functionalities developed by Purah in Tears of the Kingdom.
  • What is Purah’s connection to the Zonai? The Zonai, an ancient civilization that predates the Hylians, have been a source of intrigue since their introduction in Breath of the Wild. Theories abound that Purah, alongside Zelda, might be delving into Zonai technology to combat the growing malice.
  • Will Purah and Robbie reunite for research? Robbie, Purah’s former research partner, also makes an appearance in Tears of the Kingdom. Fans are curious if the two brilliant (and slightly eccentric) minds will collaborate again.

These questions highlight the community’s excitement surrounding Purah’s return. Her intelligence, resourcefulness, and potential leadership qualities make her a fascinating character with the potential to significantly impact the events of Tears of the Kingdom.


Q: Who is Purah?

A: Purah is a brilliant scientist and a major character in Tears of the Kingdom. She’s the director of the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab in Breath of the Wild (BotW), and in TotK, she takes on a new role as the head of Lookout Landing. Purah is Impa’s older sister and is considered the foremost authority on ancient Sheikah technology.

Q: What does Purah look like in TotK?

A: Unlike BotW where she appeared as a child due to a scientific mishap, in TotK, Purah seems to be in her twenties. This likely reflects her successfully reversing the aging effects of the Rune.

Q: What is Purah’s role in TotK?

A: Based on available information, Purah appears to be working closely with Princess Zelda. They are researching the mysterious “gloom” that has spread across Hyrule, and Purah’s expertise in ancient technology will likely be crucial in solving this new threat.

Q: Can Purah upgrade the Sheikah Slate in TotK?

A: There is no official confirmation yet, but considering her role in BotW, it’s highly likely that Purah will play a part in enhancing the Sheikah Slate’s capabilities in TotK.

Q: Is Purah playable in TotK?

A: There is no official information suggesting Purah will be playable. However, some fans speculate that due to her youthful appearance, she might have a more active role this time around.

Q: Where can I find Purah in TotK?

A: Since she’s the head of Lookout Landing, a newly introduced location in TotK, you can likely find Purah there.

Q: What are some interesting theories about Purah in TotK?

A: Some fans theorize that Purah’s research into reversing ageing might have unforeseen consequences that tie into the game’s plot. Others discuss the possibility of a deeper connection between Purah and the Sheikah technology, especially with her new position at Lookout Landing.

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