Thrilling the Hunt: A Guide to Red Dead Redemption 2’s Legendary Animals


Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) is teeming with life, from the majestic bison herds to the cunning coyotes. But for the seasoned hunter, there’s a special kind of prey that beckons: the Legendary Animals. These magnificent creatures, boasting unique appearances and formidable temperaments, offer a thrilling challenge and bountiful rewards.

This guide delves into the world of RDR2’s Legendary Animals, providing you with everything you need to track them down, conquer the hunt, and reap the benefits of your success.

Legendary Loot: What Makes These Animals Special?

Legendary Animals stand out from their regular counterparts in several ways:

Rarity: Encountering a Legendary Animal is a special event. These prized creatures are scattered throughout the map, often in remote locations.

Distinctive Appearance: Each Legendary Animal boasts a unique coat or pelt, making them instantly recognizable. This fur is often far grander than that of their regular kin.

Enhanced Difficulty: Legendary Animals are no pushovers. They are tougher than their regular counterparts, with more health and the ability to inflict serious damage. Be prepared for a fight!

Valuable Rewards: The true prize lies in the spoils. Skinning a Legendary Animal grants you a Legendary Pelt, which can be crafted into unique clothing at a Trapper. Additionally, some Legendaries drop special items like antlers or claws that can be crafted into trinkets offering stat bonuses.

Red Dead Redemption 2

The Hunter’s Arsenal: Gear Up for the Challenge

Before embarking on your Legendary Animal hunt, ensure you have the proper equipment:

Weapons: A powerful rifle like the Rolling Block Rifle or Bolt Action Rifle is ideal for long-range takedowns. For close encounters, a shotgun like the Pump Action Shotgun or a Varmint Rifle for smaller Legendaries will be crucial.

Ammunition: Use high-powered ammo like Express or Split Point rounds to ensure clean kills and preserve the quality of the pelt.

Bow and Arrows: For a more challenging and rewarding hunt, consider using a bow and arrows. This forces you to get closer to the animal, increasing the risk but potentially yielding a perfect-quality pelt.

Improved Binoculars: Invest in a pair of Improved Binoculars to study animal tracks from a distance and identify Legendary Animals more easily.

Predator Bait & Herbivore Bait: These can lure specific Legendary Animals to a location, giving you an advantage.

Snacks & Provisions: Legendary hunts can take time. Stock up on provisions to stay well-fed and maintain your Dead Eye core for those crucial moments.

The Thrill of the Chase: Tracking Legendary Animals

Legendary Animals won’t simply appear on your map. Here’s how to find them:

Explore the World: Pay attention to the environment. Legendary Animals often inhabit specific regions indicated by their tracks or scat. Look for unusual animal markings or disturbed areas on your mini-map.

Legendary Animal Maps: Purchase these from Trappers in various locations. These maps reveal the general vicinity of specific Legendary Animals.

Stranger Encounters: Occasionally, you may encounter strangers who provide clues or tips on Legendary Animal locations.

Once you enter a Legendary Animal’s territory, a notification will appear on your screen. Use your Eagle Eye ability to highlight animal tracks and follow them to locate your prey.

Important Note: Three Legendary Animals – the Bharati Grizzly Bear, the Bullgator, and the Tatanka Bison – are not available for free roam hunting. The Bharati Grizzly Bear is encountered during a mission in Chapter 2, the Bullgator is part of a mission in Chapter 4, and the Tatanka Bison is only huntable after completing a Hunting Challenge.

The Art of the Kill: Taking Down Legendary Animals

When confronting a Legendary Animal, remember these key points:

Stay Hidden: Use cover and remain undetected for as long as possible. Legendaries will charge if they spot you.

Use Study & Eagle Eye: Study the animal with your binoculars to learn about its weak points. Eagle Eye can help you track wounded prey and highlight critical organs.

Aim for Perfect Kills: Focus on landing clean headshots or shots to vital organs. Multiple bullets will damage the pelt quality.

Be Prepared for a Fight: Legendary Animals are fierce. Have a plan B in case your first shot doesn’t finish the job. Use Dead Eye for those crucial slow-motion moments.


How many Legendary Animals are there in Red Dead Redemption 2?

There are a total of 16 Legendary Animals scattered across the map, each offering a distinct challenge and reward.

Where can I find Legendary Animals?

Each Legendary Animal has a specific habitat within the game world. You can find their locations marked on your map once you’ve encountered them in the wild or purchased specific hunting maps from Trappers.

How do I know when I’m near a Legendary Animal?

As you approach a Legendary Animal’s territory, a distinct musical score will begin to play, making you aware of the potential danger (and trophy!) nearby.

What’s the best way to hunt Legendary Animals?

Legendary Animals are no pushovers. Coming prepared is key. Use potent weapons like improved rifles or shotguns. Studying the animal in your binoculars before engaging will provide information about its temperament and weak points. It’s also recommended to craft potent predator bait to lure them out.

What happens if a Legendary Animal escapes?

Don’t worry! Legendary Animals won’t permanently disappear if they flee. They’ll eventually return to their designated territory, allowing you another chance to track them down.

Can I hunt Legendary Animals more than once?

No, unfortunately, Legendary Animals are unique encounters. Once you kill and skin a Legendary Animal, it won’t respawn. Make your shot count!

What do I get for hunting Legendary Animals?

The most significant reward is the Legendary Animal pelt, which can be crafted into unique clothing items at the Trapper. Additionally, you’ll often get valuable teeth, claws, or horns that can be used in crafting.

Are there any special Legendary Animals?

The White Bison and the Tatanka Bison are particularly rare finds, boasting beautiful white and red pelts respectively.

Is there an easy way to find all the Legendary Animals?

While there’s no guaranteed shortcut, purchasing the Legendary Animal Maps from Trappers will reveal their locations on your map, saving you time spent exploring.

Is there anything else to consider when hunting Legendary Animals?

Remember, these are wild animals. Approaching them on horseback can spook them, so consider stalking them on foot. Additionally, be prepared for a fight – Legendary Animals will defend themselves fiercely.

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