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Resident Evil 4, a constant presence on “best games of all time” lists, needs no introduction. This survival horror masterpiece throws you into the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy, a government agent tasked with rescuing the U.S. President’s daughter from a nightmarish European village. With its unique blend of action, exploration, and resource management, RE4 offers a thrilling experience that both newcomers and veterans can enjoy. This walkthrough will guide you through the entirety of the game, including the recent remake, highlighting key areas, puzzles, enemies, and boss encounters.

Resident Evil 4

Original vs Remake: What’s the Difference?

Before diving in, it’s important to acknowledge the existence of the 2023 remake. While the core story remains the same, the remake features significant changes:

Visual overhaul: The remake boasts stunning visuals that breathe new life into the classic environments and characters.

Gameplay tweaks: The remake introduces new mechanics like parrying enemy attacks and a revamped inventory system.

Level design adjustments: Certain areas have been reworked to offer a more streamlined or expanded experience.

Enemy variations: The remake introduces new enemy types and behaviors.

This walkthrough will cover both versions, highlighting the key differences where applicable. We’ll use “Original” and “Remake” to differentiate between them.

Getting Started: The Village & The Castle (Original & Remake)

The Arrival: The game opens with Leon venturing into a secluded European village. Explore the area, picking up supplies and familiarizing yourself with the controls. Expect your first encounter with the infected villagers, the Ganado. Use your handgun and knife effectively to take them down. Remember, ammo is scarce, so prioritize headshots for quick kills.

House Exploration: Enter the various houses, searching for items like ammo, healing herbs, and keys. Be mindful of traps and hidden enemies. Solve puzzles to unlock new areas and progress.

The Dog Handler: You’ll encounter a Ganado wielding attack dogs. These can be particularly dangerous. In the Original, shoot the dogs first, then focus on the handler. The Remake allows you to parry the dog’s attacks, making the fight more manageable.

The Church & The Giant: Reach the church and confront the first major enemy, a monstrous villager wielding an axe. This fight requires dodging his attacks and aiming for specific weak points. In the Remake, you can use the environment to your advantage, such as dropping chandeliers on the enemy.

The Castle: After escaping the village, you’ll enter a dilapidated castle. This section involves more puzzles and exploration. Defeat various enemy types, including armored Ganado and regenerating Revenants. Collect emblems scattered throughout the castle to unlock special weapons.

Del Lago & The Water World (Original & Remake)

Meeting the Merchant: You’ll encounter the enigmatic Merchant, who sells weapons, upgrades, and other valuable items. Manage your inventory and use your collected treasures to purchase needed supplies.

Del Lago: This lakeside area introduces a new enemy type – aquatic creatures called Novistadors. Use shotguns or grenades to take them down effectively. Explore the nearby houses, solve environmental puzzles, and rescue Ashley Graham, the President’s daughter.

The Water World: Escort Ashley through a series of booby-trapped waterways filled with Ganado and Novistadors. Protect Ashley from harm – if her health depletes, she gets kidnapped and you have to restart the section. In the Original, aiming can be awkward while escorting Ashley. The Remake offers a new mechanic where you can directly control Ashley for short periods.

The Refinery & The Novistador King (Original & Remake)

The Refinery: This industrial complex throws diverse enemies your way, including chainsaw-wielding Ganado and regenerating Regenerators. Use fire to permanently destroy Regenerators. Explore the refinery thoroughly to find hidden items and upgrades.

The Novistador King: This giant Novistador boss requires specific tactics. Shoot the glowing sacs on its body to expose weak points. In the Remake, the boss fight has been revamped, offering a more dynamic and challenging encounter.

The Village revisited & The Krauser Fight (Original & Remake)

Back to the Village: Leon and Ashley return to the village, now overrun by even more aggressive Ganado. Expect tougher enemy placements and new challenges. The atmosphere becomes even more tense.


Original or Remake? Which Walkthrough Should I Use?

The Resident Evil 4 experience got a thrilling makeover in 2023. If you’re playing the original version (2005), look for guides specifically labeled “Resident Evil 4.” For the spiffy remake, “Resident Evil 4 Remake” walkthroughs will be your best bet, as there are new areas, enemies, and mechanics to navigate.

Lost in the Village? Here’s How to Progress

Both the original and remake follow a similar path. Walkthroughs will detail where to go, puzzles to solve, and most importantly, how to stay alive against the infected villagers! Search for sections based on your current location (e.g., “Village,” “Castle,” etc.)

Boss Battles Got You Stressed? Fear Not!

Those imposing boss fights can be nerve-wracking. Walkthroughs will offer boss-specific strategies, weapon recommendations, and tips to exploit their weaknesses. Knowing what to expect beforehand can make a huge difference.

Merchant on the Move – Where is He Now?

The mysterious Merchant is your lifeline for buying weapons, ammo, and upgrading your gear. Walkthroughs will show you where he sets up shop throughout the game, ensuring you’re prepared for upcoming challenges.

Treasure Hunter Wannabe? Uncovering Every Secret

Resident Evil 4 is packed with hidden treasures to uncover. A good walkthrough will not only list their locations but also explain their value and how to sell them to the Merchant for maximum profit.

More Than Just Shooting – Mastering the Mechanics

The remake introduces new mechanics like parrying and stealth. Consult walkthroughs to learn how to use these effectively, not just for combat but also to conserve ammo and avoid unnecessary fights.

Should I Buy That Fancy Weapon? Upgrading Wisely

With limited resources, knowing which weapons to upgrade is crucial. Walkthroughs will analyze weapon effectiveness and recommend the best investments for your playstyle.

Ammo Anxiety? Tips for Resource Management

Ammo scarcity is a constant tension in Resident Evil 4. Walkthroughs will provide ammo-saving tactics like aiming for critical hits and using the environment to your advantage.

Side Quests and Hidden Content – Unveiling Everything

The game offers optional quests and hidden collectibles. Walkthroughs will not only reveal their existence but also explain how to complete them and the rewards you’ll earn.

Stuck and Can’t Move Forward? Let’s Find a Solution

If you get stuck on a specific puzzle or encounter a seemingly impossible situation, don’t despair! Search walkthroughs for that exact section. They’ll provide step-by-step solutions to get you back on track.

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