How Many Shrines Lurk in Breath of the Wild?


Shrines in botw,The vast and open world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW) is brimming with secrets waiting to be uncovered. A key element of exploration and challenge comes in the form of Shrines – enigmatic trials that test Link’s ingenuity and combat prowess. But just how many Shrines are there to conquer in BOTW? This guide delves into the world of Shrines, exploring their number, types, and the intriguing details surrounding them.

The Grand Total: 120 Shrines for the Discerning Explorer

The core game of BOTW boasts a whopping 120 Shrines scattered across the map, each offering a unique puzzle or combat challenge to overcome. Completing these Shrines rewards you with Spirit Orbs, which can be exchanged for increased health (Heart Containers) or stamina (Stamina Vessels), making Link a formidable force against the dangers of Hyrule.

Here’s a breakdown of the Shrines based on availability:

120 Shrines: These are present in the base game and are essential for upgrading Link’s health and stamina.

It’s important to note that some players may encounter a discrepancy when counting Shrines. This is because the Champions’ Ballad and Trial of the Sword DLC packs introduce additional Shrines that don’t grant Spirit Orbs. We’ll explore these DLC Shrines in a later section.

Beyond the Numbers: A Look at Shrine Variety

While the number of Shrines is impressive, what truly elevates BOTW’s gameplay is the diversity of challenges they offer. Here’s a glimpse into the various types of Shrines you’ll encounter:

Combat Shrines: These Shrines test your combat skills by pitting you against Guardian Scouts, Moblin foes, or even mini-bosses. Here, mastering weapon mechanics, dodging techniques, and strategic use of bombs and arrows become crucial.

Puzzle Shrines: These Shrines require you to think outside the box. You’ll encounter environmental puzzles involving manipulating objects, activating mechanisms, and solving intricate mazes. Mastering the use of the Sheikah Slate runes (Remote Bombs, Magnesis, Stasis) is key to overcoming these challenges.

Shrines of Strength: These Shrines challenge your physical prowess. You’ll need to navigate moving platforms, climb sheer walls, and solve environmental puzzles that demand precise movement and timing.

Shrines of Speed: In these time-trial Shrines, speed and efficiency are paramount. You’ll need to use your knowledge of the environment, strategic use of the Sheikah Slate, and creative problem-solving to complete them within the allotted time.

This variety ensures that BOTW’s Shrine exploration remains fresh and engaging throughout your adventure.

Unanswered Questions and Community Insights: What You’ve Been Asking on YouTube

A quick search on YouTube reveals some interesting questions that players have regarding BOTW Shrines. Here are some of the most common ones, along with helpful answers:

Can I find all 120 Shrines without a guide?

Yes, it’s definitely possible! However, it requires a keen eye for detail, thorough exploration of every region, and potentially talking to NPCs who might offer cryptic clues. Utilizing the Sheikah Sensor+ to detect hidden Shrines can be immensely helpful.

What’s the best way to find Shrines?

There are several approaches:

Methodical Exploration: Systematically comb through each region, climbing mountains, investigating suspicious rock formations, and utilizing the Sheikah Sensor+ near bodies of water and unusual terrain.

Following Rumors: Talk to NPCs at stables, villages, and towns. They might offer hints or point you towards specific Shrines.

Consulting Online Resources: While not essential for the exploration experience, online Shrine maps and guides can help you locate specific Shrines you’re struggling to find.

I’m missing a Shrine! How do I know which one?

The in-game map allows you to track completed Shrines. By comparing your map to a comprehensive online Shrine list, you can identify the missing one and focus your search efforts accordingly.

Beyond the Core Game: DLC Shrines and Additional Content

The Champions’ Ballad and Trial of the Sword DLC packs expand the world of BOTW with additional Shrines and challenges. Here’s a breakdown of what they offer:

Champions’ Ballad DLC: This DLC introduces four new Shrines, each themed around one of the Champions. These Shrines offer lore-based challenges and unique rewards.

Trial of the Sword: This challenging DLC features a new area where Link needs to complete three “Trials” consisting of increasingly difficult enemy encounters. Completing these Trials unlocks new abilities and doesn’t involve traditional Shrines


How many Shrines are there in BOTW?

There are a total of 120 Shrines scattered across Hyrule in the base game. Completing these Shrines grants you Spirit Orbs, which you can trade in to increase your health (more hearts) or stamina (longer run time).

Are there any Shrines in the DLC?

Yes! The DLC packs (“Champions’ Ballad” and “Master Trials”) add an additional 16 Shrines. However, only 4 of these DLC Shrines reward Spirit Orbs.

Can I complete the game without doing all the Shrines?

Absolutely! You only need to complete enough Shrines to get enough Spirit Orbs to fill up most of your hearts or stamina wheel. The choice is yours!

How do I find all the Shrines?

There are a few ways to discover Shrines:

Exploration: Keep your eyes peeled for suspicious-looking structures, like strange rock formations or hidden entrances.

Sheikah Sensor: This handy tool (unlocked early in the game) pulses when you’re near a Shrine.

Talking to NPCs: Chat with travelers and townsfolk; they might offer clues about nearby Shrines.

I’m stuck! Any tips for finding Shrines?

Look for areas on the map that seem oddly empty. Shrines might be hidden there.

Use remote bombs to blow up suspicious rocks or clear paths.

Pay attention to environmental puzzles – some Shrines are cleverly disguised!

Is there a map of all the Shrine locations?

Yes! Many online resources offer interactive maps of Hyrule that show Shrine locations. These can be a big help, but finding them yourself can be more rewarding!

What are the hardest Shrines in BOTW?

Difficulty can vary depending on your playstyle, but some Shrines are known for their tricky puzzles or challenging enemies. Look for discussions online to find out which ones might test your skills.

What do I get for completing all the Shrines?

Besides the satisfaction of conquering every challenge, completing all 120 base game Shrines unlocks a special reward at the Hateno Village shrine. What it is…well, that’s for you to discover!

Should I use a guide to find all the Shrines?

It’s totally up to you! Using a guide can save time, but exploring and discovering Shrines on your own adds to the sense of adventure.

I found a weird Shrine that doesn’t look like the others!

There are actually a dozen more Shrines in the game called “Trial of the Sword” Shrines, which are part of the “Master Trials” DLC. These Shrines are separate from the standard 120 and 16 DLC Shrines, and offer a unique challenge.

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