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The great blizzard dreamlight, valleyA chilling wind howls through Frosted Heights, snowflakes swirling in a relentless blizzard. This isn’t your typical winter wonderland in Disney Dreamlight Valley; it’s a magical tempest conjured by The Forgotten. To bring sunshine back and unlock the secrets of the Frosted Heights, you’ll need to tackle “The Great Blizzard” quest, a charming yet challenging adventure that introduces Olaf the snowman.

This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to navigate the blizzard, appease a flustered Olaf, and restore peace to the frozen realm.

The great blizzard dreamligh

Understanding the Quest: The Mystery Behind the Maelstrom

The Great Blizzard is the introductory quest for Olaf in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Added as part of the Festival of Friendship update, it throws you right into the heart of a magical winter storm. The first step is to unlock Frosted Heights, which requires 10,000 Dreamlight and completing the Forest of Valor questline.

Once the icy gates open, an unsettling blizzard engulfs the area. Head to Merlin, the resident Valley wizard, to seek his wisdom. He’ll explain that the unnatural weather is likely caused by The Forgotten’s influence and the dormant power of the Frosted Heights pillar. The solution? Restore the pillar’s Orb of Power, but first, you need to find clues!

Into the Frosted Unknown: Unveiling the Secret Chamber

With a quest in hand, it’s time to brave the Frosted Heights. The blizzard will make visibility difficult, but keep your eyes peeled for the imposing pillar standing tall in the distance. As you approach, look for a hidden interaction point on the cliff face beside the pillar. Here’s where the magic begins!

Interact with the wall, and a hidden chamber will reveal itself. Inside, you’ll find Olaf, shivering and incomplete – shadowy squirrels have stolen his signature carrot nose and coal buttons! Don’t worry, these mischievous critters won’t get away with it.

Restoring Olaf’s Smile: Chasing Squirrelly Shadows

Olaf, understandably distraught, pleads for your help in retrieving his missing facial features. Prepare for a frosty chase! Several shadowy squirrels, manifestations of The Forgotten’s influence, will be scampering around Frosted Heights.

These mischievous creatures look different from the regular squirrels you’ll find in the Valley. They’ll be dark and wispy, with a faint purple glow. Keep an eye out for them darting around rocks and bushes. Interact with each shadowy squirrel to retrieve a stolen item – a button or Olaf’s precious nose.

Remember, these squirrels are quick! They might try to hide behind objects or run through bushes, so be persistent and keep searching until you recover all four missing pieces.

Consulting the Experts: Elsa and the Power of Water

Once Olaf is sporting his complete, charming smile again, it’s time to consult another expert – Elsa. However, if you haven’t unlocked her friendship yet, Merlin will step in to guide you.

They’ll theorize that the pillar holds the key to calming the blizzard. Head back to the Frosted Heights and examine the pillar closely. You’ll notice shimmering water particles swirling around its base. Here’s where your trusty watering can comes in handy! Use it to water these sparkling particles.

As you drench the water particles, a chilling vision unfolds. A ghostly figure, likely connected to The Forgotten, appears to be manipulating the power of the pillar, causing the blizzard. This unsettling revelation strengthens your resolve to restore balance to Frosted Heights.

Crafting the Solution: The Rainbow Gem Dilemma

Following the vision, return to Olaf in the secret chamber. He’ll mention needing a special item to activate the pillar, but he’s unsure of its exact form. This is where things get crafty!

Head back to Merlin and share your newfound knowledge. The wise wizard will point you towards crafting a specific item – Rainbow Gemstones. But there’s a catch – you’ll need to create several different colored gems in a specific order to unlock the pillar’s power.

Here’s where things can get tricky. While Merlin provides some clues about the crafting process, determining the exact order for the Rainbow Gemstones can be a bit of a puzzle for some players. Luckily, there are resources available online to help you decipher the cryptic hints.

A quick web search for “Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Great Blizzard Quest, Gem Order” should point you in the right direction. These resources will typically detail the exact materials required for each colored gem and illustrate the specific order needed to activate the pillar.


What is The Great Blizzard in Dreamlight Valley?

The Great Blizzard is a quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley that tasks you with stopping a magical snowstorm raging in the Frosted Heights biome. It’s the first quest for Olaf and is part of the “Festival of Friendship” update.

How do I start The Great Blizzard quest?

The quest automatically starts after you unlock the Frosted Heights biome, which requires 10,000 Dreamlight and having already unlocked the Forest of Valor.

Who do I talk to about the blizzard?

Head to Merlin’s house and talk to him. He’ll explain the blizzard is likely caused by a missing Orb of Power from the pillar in Frosted Heights.

How do I stop the blizzard?

To stop the blizzard, you’ll need to help restore the Orb of Power. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the steps:

Find the secret chamber behind the pillar in Frosted Heights.

Help Olaf retrieve his stolen nose and buttons from shadowy squirrels.

Investigate the pillar and interact with sparkling water particles.

Talk to Elsa (or Merlin if you haven’t unlocked her friendship) about what you find.

Craft Rainbow Gems to activate the pillar and restore the Orb of Power.

Where do I find the secret chamber?

Look for the large pillar in Frosted Heights. The entrance to the secret chamber is hidden behind the pillar as a glowing section of the cliff wall. Interact with it to open the passage.

How do I get Olaf’s nose and buttons back?

Inside the secret chamber, you’ll find Olaf. After a cutscene, chase down shadowy squirrels that stole his facial features. Interact with them to retrieve the stolen items.

What are the sparkling water particles near the pillar?

These are clues to help restore the Orb of Power. Use your watering can on them to trigger a vision.

What are Rainbow Gems, and how do I craft them?

Rainbow Gems are special items needed to activate the pillar. You’ll need to collect specific colored gemstones and combine them at a crafting station following a particular order.

Where can I find the recipe for Rainbow Gems?

The recipe for Rainbow Gems is obtained by collecting hidden books scattered around Frosted Heights after speaking to Elsa or Merlin about the vision.

Is there a guide to help me complete The Great Blizzard quest?

Yes, there are many resources available online, including articles and video guides [YouTube], that offer a step-by-step walkthrough of the entire quest, including tips for finding hidden items and crafting the Rainbow Gems.

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