Dribbles the Clown: A Grisly Side Quest in Baldur’s Gate 3


Dribbles the clown bg3, The fantastical world of Baldur’s Gate 3 throws many challenges at your adventuring party. From fearsome monsters to complex moral dilemmas, the game keeps you on your toes. But nestled amongst the epic quests lies a darkly comedic side story: the curious case of Dribbles the Clown.

This isn’t your typical fetch quest. Dribbles, the star performer at the Circus of the Last Days in Act 3, is nowhere to be found. Instead, you encounter an impostor – a doppelganger putting on a twisted show. Lucretius, the distraught ringmaster, pleads with you to locate the real Dribbles, dead or alive. Thus begins the “Find Dribbles the Clown” quest, a macabre treasure hunt that will take you across Baldur’s Gate, piecing together the clown’s unfortunate fate.

Dribbles the clown bg3

The Imposter on Stage: Unveiling the Deception

Your first encounter with Dribbles is far from lighthearted. As you approach the circus stage in Rivington, the “clown” interacts with your party in an unsettling manner. A keen-eyed character with a high Insight check (DC 25) or a Great Old One Warlock can see through the disguise, revealing the doppelganger named Fumm. This unexpected twist sets the stage for the grim reality – the real Dribbles is likely deceased.

A Gruesome Jigsaw: Locating Dribbles’ Remains

Lucretius offers a grim reward for retrieving Dribbles – a hefty sum regardless of his condition. This sparks the gruesome scavenger hunt that forms the core of the quest. Dribbles wasn’t exactly well-liked, and his body parts are scattered across the war-torn city. Here’s where the detective work begins:

The Severed Hand: Head to Popper, the kobold merchant, and examine the items on his table. You’ll find a severed hand with a familiar ring – Dribbles’ wedding band. This not only confirms your suspicions but also updates the quest, tasking you with finding the rest of him.

The Open Hand Temple Crypt: Adjacent to the Circus lies the Open Hand Temple Crypt. Explore the crypt and locate a hidden chamber to find another piece – Dribbles’ severed leg.

Lavernica’s House: West of the Lower City Central Wall waypoint lies Lavernica’s house. A gruesome scene awaits – a massacre of giant spiders and a corpse holding Dribbles’ severed pelvis. Be cautious, as a lone survivor might linger in the area.

Undercity Ruins: Things get more complicated here. You’ll need to complete the “Impress the Murder Tribunal” quest first. Navigate the Undercity Ruins and locate a macabre display of chained bodies. Amongst them lies Wilting Alex, clutching Dribbles’ severed head and a final note from Orin, a potential clue to the culprit.

Basilisk Gate: Head north from the Basilisk Gate waypoint and enter an unmarked building. A locked door awaits you (though easily picked or bashed through). Inside lies a body with Dribbles’ severed arm and a cryptic note mentioning “Balthazar, the Fifth.” This cryptic clue might hold significance for those seeking to unravel the entire story.

As you collect these grim trophies, the mystery deepens. Who dismembered Dribbles, and why? The notes found with the body parts offer hints, but the full picture remains obscured.

Bringing Closure: The Reward and the Reputations

Once you’ve gathered all of Dribbles’ remains, return to Lucretius. Her reaction depends on your choices throughout the game. If you sided with the tieflings during the “Blood on the Streets” quest, she expresses gratitude and offers a hefty reward. Otherwise, she might be suspicious and offer less.

But the true reward lies in the reputation you gain. Completing the quest grants you favor with the Flaming Fist mercenaries, potentially offering benefits later in the game.

The Underlying Tragedy: A Comedian’s Downfall

The “Find Dribbles the Clown” quest goes beyond morbid humor. Dribbles, despite his profession, wasn’t a particularly cheerful figure. Conversations with NPCs throughout the circus reveal a less-than-stellar reputation. He was known for being a drunkard and a gambler, which likely led him down a dark path.

The quest serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the harsh realities of Baldur’s Gate. Even in a fantastical world, violence and misfortune can strike anyone, regardless of their profession or social standing.


Who is Dribbles the Clown?

Dribbles (real name Norris Greenie) is the star performer at the Circus of the Last Days in Act 3 of BG3. He’s a beloved clown known for his goofy antics. But is everything as it seems?

Is that REALLY Dribbles on Stage?

Nope! That “Dribbles” is actually a Doppelganger named Fumm. You’ll soon find out during his act that something fishy is going on.

Where’s the Real Dribbles?

Uh oh, that’s the mystery! Lucretius, the circus ringmaster, asks you to find Dribbles, dead or alive (necromancers gotta necromance!).

So, I Basically Become a Clown PI?

Not exactly. You’ll be piecing together Dribbles… literally. His unfortunate demise resulted in scattered body parts around Baldur’s Gate.

How Gruesome is the Body Part Hunt?

Don’t worry, it’s not too gory. You’ll find body parts in various locations, some requiring a bit of exploration or puzzle-solving.

Is There a Reward for Reuniting Dribbles (or What’s Left of Him)?

There isn’t a specific in-game reward, but you get the satisfaction of closure (and maybe a creepy memento).

Can I Talk to Fumm the Fake Dribbles?

Sure! You can interact with Fumm during his act. Keen Warlocks might even see through the disguise with a high Insight check.

Is There a Way to Save Dribbles?

Sadly, no. You’ll find him in parts throughout the game, confirming his tragic fate.

Is This Quest Missable?

Nope! You’ll encounter Fumm during the Circus storyline, automatically triggering the quest to find Dribbles’ remains.

Any Tips for Finding All the Body Parts?

Explore Baldur’s Gate thoroughly, especially the Undercity. Look for hidden buildings, locked doors, and areas requiring creative problem-solving. There might even be a helpful note or two along the way!

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