A Guide to the Second Trial in Hogwarts Legacy


The halls of Hogwarts Legacy are brimming with secrets and challenges. Among them lie the Charles Rookwood Trials, a series of enigmatic tests that push your magical prowess to the limit. The second trial throws you into a puzzling predicament, demanding both combat skills and quick thinking.

This guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to overcome this hurdle and claim your rightful place as a talented witch or wizard.

Unveiling the Second Trial: Location and Initiation

The enigmatic Charles Rookwood, an ancestor of a notorious dark wizard family, presents these trials. To embark on the second trial, you’ll need to venture into the forbidden depths of the Rookwood Castle. Here’s how to find and initiate the challenge:

  1. Unearthing the Rookwood Tomb: Head over to the Forbidden Forest, a vast and potentially perilous area teeming with magical creatures. Locate the Rookwood Tomb, a hidden entrance marked by an ominous skull and crossbones.
  2. Charles Rookwood’s Portrait: Within the tomb, navigate through the corridors, battling any foes you encounter. You’ll eventually stumble upon a hidden chamber containing a spectral portrait of Charles Rookwood. Interact with the portrait to initiate a conversation.
  3. Trial by Portal: After a brief exchange, Charles will activate the second trial. A swirling portal will erupt from the ground, transporting you to the heart of the challenge. Brace yourself for a series of puzzles and a formidable foe guarding the exit.

Mastering the Maze: Puzzles and Solutions

The second trial throws you into a perplexing environment filled with seemingly impassable obstacles. Here’s a breakdown of the puzzles you’ll encounter and the solutions to overcome them:

Puzzle 1: Reaching the Elevated Platform

  1. Ancient Magic Activation: Upon entering the trial area, ascend the staircase on your right and locate a shimmering blue sigil – a pool of Ancient Magic. Interact with it to activate a magical gateway.
  2. Platforming Prowess: Proceed through the newly formed portal, and you’ll find yourself facing a platform hovering above a chasm. Utilize your jumping skills to reach it.

Puzzle 2: Bridging the Gap

  1. Box Clever: Return to the previous chamber after crossing the platform. Look for a wooden crate tucked away in the corner beneath the exit you were trying to reach earlier. Cast the “Accio” spell to pull the crate towards you.
  2. Strategic Placement: Position the crate in the middle of the gap between the platform and the ledge on the opposite side. This creates a makeshift bridge.
  3. Portal Puzzle: Now comes a tricky part. Head towards the center of the room where another swirling portal stands. Utilize “Accio” again to pull another crate through the portal, creating a bridge on the other side.

Puzzle 3: The Invisible Foe

  1. Double Trouble: As you cross the bridge formed by the second crate, you’ll be confronted by two formidable knights. One will be readily visible, while the other remains cloaked in invisibility.
  2. See-Through Strategy: Here’s the key – you can attack the invisible knight through the portal. Alternatively, lure it through the portal to make it visible and then unleash your spells.
  3. Ancient Magic Activation (Part 2): Once both knights are defeated, locate another pool of Ancient Magic on this side of the room. Interact with it to activate a final gateway.

Puzzle 4: The Final Gateway

  1. Reaching the End: Pass through the final gateway, and you’ll find yourself on a raised platform overlooking the exit from the trial. However, a magical barrier blocks your path.
  2. Boss Battle Preparation: Before attempting to deactivate the barrier, ensure you’ve stocked up on healing potions and have your combat spells at the ready. A formidable foe awaits you on the other side.

Conquering the Crypt Keeper: Boss Battle Strategies

The final challenge in the second trial Hogwarts legacy is a duel against the Crypt Keeper, a powerful spectral guardian. Here are some tips to emerge victorious:

  1. Understanding the Enemy: The Crypt Keeper utilizes a combination of magical attacks and melee strikes. It can also teleport around the arena, making it a tricky opponent to pin down.
  2. Dodge and Counter: The Crypt Keeper’s attacks are well-telegraphed, so focus on dodging efficiently. Look for openings to unleash your spells when it finishes an attack animation.
  3. Elemental Advantage: The Crypt Keeper might have specific elemental vulnerabilities. Experiment with different spells like “Confringo” (fire) or “Glacius” (ice) to see which ones deal the most damage.
  4. Defensive Potions: Don’t forget to utilize healing potions throughout the fight to replenish your health.


Q: How do I access the second trial?

A: Head to Rookwood Castle in the Forbidden Forest. Look for Charles Rookwood’s portrait near the entrance. Interact with it, and he’ll guide you to the trial’s starting point.

Q: What spells do I need for the second trial?

A: You’ll primarily rely on Accio to pull objects and Levioso to levitate them. Make sure you’re comfortable using these spells before entering.

Q: What can I expect in the second trial Hogwarts legacy?

A: The trial is a series of puzzles that involve manipulating platforms and activating Ancient Magic spots. You’ll also encounter enemies you’ll need to defeat.

Q: Walk me through the second trial!

A: Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Activate the Ancient Magic point near the stairs on the right.
  2. Head back down the stairs.
  3. Use Accio to pull the crate hidden under the left corner of the room.
  4. Position the crate in the middle of the gap between the starting platform and the exit.
  5. Go through the portal in the centre of the room.
  6. Use Accio again to pull another crate** through the portal** to your side.
  7. This creates a bridge to the other platform. Use it to reach the next area.

Q: Are there any tips for the second trial?

A: Here are some helpful pointers:

  • Think strategically: Plan your moves before using Accio or Levioso. Consider how each object placement affects your path.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment: Try levitating objects in different directions to reach higher platforms.
  • Deal with enemies quickly: They can disrupt your puzzle-solving, so eliminate them efficiently.
  • Explore for hidden chests: Look around for chests containing valuable loot as you progress.

Q: Is there a video walkthrough for the second trial?

A: Yes! There are many video walkthroughs available on YouTube ([YouTube second trial Hogwarts Legacy]). These can be helpful as a visual guide through the puzzles and boss battles.

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