Soaring Through the Skies: A Skyward Sword HD Walkthrough


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, a remastered version of the beloved Wii title, has taken flight on the Nintendo Switch. This epic adventure takes Link on a journey across a floating archipelago and treacherous lands below, all in pursuit of his childhood friend Zelda. Whether you’re a seasoned Zelda veteran or a newcomer to Skyloft, this walkthrough will guide you through the main story, dungeons, and secrets Hyrule holds.

Setting Sail: From Skyloft to Faron Woods

Skyloft: Your adventure begins in the vibrant Skyloft, a land suspended above the clouds. Here, you’ll learn the basics of combat, complete tasks for the townsfolk, and participate in the prestigious Skyloft Knight Academy trials. Pay attention to Fi’s helpful tutorials, and be sure to grab your first sword, the Wooden Sword, from Beedle’s Shop.

Faron Woods: After a dramatic turn of events, Link finds himself in the lush Faron Woods. Navigate the dense foliage, befriend helpful creatures like Kikwi, and solve environmental puzzles using your trusty slingshot and newly acquired Bug Net. Your first dungeon awaits here: Skyview Temple.

Skyview Temple: This introductory dungeon teaches essential mechanics like using bombs to clear obstacles and strategically manoeuvring the Mogma Mitts to access hidden areas. The boss, the Bilocyte, is a two-part challenge that tests your swordplay and bomb-throwing skills.

Reexploring Skyloft: Returning to Skyloft after conquering Skyview Temple, you’ll gain access to new areas and items. Speak with Pippa about rumours of a hidden spring, and don’t forget to upgrade your gear at the Bazaar.

Heating: Eldin Volcano and the Earth Temple

Eldin Volcano: Prepare for scorching heat as you venture into the fiery Eldin Volcano. Utilize the Gust Bellows to extinguish flames, reveal pathways, and befriend the industrious Mogma to help you traverse the treacherous terrain.

Earth Temple: Within the fiery depths lies the Earth Temple. Here, you’ll encounter puzzles that involve manipulating water levels and using the newly acquired Clawshot to grapple onto designated points. The imposing Imprisoned awaits at the heart of the temple, a multi-stage boss fight that will test your reflexes and ability to adapt your strategies.

Back to Skyloft (Again): After conquering the Earth Temple, you’ll gain access to new areas of Skyloft, including the Sealed Grounds. Speak with Impa to learn more about Zelda’s past and the secrets of the Sealed Grounds.

Shifting Sands and Ancient Secrets: Lanayru Desert and Beyond

Lanayru Desert: Travel to the vast Lanayru Desert, a desolate wasteland shrouded in mystery. Use your Sand Wand to create pathways through the shifting sands and solve puzzles involving the mysterious Timeshift Stones.

Lanayru Mining Facility: Deep within the desert lies the Lanayru Mining Facility, a mechanized dungeon filled with puzzles that involve manipulating minecarts and activating inactive tracks. You’ll also encounter the Boots, which allow Link to walk on sand and perform a powerful spin attack. The robotic Beamos awaits at the end, a boss vulnerable to well-timed strikes and strategic use of bombs.

Isle of Songs: Following your desert adventure, you’ll find yourself on the Isle of Songs, a small island where you can learn a new melody that aids in your quest.

Lake Floria: The serene Lake Floria serves as the gateway to the next dungeon. Use your newfound song to control the Deku Plant and navigate the watery depths.

Ancient Cistern: This water-logged dungeon is filled with puzzles that involve manipulating water levels and using upgraded bombs to clear blockages. The imposing Ghirahim, the main antagonist, awaits at the end. This boss fight requires precise swordplay and dodging his deadly attacks.

Skyloft and the Sandship: After conquering the Ancient Cistern, you’ll return to Skyloft with a new objective: locating the Sandship. Speak with Grog to initiate a thrilling sky chase sequence, where you’ll need to use your flying abilities and weaponry to defeat enemies and reach the elusive vessel.

Reaching the Climax: Volcano Summit and the Fire Sanctuary

Volcano Summit: Scale the treacherous path to the Volcano Summit, utilizing your climbing gear and defeating fiery enemies along the way.

Fire Sanctuary: The final dungeon before the climax, the Fire Sanctuary, is a fiery gauntlet filled with puzzles that involve manipulating lava flows and strategically using the newly acquired Mogma Mitts. The monstrous Scaldera, a multi-phase boss, guards the exit. This fight requires patience, dodging fiery attacks, and exploiting the beast’s weak points.


Q: What’s the order of the dungeons in Skyward Sword?

  • A: The dungeon order in Skyward Sword is:
    1. Skyview Temple
    2. Earth Temple
    3. Lanayru Mining Facility
    4. Ancient Cistern
    5. Sandship
    6. Fire Sanctuary
    7. Sky Keep

Q: Where can I find a full walkthrough for Skyward Sword?

  • A: There are many resources available online! You can find text walkthroughs with detailed explanations on websites like Zelda Dungeon ( and IGN ( For a more visual experience, you can check out video walkthroughs on YouTube (

Q: How do I use the Motion Controls in Skyward Sword HD?

  • A: Motion controls are a core part of Skyward Sword HD. You’ll use your Joy-Con controllers to mimic Link’s sword swings and shield bashes. The game offers calibration options to ensure smooth gameplay. If you prefer, you can also opt for button controls.

Q: I’m stuck on a puzzle! Any tips?

  • A: Many puzzles in Skyward Sword require observation and experimentation. Pay attention to your surroundings for clues. If you’re truly stumped, walkthroughs often have dedicated sections for puzzles that offer solutions.

Q: Are there any missable items in Skyward Sword?

  • A: Yes, the game has a few missable items, including some Heart Pieces and Gratitude Crystals. A complete walkthrough can help you ensure you snag everything.

Q: How can I find all the Sky Loft Kikwi seeds?

  • A: Those elusive Kikwi seeds can be a challenge to track down! Walkthroughs and online guides often have lists of Kikwi seed locations on Skyloft.

Q: What are the best strategies for defeating the Imprisoned?

  • A: The Imprisoned appears multiple times throughout Skyward Sword. Their attacks can be brutal, so focus on dodging and strategically using your items like bombs and your bow. Learning their attack patterns is key.

Q: How do I beat the final boss in Skyward Sword?

  • A: To avoid spoilers, let’s just say the final boss fight requires a combination of your acquired skills and items throughout the game. Observe the boss’s attacks and exploit their weaknesses!

Q: Is Skyward Sword worth playing in 2023?

  • A: Absolutely! Skyward Sword HD offers a beautiful remaster of a beloved Zelda title. The engaging story, dungeons, and unique motion controls make it a worthwhile experience.

Q: What should I play after Skyward Sword?

  • A: That depends on your preference! If you enjoyed the exploration and dungeons, Breath of the Wild (also on Switch) offers an open-world Zelda experience. If you crave a more classic approach, A Link Between Worlds (3DS) might be a good choice.

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