Unearthing the Essential: A Guide to the Sons of the Forest Shovel


Sons of the forest shovel, In the unforgiving wilderness of Sons of the Forest, survival hinges on resourcefulness and having the right tools for the job. Among these tools, the humble shovel stands out as a crucial piece of equipment. Not only will it help you bury your fallen comrades with respect, but it’s also the key to unearthing a treasure trove of secrets and resources the island holds. This guide delves deep into everything you need to know about the Sons of the Forest shovel, from its location and acquisition to its various uses.

Sons of the forest shovel

Why The Shovel Matters

The shovel transcends its basic function of digging holes in Sons of the Forest. It unlocks a new layer of exploration and progress within the game. Here’s a breakdown of why it’s such a valuable tool:

Unearthing Buried Treasures: Hidden throughout the island are caches containing valuable loot like GPS locators, weapons like the coveted shotgun, and other resources that can significantly boost your survival chances. The shovel is the key to accessing these buried goodies.

Accessing Hidden Locations: Several hidden bunkers and caves require the use of a shovel to clear debris or uncover hidden entrances. These locations often hold even more valuable resources and lore about the island’s past.

Gathering Resources: While not its primary function, the shovel can also be used to dig up specific resource nodes, potentially yielding valuable materials like clay for crafting.

The Shovel’s Location: A spelunking adventure awaits

The shovel isn’t just lying around waiting to be picked up. It’s nestled deep within a cave system located on the west side of the map, just before you reach the snowy mountains. Here’s how to find it:

Preparation is Key:

Before embarking on your shovel-retrieval quest, ensure you’re adequately prepared. Here are the essential items you’ll need:

Rebreather: This is crucial as parts of the cave system require underwater exploration. The rebreather can be found in a cave on the north beach of the island.

Rope Gun: This nifty tool allows you to navigate zip lines within the cave. You’ll find the Rope Gun in a separate cave located to the west of the island.

Light Source: The cave can get quite dark, so having a torch or lighter crafted beforehand will help you navigate safely.

Weapons: Be prepared for potential encounters with hostile creatures within the cave. Pack a weapon for defense.

Reaching the Shovel’s Resting Place:

Locate the cave entrance. Look for three unfortunate souls impaled on spikes near the entrance. This is a clear giveaway that you’re on the right track.

Before entering, grab the Slingshot from the middle impaled worker. You might need it later.

Break down the wooden boards blocking the cave entrance and head inside.

The cave is relatively linear, with minimal branching paths. Follow the main path, using your light source to navigate.

You’ll encounter a zip line early on. Use the Rope Gun to zip across.

After the zip line, you’ll reach a section with water. Equip your rebreather and dive in.

The underwater section is short. Follow the underwater passage and emerge on the other side.

After emerging from the water, you’ll find a room with a glowing green pool. The shovel is located on the ground next to this pool. Grab your prize!

Exiting the Cave:

Retracing your steps is the easiest way out. Remember to take off your rebreather when you’re no longer underwater.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try a different route. Look for a small opening on the left side of the room with the green pool. This leads to a climbing section that eventually takes you back to the surface. However, this path can be tricky and is not recommended for beginners.

Using the Shovel Effectively: More Than Just Digging

Now that you have your trusty shovel, here are some ways to put it to good use:

Digging Up Buried Caches: Look for areas with disturbed soil or subtle mounds of earth. These are potential locations for buried caches. Use your shovel to unearth them and claim your rewards.

Clearing Bunker Entrances: Some bunker entrances are blocked by debris or overgrown vegetation. The shovel can be used to clear these obstacles and grant you access to the hidden goodies within.

Gathering Resources: While not the most efficient method, the shovel can be used to dig up specific resource nodes, potentially yielding clay or other materials for crafting.


Why is the Shovel Important?

The shovel is much more than just a digging tool. It allows you to unearth buried caches containing loot, uncover hidden bunker hatches brimming with goodies, and access certain story-critical items.

Where Do I Find the Shovel?

The shovel is cleverly hidden deep within a cave system on the west side of the map, near the edge of a stream and bordering the snowy mountains. Look for three unfortunate souls impaled on spikes outside the cave entrance – that’s your landmark.

What Do I Need Before Getting the Shovel?

This shovel hunt requires some preparation. You’ll need two crucial items:

Rebreather: Essential for navigating underwater sections within the cave.

Rope Gun: Lets you zip across ziplines to reach different areas inside the cave.

How Do I Get the Rebreather and Rope Gun?

Rebreather: Locate a cave on the north beach of the island. Head inside to find this handy breathing apparatus.

Rope Gun: Explore a cave on the west side of the island. You’ll find this nifty tool tucked away inside.

Are There Any Dangers in the Shovel Cave?

Be cautious! The cave has some underwater passages, so ensure you have enough air with the Rebreather equipped. There might also be some hostile creatures lurking around, so stay alert.

Is There a Specific Path to Take in the Cave?

Thankfully, the shovel cave is fairly linear compared to others. You shouldn’t encounter too many forks in the road. Just keep following the main path and you’ll eventually reach your prize.

How Do I Actually Get the Shovel Once Inside?

After navigating the cave and venturing underwater sections, you’ll find the shovel resting on the ground. Look out for it – you won’t miss it!

Are There Any Tips for Finding the Shovel Easier?

Craft a Torch: The cave is dark. Having a torch will significantly improve visibility and help you navigate safely.

Check Online Resources: If you get stuck, there are plenty of video guides online showing the exact cave location and path to the shovel.

What Can I Do with the Shovel Once I Have It?

The world is your digging ground! Use the shovel to unearth buried goodies, uncover hidden hatches, and progress further in the game.

Can I Lose the Shovel?

Don’t worry, the shovel stays in your inventory once you pick it up. You can’t accidentally drop or lose it.

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