Unveiling the Darkness: A Guide to Lilith’s Altars in Diablo IV


Altar of lilith locations, In the upcoming action RPG, Diablo IV, players will face the horrors unleashed by Lilith, the Daughter of Hate. Scattered throughout the war-torn world of Sanctuary lie hidden Altars of Lilith, offering a significant power boost to those who can find them. This guide delves into the secrets of these ominous statues, providing details on their locations, rewards, and the challenges that await treasure hunters.

Altar of lilith locations

Who is Lilith, and Why Are There Altars to Her?

Lilith, a figure of immense power and malice, plays a central role in the Diablo universe. Once an angel, she turned against the Heavens and sided with demons during the Eternal Conflict. Feared for her independence and untamed nature, Lilith represents primal urges and rebellion.

The Altars of Lilith serve a dual purpose. In-universe, they likely act as conduits for her influence, corrupting the land and empowering her followers. For players, however, these altars offer a chance to gain a significant advantage in the fight against Lilith’s demonic hordes.

What Rewards Do the Altars Offer?

Each Altar of Lilith bestows permanent stat boosts upon activation, affecting all characters in your account. These include:

Increased Attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Willpower will all see a slight increase, enhancing your character’s overall power.

Paragon Points: These valuable points can be allocated to various character trees, allowing for further customization and specialization.

Murmuring Obol Capacity Boost: These special items unlock whispers and lore entries, enriching your understanding of the Diablo universe.

Finding all 160 Altars grants a substantial cumulative bonus, making the hunt well worth the effort.

Where to Find the Altars: A Region-by-Region Breakdown

The Altars of Lilith are spread across the vast and treacherous landscapes of Sanctuary. Here’s a breakdown of where to look in each major region:


This war-torn region offers the first opportunity to encounter Lilith’s Altars. Explore the diverse zones within Scosglen, including the Westering Lowlands, Deep Forest, Tul Dulra, Northshore, Emerald Chase, and The Downs. Each area contains hidden altars waiting to be discovered.

Dry Steppes:

South of Scosglen lies the arid expanse of the Dry Steppes. This region boasts the highest concentration of Altars, with a total of 33 scattered throughout its dusty plains and canyons. Keep an eye out in areas like the Path of Stray Souls and the many smaller outposts and landmarks.


Bordering Kehjistan to the west, Hawezar is a land steeped in history and conflict. Here, you’ll find 34 Altars, some hidden within ruined strongholds like Crusader’s Monument and Eriman’s Pyre, while others lie nestled within the treacherous Blightmarsh and the desolate Ruins of Rakhat Keep.

Fractured Peaks:

This mountainous region, home to the majestic Fractured Peaks themselves, offers a challenging hunt for the 29 hidden Altars. Be prepared to navigate treacherous climbs and explore hidden caves to unearth these well-concealed secrets.


The final frontier in the base game, Kehjistan, holds the remaining 40 Altars. This war-torn land presents a harsh environment filled with demonic influence. Search every corner of zones like the Shrouded Fields and the vast Broken Hills to find them all.

Tips for Finding Lilith’s Altars:

Explore Every Nook and Cranny: The Altars are often hidden in out-of-the-way locations, so don’t be afraid to stray from the beaten path. Look behind waterfalls, inside caves, and on ledges overlooking chasms.

Utilize the Mini-Map: While the exact locations aren’t marked, the mini-map might offer subtle clues. Look for areas with unique icons or unexplored sections that might hold secrets.

Consult Online Resources: As players delve deeper into the game, detailed guides and maps pinpointing Altar locations will likely emerge online. Utilize these resources to streamline your search.

Challenges to Overcome:

Finding the Altars won’t be a walk in the park. Here’s what to expect:

Hostile Environments: Many areas harbor dangers like roaming demons and challenging terrain. Be prepared for combat and survival challenges.

Guarded Strongholds: Some Altars are located within strongholds that require defeating powerful enemies before accessing them.

Hidden Passages: Reaching certain Altars might involve solving environmental puzzles or navigating hidden passages.


What are Altars of Lilith?

In Diablo 4, Altars of Lilith are hidden statues scattered throughout the world. These creepy tributes grant you Paragon Points, a vital resource for boosting your character’s power beyond the level cap.

How many Altars of Lilith are there?

There are a whopping 160 Altars of Lilith to find across the entirety of Diablo 4’s map. That’s a lot of hunting!

Where can I find them?

The Altars are spread across five main regions: Scosglen, Dry Steppes, Kehjistan, Hawezar, and the Fractured Peaks. Each region has sub-zones where you’ll need to explore every nook and cranny.

Is there a map to show me their locations?

Several online resources have compiled maps showcasing all Altar of Lilith locations. A quick web search for “Diablo 4 Altar of Lilith locations” should do the trick!

Are some Altars harder to find than others?

Yes, some Altars are cleverly hidden behind rocks, trees, or tucked away in caves. For those tricky ones, referring to online guides with screenshots can be a big help.

Do I need to do anything special to activate an Altar?

Thankfully, no! Simply approach an Altar and interact with it to collect your reward.

Are there any especially valuable Altars?

Four specific Altars, one in each of the main regions, are highlighted with a red glow on the map. These grant a larger amount of Paragon Points than the standard ones.

Should I prioritize finding all the Altars?

Paragon Points are incredibly valuable for endgame character development, so finding the Altars is definitely worthwhile. However, if you’re tight on time, focus on the red-glowing ones first.

Is there a fast way to find the Altars?

While there’s no magic trick, methodically exploring each zone and referring to online maps will help you discover them efficiently. As you progress through the game, you’ll naturally come across many Altars.

Is there anything else I should know about the Altars?

Some Altars might be located within locked areas or dungeons. You’ll need to clear those obstacles to access the statues. Remember, exploration is key!

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