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Spider-Man 2, the highly anticipated sequel developed by Insomniac Games, has finally swung onto PlayStation 5. IGN, a leading source for video game reviews, delivered their verdict, and it’s a swinging good time – for the most part. This article dives into IGN’s review, exploring the highs and lows of the web-slinging adventure, while also addressing some of the burning questions fans have been asking based on YouTube searches.

Spider-Man 2

A Story for the Ages (of Heroes)

IGN commends the narrative as Insomniac’s best yet. The review highlights how the story continues the journeys of both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, weaving a tale that’s both epic and personal. Whether you’re a longtime Spidey fan or a newcomer to the Insomniac universe, the review suggests the story offers something for everyone.

Dual Protagonists, Double the Fun?

One of the biggest questions fans had was how the dual-protagonist approach would work. Would it dilute the focus or create a more dynamic experience? IGN assures us that the switcheroo between Peter and Miles is well-handled, keeping the narrative fresh and engaging. Each hero has their own distinct personality, struggles, and powersets, making for a more layered experience.

Web-Slinging Gets an Upgrade

Good news for web-slinging enthusiasts! IGN praises the introduction of new traversal mechanics like webbed wings and slingshots. These additions make navigating the sprawling open world of New York City even more exhilarating and dynamic. So get ready to soar through the city with an even greater sense of freedom.

The Open World: Familiar Friend or Foe?

This is where IGN’s review takes a bit of a turn. While the story and core gameplay receive high marks, the open world itself is seen as a bit of a missed opportunity. The review mentions that the open world activities can feel repetitive at times, relying on some of the same tropes seen in the previous game. While there’s a welcome addition of enemy variety, the side content doesn’t quite push the boundaries of open-world design.

A Feast for the Senses

Despite the open world’s shortcomings, IGN acknowledges the game’s technical prowess. New York City is rendered beautifully, with stunning visuals and a smooth 60fps frame rate (in performance mode). The soundtrack also gets a thumbs up, with music that perfectly complements the action and the personalities of the heroes.

So, Should You Swing into This Sequel?

Absolutely! While the open world may not be a revolutionary leap forward, IGN’s review makes it clear that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 delivers a compelling narrative, exciting combat, and a whole lot of web-slinging fun. The addition of Miles Morales as a playable character and the new traversal mechanics add fresh layers to the experience. If you enjoyed the first game, then this sequel is a surefire swing in the right direction.

Beyond the Review: Addressing Questions from YouTube

Here are some of the questions IGN’s review doesn’t explicitly answer, but that have been burning up YouTube comment sections:

Is Venom in the Game? The review doesn’t confirm Venom’s presence, but the symbiotic effects and the Craven-inspired musical cues do hint at a possible connection. Only time (and future DLC) will tell!

Is the Difficulty Level Customizable? Yes! The game offers a variety of difficulty options, catering to both seasoned Spidey veterans and those new to the web-slinging life.

How Long is the Game? The playtime varies depending on your completionist tendencies. A focused playthrough of the main story might take around 15-20 hours, while exploring every nook and cranny of New York City can extend that playtime significantly.

Are There New Suits? The review mentions new suits being available, but avoids spoilers. Expect to unlock a variety of iconic Spidey threads throughout your playthrough.

The Final Verdict: A Swinging Success with Room for Improvement

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as depicted in IGN’s review, is a worthy successor to the first game. The story excels, the core gameplay remains addictive, and the new traversal mechanics add a delightful layer of freedom. While the open world feels a bit samey, the overall experience is undeniably fun. So, fire up your PlayStation 5, web up, and prepare to swing into another epic Spider-Man adventure!


When is the release date for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

There’s no official release date yet, but considering it’s still under development, rumors suggest a late 2024 or early 2025 release window.

Will we get to play as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales?

IGN’s walkthrough guide hints at a yes! The game is expected to feature a dual-protagonist story with missions playable from both Spider-Man’s perspectives.

Are there any new villains to fight?

Insomniac Games is staying tight-lipped about the antagonists, but speculation is rife. Venom is a popular guess, and with the symbiote black suit possibly making an appearance, this theory holds weight.

What new abilities can we expect?

Details are scarce, but leaks suggest improved web-slinging mechanics and possibly even unique power sets for Peter and Miles based on their evolving stories.

Will the map expand beyond New York City?

While the iconic city will undoubtedly remain the central hub, whispers of venturing outside the familiar boroughs have sparked fan theories.

Is there a New Game Plus mode?

The answer is a web-slinging “YES”! The 1.002 update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 introduces New Game Plus, allowing you to replay the story with your unlocked suits and abilities.

Are there any new suits to collect?

The update also hints at new suits being added to the game, giving you a fresh wardrobe for your web-slinging adventures.

What about hidden secrets and collectibles?

If you’re a completionist, fear not! IGN’s Spider-Man 2 guide assures there will be collectibles scattered throughout the city, rewarding you with lore and upgrades.

How can I stay updated on the latest news?

Keep an eye on IGN’s Spider-Man 2 wiki guide for ongoing updates, including tips and tricks to dominate those missions.

Is there a trailer available?

While there’s no official trailer yet, wait patiently! With the suspected release date approaching, a trailer reveal is likely on the horizon.

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