Vah Naboris: The Mechanical Menace of the Gerudo Desert


Vah naboris, In the vast and unforgiving Gerudo Desert of Hyrule lies a colossal marvel – Vah Naboris, a majestic camel-like Divine Beast. Once a protector of the land, Vah Naboris now stands as a corrupted shell, its power harnessed by the malevolent Calamity Ganon. This article delves into the history, design, and challenges Vah Naboris presents in the captivating world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Vah naboris

A Legacy of Protection: Vah Naboris’ Noble Past

Vah Naboris was one of four Divine Beasts created by the ancient Sheikah tribe. Imbued with advanced technology, these mechanical wonders served as guardians, each designed to defend a specific region of Hyrule. Vah Naboris, with its immense size and adaptability to the harsh desert environment, patrolled the Gerudo Desert, ensuring the safety of Gerudo Village and its inhabitants.

The Gerudo people, known for their prowess as warriors and merchants, held Vah Naboris in high regard. They likely participated in its construction and maintenance, fostering a deep connection with the Divine Beast. Leading this collaboration was most likely Urbosa, the stoic and powerful Gerudo chief who piloted Vah Naboris in its prime.

A Formidable Foe: Ganon’s Corrupted Champion

However, during the Calamity 100 years before Link’s awakening, Ganon, the embodiment of evil, unleashed his malice upon Hyrule. Corrupting technology and turning guardians for his own purposes, Ganon seized control of Vah Naboris. This once noble protector became a monstrous weapon, its powerful laser beams wreaking havoc on the Gerudo Desert.

The Gerudo people, particularly their young chief Riju, were left powerless against the corrupted Divine Beast. Trade routes were disrupted, sandstorms raged with unnatural ferocity, and Vah Naboris’ destructive presence cast a shadow of fear over the desert. Here’s where Link, the hero chosen by destiny, enters the scene.

Conquering the Beast: Link’s Desert Challenge

Upon reaching Gerudo Village, Link encounters Riju, burdened by the corrupted Vah Naboris. With the help of his Sheikah Slate and guidance from the spirit of Urbosa, Link embarks on a quest to liberate Vah Naboris from Ganon’s clutches.

One of the unique aspects of Vah Naboris is its exterior. Unlike the other Divine Beasts, which are stationary, Vah Naboris roams the desert, constantly on the move. This mobility presents its own challenge. To gain access to the interior, Link must first weaken Vah Naboris’ defenses.

Here’s where Riju’s leadership plays a crucial role. By activating her ceremonial spear, she creates a protective field that shields Link from Vah Naboris’ devastating lightning attacks. This allows Link to strategically target the Divine Beast’s vulnerable points – four glowing purple sigils on its massive legs. Using well-timed arrows or bombs, Link must disable these sigils, bringing Vah Naboris to a halt.

With access granted, Link enters the belly of the corrupted beast. Here, a different kind of challenge awaits: a complex dungeon filled with puzzles, corrupted Sheikah technology, and hostile Guardians. The layout of Vah Naboris’ interior is a marvel of engineering. It resembles a Gerudo settlement, with rotating platforms, intricate control panels, and even a mini-arena for battling enemies.

As Link navigates the dungeon, the spirit of Urbosa guides him. She helps him decipher ancient Sheikah texts, activate terminals to restore Vah Naboris’ functions, and ultimately confront the source of the corruption – Thunderblight Ganon, a formidable enemy wielding electric attacks.

The Triumphant Return of a Hero: Vah Naboris Reclaimed

After a thrilling battle within Vah Naboris’ core, Link emerges victorious, defeating Thunderblight Ganon and freeing the Divine Beast from Ganon’s control. With Vah Naboris back under the Gerudo’s control, the sandstorms subside, trade routes reopen, and a sense of security returns to the desert.

Vah Naboris regains its original functionality. Now under Riju’s command, the Divine Beast becomes a powerful ally in Link’s fight against Ganon. When Link summons Vah Naboris, it unleashes a devastating laser blast that can inflict heavy damage on Calamity Ganon’s physical form during the final battle.

Vah Naboris’ story embodies the core themes of Breath of the Wild: the struggle between good and evil, the importance of technology and its potential for misuse, and the enduring spirit of resilience. It’s a testament to the ingenuity of the Sheikah and the unwavering courage of the Gerudo people.


What is Vah Naboris?

Vah Naboris is one of the four Divine Beasts, mechanized creations built by the Sheikah to combat Calamity Ganon. Now corrupted by Ganon’s malice, Vah Naboris roams the Gerudo Desert, threatening the Gerudo people.

Where do I find Vah Naboris?

Vah Naboris can be found in the Gerudo Desert, south-west of Gerudo Town. You’ll see it lumbering across the sand dunes from afar.

How do I activate Vah Naboris?

Head to Gerudo Town and speak with Riju, the young chief. She’ll explain Vah Naboris’ plight and entrust you with a task. Follow her instructions and use the provided Bomb Arrows to disable Vah Naboris’ defenses, allowing you to board it.

What happens when I enter Vah Naboris?

Inside Vah Naboris lies a complex dungeon. To free the Divine Beast, you’ll need to solve puzzles, manipulate the environment, and defeat corrupted enemies.

What are some helpful tips for conquering Vah Naboris?

Stay within Riju’s shield: When approaching Vah Naboris, a protective field will surround you. Stay within this shield to avoid being struck by the Divine Beast’s deadly lightning attacks.

Use the environment: Vah Naboris’ internal mechanisms are key to solving puzzles. Look for terminals, levers, and objects you can manipulate to alter the Beast’s movements and access new areas.

Be prepared for sandblasting: Vah Naboris has a nasty habit of shooting sand blasts at Link. Use your shield to deflect these attacks, or dodge out of the way.

Stock up on fire-resistant gear: The inner workings of Vah Naboris are scorching hot. Fire-resistant elixirs or armor can help you survive the heat.

Bring shock arrows: Some enemies within Vah Naboris are weak to electricity. Shock arrows can take them down quickly.

Who is the boss of Vah Naboris?

The final challenge within Vah Naboris is Thunderblight Ganon, a corrupted manifestation of Ganon’s malice. This boss is fast and wields powerful electric attacks. Be prepared to dodge, parry, and unleash powerful combos to defeat it.

What reward do I get for completing Vah Naboris?

Once you defeat Thunderblight Ganon, Vah Naboris will be freed from Ganon’s control. You’ll also receive a special ability that can be used outside the Divine Beast, and access a unique item.

Are there any additional challenges with Vah Naboris?

Vah Naboris is one of the more challenging Divine Beasts. There are a few online communities dedicated to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that offer detailed walkthroughs and tips for conquering Vah Naboris. You can search for these resources if you get stuck.

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