Vah Ruta: The Divine Elephant of Breath of the Wild


In the vast and captivating world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players encounter four magnificent Divine Beasts. These colossal, mechanized creatures were once piloted by Champions chosen to defend the realm. One such majestic being is Vah Ruta’s, a colossal elephant revered by the Zora people. This article delves into the enigmatic Vah Ruta’s, exploring its history, functionalities, and the challenges it presents to Link on his quest.

A Legacy of Protection: Vah Ruta’s Origins

Vah Ruta’s origins are steeped in the ancient history of Hyrule. Created by the Sheikah, a technologically advanced race, Vah Rutas functioned as a sophisticated guardian. Its design mirrored a colossal elephant, a creature symbolizing strength, wisdom, and protection in Zora culture. The Sheikah entrusted the Zora Champion Mipha with piloting VahRuta, making her an integral part of Hyrule’s defence system.

Tragically, calamity befell Hyrule with the return of Ganondorf, the embodiment of evil. Ganon corrupted the Divine Beasts, transforming them from protectors into destructive weapons. Vah Ruta became a lumbering monstrosity, its once-protective trunk spewing water uncontrollably, causing havoc in the Zora’s Domain.

Unveiling the Mechanical Marvel: Inside Vah Ruta

Vah Ruta’s interior is a marvel of Sheikah technology. Upon gaining access, Link finds himself in a complex network of corridors and chambers. The environment is aquatic-themed, with waterfalls cascading down metallic walls and bioluminescent flora illuminating the pathways.

Vah Ruta’s core functionality revolves around manipulating water flow. Terminals scattered throughout the beast control water levels and platforms, creating puzzles that Link must solve to progress. These puzzles often involve using the environment and Link’s Sheikah Slate abilities, such as Stasis to freeze gears or bombs to break open passages.

A recurring challenge within VahRuta is maintaining control of the water flow. Link encounters rotating gears with heavy metal balls attached. By strategically freezing these balls with Stasis, Link can manipulate the flow of water and activate hidden pathways or unlock terminals.

A Formidable Foe: Waterblight Ganon

Deep within Vah Ruta’s core resides a monstrous entity โ€“ Waterblight Ganon. This manifestation of Ganon’s malice has corrupted the Divine Beast and seeks to destroy Link. Waterblight Ganon is a formidable opponent, wielding powerful water-based attacks and teleporting around the arena.

To defeat Waterblight Ganon, Link must exploit the boss’s weaknesses. Shock Arrows are particularly effective, as they disrupt Waterblight Ganon’s electrical defenses and leave it vulnerable. Additionally, using strategically placed ice platforms created with the Sheikah Slate’s Cryonis ability allows Link to gain a temporary advantage and deliver blows.

Once Waterblight Ganon is vanquished, Mipha’s spirit is freed from its control. Vah Ruta is then restored to its former glory, regaining control of its water manipulation abilities. With Mipha’s guidance, Vah Ruta becomes a valuable ally in Link’s fight against Calamity Ganon.

Conquering the Divine Beast: Tips and Tricks for Players

Vah Ruta’s interior presents a unique set of challenges for players. Here are some helpful tips to conquer this magnificent but corrupted beast:

  • Shock Arrows are Key: Stock up on Shock Arrows before entering VahRuta. You can find them by completing a side quest for Prince Sidon or by purchasing them from merchants in Zora’s Domain.
  • Mastering Water Manipulation: Understanding how to manipulate water flow with the terminals and Stasis is crucial to solving puzzles and navigating Vah Ruta’s interior.
  • Utilize the Environment: Look for environmental clues to solve puzzles. For example, strategically placed ice platforms can help you reach higher areas or manipulate water flow.
  • Be Prepared for Waterblight Ganon: Ensure you have a good stock of arrows, especially Shock Arrows. Meals that provide temporary buffs to defence or attack can also be helpful.

By following these tips and using your ingenuity, you can navigate the intricate puzzles within VahRuta and emerge victorious against Waterblight Ganon.

The Legacy of Vah Ruta: A Symbol of Hope

VahRuta serves as a powerful symbol in Breath of the Wild. It represents the potential for immense power wielded for good, but also the devastating consequences of corruption. Through Link’s actions, VahRuta is restored to its rightful purpose, becoming a beacon of hope in the fight against Ganondorf. The tale of VahRuta reminds us of the importance of perseverance and the enduring power of courage in the face of adversity.


Q. What is Vah Ruta?

VahRuta is a colossal elephant-like Divine Beast crafted by the Sheikah using ancient technology. It resides in the East Reservoir Lake near Lanayru Great Spring. Originally designed to protect Hyrule, it now stands corrupted by Calamity Ganon’s influence.

Q. How do I access Vah Ruta?

Your journey to VahRuta begins by speaking with Prince Sidon in Zora’s Domain. He tasks you with helping to free the Divine Beast and awakening the spirit of Mipha, the Zora Champion.

Q. What do I need to do before entering Vah Ruta?

Here’s your pre-VahRuta checklist:

  • Zora Armor: King Dorephan will bestow the Zora Armor upon you, granting you the ability to swim faster underwater.
  • Shock Arrows: You’ll need 20 shock arrows to activate the terminals that control Vah Ruta. You can find them scattered throughout Zora’s Domain or purchase them from merchants.

Q. What happens inside Vah Ruta?

Vah Ruta’s interior is a complex mechanical dungeon. To free the Divine Beast, you’ll need to:

  • Shoot the Terminals: Use your shock arrows to hit the four glowing pink orbs on Vah Ruta’s exterior. This will grant you access to the inner workings.
  • Navigate the Terminals: Inside VahRuta, you’ll encounter several terminals that require manipulation to control the movement of the Divine Beast. Solve puzzles and utilize your inventory to activate these terminals.
  • Defeat Waterblight Ganon: A monstrous enemy called Waterblight Ganon awaits you deep within Vah Ruta. Prepare for a challenging boss battle to free Mipha’s spirit and gain control of the Divine Beast.

Tips for Conquering Vah Ruta

  • Stasis is your friend: Use the Sheikah Slate’s Stasis Rune to freeze objects in place, aiding you with puzzles and combat.
  • Shock those circuits!: Shock arrows are essential for activating terminals and stunning enemies.
  • Utilize bombs: Bombs can help clear blockages, destroy objects, and damage enemies.
  • Stock up on healing items: The dungeon can be challenging, so bring plenty of healing elixirs or meals to recover health.

Q. What happens after defeating Waterblight Ganon?

With Waterblight Ganon vanquished, Mipha’s spirit is freed, and Vah Ruta regains its former glory. You gain control of the Divine Beast, which can be used to attack enemies and assist you on your quest to defeat Calamity Ganon.

Q. Looking for more Vah Ruta Help?

If you’re stuck on a specific puzzle or boss fight within Vah Ruta, there are many resources available online:

  • Video Walkthroughs: Numerous YouTubers provide detailed video walkthroughs of Vah Ruta, guiding you through each step of the dungeon [YouTube Vah Ruta walkthrough].
  • Written Guides: Websites like IGN offer comprehensive written guides outlining the puzzles, boss battles, and strategies for conquering Vah Ruta [IGN Vah Ruta Guide].

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