I Walk the Line: A Cyberpunk Moral Maze in Cyberpunk 2077


“I Walk the Line” is a pivotal main story quest in the action RPG Cyberpunk 2077. It throws protagonist V into the heart of Night City’s ruthless power struggle, forcing them to navigate a complex web of allegiances and face a difficult decision with lasting consequences. This guide delves deep into the “I Walk the Line” quest, exploring its objectives, choices, and outcomes.

The GIM and the Blackwall

The quest begins with fixer Dexter Deshaun tasking V with retrieving a stolen data shard from the heavily fortified headquarters of the Maelstrom gang, known as the GIM (Grand Imperial Mall). The shard contains sensitive information about a powerful experimental Netwatch ICE (Intrusion Countermeasure Electronics) called “Blackwall.”

Blackwall is a highly classified program designed to regulate and control access to the Net, the vast digital network that permeates Night City. In the wrong hands, Blackwall could be a devastating weapon, allowing control over vast swathes of information and infrastructure.

V’s infiltration of the GIM is fraught with danger. Maelstrom, known for their cybernetic enhancements and psychotic tendencies, are formidable foes. Players can choose to approach the situation through brute force, blasting their way through enemies, or opt for a stealthier approach, navigating the GIM’s labyrinthine corridors and bypassing security measures.

Netwatch and the Voodoo Boys

Upon retrieving the shard, V discovers it’s heavily encrypted. Dexter suggests reaching out to Netwatch, a powerful corporate security organization, for assistance. However, another faction emerges with an interest in Blackwall: the Voodoo Boys, a Netrunner gang known for their mastery of the digital world.

Meeting with Netwatch: Netwatch offers to decrypt the shard in exchange for V’s help in eliminating the Voodoo Boys. This choice aligns V with a powerful corporation, potentially granting access to valuable resources and information. However, it also raises questions about trusting a ruthless entity like Netwatch.

Meeting with the Voodoo Boys: Placing their trust in the Voodoo Boys offers a different perspective. The Voodoo Boys view Blackwall as a threat to Net freedom and believe it could be used by corporations to manipulate the Net. Siding with them positions V as a champion of digital liberation, but it comes with the risk of aligning with a volatile, unpredictable gang.

The Moral Conundrum

The crux of “I Walk the Line” lies in the decision V makes: side with Netwatch or the Voodoo Boys. Both options present compelling arguments, leaving players to grapple with the moral complexities of Night City.

  • Netwatch: Choosing Netwatch offers a more straightforward path. Their resources and expertise can be invaluable in V’s journey. However, Netwatch’s corporate motives are suspect. Their desire to control Blackwall could have drastic consequences for Net users’ autonomy.
  • Voodoo Boys: Siding with the Voodoo Boys might appeal to players who value freedom. However, the Voodoo Boys are far from altruistic. Their agenda may be more about gaining power within the Net than protecting its users.

There’s no clear-cut “good” or “bad” choice. The decision hinges on V’s personal beliefs and priorities.

Consequences of Choice

The chosen faction dictates how the quest unfolds and impacts the game’s narrative.

  • Siding with Netwatch: V helps Netwatch locate and eliminate the Voodoo Boys’ leader, Placide. This grants access to Netwatch technology and potential future favours. However, it strengthens Netwatch’s grip on the Net and potentially weakens the Voodoo Boys’ influence.
  • Siding with the Voodoo Boys: V assists the Voodoo Boys in a daring raid on a Netwatch facility to steal a countermeasure to Blackwall. This grants V access to Voodoo Boy technology and strengthens their standing with the gang. However, it undermines Netwatch’s control and strengthens the Voodoo Boys’ position in the digital underworld.

The choice also influences some minor side quests and interactions later in the game.

Beyond the Choice: Exploring the Quest’s Significance

“I Walk the Line” is more than just a fetch-and-fight mission. It is a microcosm of Night City’s power struggles, highlighting the lack of clear-cut heroes and villains. Here are some additional aspects of the quest worth considering:

  • Blackwall as a Symbol: Blackwall represents the potential for control and manipulation in the digital age. Regardless of who acquires it, its existence raises concerns about the future of cyberspace.
  • The Corruption of Power: Both Netwatch and the Voodoo Boys are driven by self-interest. The quest subtly critiques the corrupting influence of power, regardless of the side V chooses.


Q. What are the choices in “I Walk the Line”?

  • Side with NetWatch: Partner with the corporate security force NetWatch to infiltrate the gym and recover the chip. This approach favours stealth and non-lethal takedowns.
  • Side with the Voodoo Boys: Help the Voodoo Boys, a Netrunner gang, breach the gym’s defences and steal the chip. This option leans towards hacking and aggressive tactics.

Q. Does the choice in “I Walk the Line” matter?

Yes, the decision you make has a significant impact on the story. Who you side with influences:

  • Story Progression: The quest chain unfolds differently depending on your choice.
  • Reputation: Aiding NetWatch improves your standing with them, while the Voodoo Boys gain favor if you help them.
  • Potential Allies: Depending on your choice, you may gain access to unique side quests and potential allies.

Q. Are there any hidden items or missables in “I Walk the Line”?

Yes, there’s a hidden “Bully” mod located behind a NetWatch agent during the mission. Additionally, some dialogue options and interactions may differ based on your choices.

Q. Is there a “best” way to complete “I Walk the Line”?

There’s no single “best” way. The approach depends on your playstyle:

  • Stealth Players: NetWatch might be a better fit with their focus on non-lethal tactics.
  • Aggressive Players: The Voodoo Boys path offers more opportunities for combat.
  • Role-playing Focus: Consider which faction aligns best with V’s personality and goals.

Q. Where can I find a walkthrough for “I Walk the Line”?

Several resources offer detailed walkthroughs for “I Walk the Line,” including:

  • IGN: Provides separate guides for stealth and aggressive approaches 
  • The Gamer: Offers a general walkthrough with tips 

Q. Is there anything else to know about “I Walk the Line”?

  • You can access hidden areas within the gym with high Body or Technical ability scores.
  • The mission offers opportunities to learn more about the lore of Cyberpunk 2077’s factions and the chip’s significance.

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