the Storm: A Guide to The Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom


The Wind Temple Great Upheaval has transformed Hyrule in drastic ways, and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom throws Link into the heart of this chaotic new world. Among the challenges that await him are formidable dungeons, each themed around a specific element.

The Wind Temple, soaring high above the Hebra region, stands as the first major obstacle Link will encounter. This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate this tempestuous dungeon, solve its wind-based puzzles, and claim the treasures within.

A Legendary Vessel Lost in the Sky

According to the lore of Rito Village, the Wind Temple is the physical embodiment of the legendary Stormwind Ark. Once a majestic vessel that guided the Rito people, the Ark now rests high above the clouds, its dormant power causing a perpetual snowstorm to engulf the Hebra region.

You’ll embark on your journey to the Wind Temple alongside Tulin, a Rito companion who possesses the Sheikah Slate ability known as “Gust.” This ability, which allows you to manipulate wind currents, will be instrumental in solving the temple’s many puzzles.

Reaching the Stormwind Ark: A Test of Preparation

The entrance to the Wind Temple is located above the Hebra Mountains. Reaching this lofty location might require some creative use of the Sheikah Slate abilities you’ve acquired so far in the game. Players have reported successfully utilizing the Revali’s Gale ability to propel themselves upwards, or strategically placing strategically placed bombs to create updrafts that will carry Link to the entrance.

Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a chilling sight: a vast, desolate ship-shaped structure. A central terminal stands prominently in the centre, hinting at the secrets the temple holds. However, a formidable barrier prevents access.

Unveiling the Wind Locks: A Journey Through the Temple

Your objective within the Wind Temple is to deactivate five Wind Locks scattered throughout the dungeon. These locks are the source of the raging winds that keep the central chamber sealed. Tulin’s Gust ability and your problem-solving skills will be crucial in overcoming these obstacles.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to encounter within the Wind Temple:

  • Floor 1: A Broken Lever and Icy Solutions

The first Wind Lock is located on the same floor as the entrance. You’ll find a sealed door with a broken lever mechanism on the outside. The solution lies in using the environment to your advantage. Look for nearby icicles that can be detached and attached to the broken lever using the Ultrahand ability. Alternatively, some players have reported success by strategically dropping and retrieving a weapon to act as a makeshift lever. With the lever operational, use it to open the door and access the first Wind Lock. Tulin’s Gust ability will come into play here, as you’ll need to strategically use wind currents to reach and deactivate the lock.

  • Basement Floors: A Labyrinth of Wind and Gears

The temple’s basement floors present a series of challenges that revolve around manipulating wind currents and navigating moving platforms. Keep an eye out for strategically placed wind turbines and use Tulin’s Gust ability to activate them. The resulting wind currents will propel you to new areas and allow you to access higher platforms.

Be mindful of your surroundings, as some areas feature moving gears and laser beams that can hinder your progress. The Sheikah Slate’s ability to manipulate these elements and create temporary platforms will be crucial in navigating these sections.

Some of the Basement Floor puzzles involve using environmental objects to your advantage. For instance, you might need to use bombs to clear blockages or strategically use the Recall ability on moving gears to change their direction and unlock new pathways.

As you progress deeper into the temple, you’ll encounter enemies that utilize wind-based attacks. Learning to dodge and deflect these attacks will be essential for ensuring your survival.

  • Reaching the Central Chamber: Confronting the Source of the Storm

Once you’ve deactivated all five Wind Locks, a powerful gust of wind will erupt, clearing the barrier and granting access to the central chamber of the Stormwind Ark. Here, you’ll face the source of the temple’s turmoil: a powerful boss known as Colgera.


Q. What is the Wind Temple?

The Wind Temple is a major dungeon in Tears of the Kingdom. Its design is based on the legend of the Stormwind Ark, a vessel said to control the winds of Hyrule.

Q. Where is the Wind Temple located?

The Wind Temple floats high above the Hebra region, thanks to the Great Upheaval that reshaped Hyrule. You’ll likely see it during your exploration.

Q. Is the Wind Temple the first dungeon I should tackle?

While dungeons can be completed in any order, some guides recommend the Wind Temple as the starting point due to its place in the “Regional Phenomena” main quests.

Q. How do I activate the Wind Locks?

There are five Wind Locks scattered throughout the Temple. Each requires solving a puzzle that often utilizes wind mechanics and Tulin’s gust ability. Look for clues in the environment and use your Sheikah Slate to manipulate objects.

Q. What are some tips for navigating the Wind Temple?

The strong winds can make movement tricky. Utilize updrafts for gliding and climbing, and be prepared to dodge lasers in some areas. Remember, you can also use the environment to your advantage; for example, detaching icicles and using the Ultrahand to position them for puzzles.

Q. How do I beat the Wind Temple boss?

The boss, Colgera, is a formidable foe who controls the wind. Check out online guides for detailed strategies, but generally, the fight will involve dodging attacks, using your items and abilities effectively, and finding openings to strike.

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