“Dirty” Dominik Mysterio: From NXT Champion to Judgment Day


Dominik Mysterio’s journey in WWE has been nothing short of dramatic. Following in the footsteps of his legendary father Rey Mysterio, Dominik carved his own path, achieving success in NXT and aligning himself with the controversial Judgment Day stable on the Raw brand. This article dives into Dominik’s NXT triumphs, explores his shocking betrayal, and examines his current role alongside Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest.

Dominik Mysterio

NXT Glory: The Rise of a Champion

Dominik’s wrestling career began in NXT, WWE’s developmental brand. He debuted in 2020, teaming with his father Rey to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, becoming the first father-son duo to hold that title. However, Dominik’s true solo journey began at Clash at the Castle in September 2022. There, he made a shocking turn, attacking his own father and aligning himself with the Judgment Day.

This betrayal propelled Dominik into a singles run on NXT. Capitalizing on his newfound aggression, he defeated Wes Lee on July 18th, 2023, to capture the NXT North American Championship. This marked a significant achievement, solidifying Dominik as a champion in his own right. He successfully defended the title against Trick Williams in October 2023, showcasing his growing prowess.

YouTube Buzz: Questions and Fan Theories

Dominik’s NXT reign has sparked discussions and questions on YouTube. Fans have been particularly interested in the following:

The Impact of The Judgment Day: While Dominik competes primarily on NXT, his association with the Judgment Day on Raw raises questions about his future. Will he eventually move to Raw full-time and compete alongside his Judgment Day colleagues? How might this impact his NXT Championship reign?

Dominik’s Character Development: Dominik’s transformation from reluctant participant to ruthless competitor has captivated audiences. Many fans on YouTube theorize about the reasons behind his betrayal. Was it manipulation by the Judgment Day? A desire to forge his own path outside his father’s shadow? These questions add depth to Dominik’s character and fuel speculation about his future development.

Potential NXT Challengers: With Dominik established as champion, fans are eager to see who will challenge him next. Will NXT veterans like Cameron Grimes or Carmelo Hayes step up? Could a rising NXT star like Bron Breakker be a potential opponent?

These are just a few of the questions fans are pondering on YouTube. Dominik’s unpredictable path and his affiliation with the Judgment Day keep fans engaged and hungry for more.

Beyond NXT: A Future with The Judgment Day?

Dominik’s recent appearance on Raw alongside the Judgment Day to assist Rhea Ripley in her victory over Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship hints at a potential future outside NXT. This raises intriguing possibilities:

Judgment Day Expansion: The Judgment Day’s inclusion of Dominik could signify the group’s expansion across brands. This would allow them to exert a larger influence in WWE and potentially feud with top stars on both Raw and SmackDown.

Inter-Brand Feuds: If Dominik remains the NXT Champion while affiliated with the Judgment Day on Raw, it opens the door for inter-brand feuds. He could potentially defend his title against Raw superstars, creating unique storylines and dream matches.

NXT TakeOver Events: The Judgment Day’s presence could breathe new life into NXT TakeOver events, WWE’s NXT-exclusive pay-per-view specials. Dominik’s NXT Championship defense could be a major focal point of these events, attracting a wider audience.

These possibilities highlight the exciting potential of Dominik’s involvement with the Judgment Day. It injects a sense of unpredictability into his future and opens doors for compelling storylines across WWE.

Conclusion: A Legacy in the Making

Dominik Mysterio’s journey in WWE has been a rollercoaster ride. From achieving tag team glory with his father to becoming a singles champion in NXT, he has proven his talent and determination. His alliance with the Judgment Day adds a layer of intrigue and suggests a future filled with possibilities. Whether he remains an NXT champion or ventures to Raw alongside the Judgment Day, one thing is certain: Dominik Mysterio is a name to remember, and his legacy in WWE is still being written. Fans eagerly await the next chapter in his story, and with his association with the Judgment Day, it promises to be action-packed and unpredictable.


Is Dominik Mysterio still in NXT?

No, Dominik Mysterio is not currently in NXT. He was a two-time NXT North American Champion but moved to the Raw brand in September 2022, joining the Judgment Day stable.

Why did Dominik Mysterio leave NXT?

The storyline reason for Dominik’s departure from NXT was his alliance with The Judgment Day. However, in reality, the move was likely to elevate Dominik’s character and provide him with bigger opportunities on the Raw brand.

What are Dominik Mysterio’s accomplishments in NXT?

Dominik’s biggest achievements in NXT were winning the NXT North American Championship twice. He defeated Wes Lee and Trick Williams to claim the title on separate occasions.

What is Dominik Mysterio’s nickname on Raw?

Dominik goes by the nickname “Dirty Dominik Mysterio” on the Raw brand. This signifies his darker character shift after joining The Judgment Day.

What is Dominik Mysterio’s relationship with The Judgment Day?

Dominik is a full-fledged member of The Judgment Day, a villainous stable led by Rhea Ripley. He initially feuded with the group before aligning himself with them, betraying his father Rey Mysterio.

Did Dominik Mysterio ever wrestle his father Rey Mysterio?

Yes, Dominik and Rey Mysterio clashed in a highly personal match at WrestleMania 40. Despite being on opposite sides, it was an emotional encounter.

What is Dominik Mysterio’s next move on Raw?

With The Judgment Day by his side, Dominik’s future is full of possibilities. He could challenge for the Raw Tag Team Titles with a partner or continue his singles run under the guidance of Rhea Ripley.

Where can I watch Dominik Mysterio’s matches?

You can watch Dominik Mysterio’s NXT matches on the WWE Network or Peacock (depending on your location). His current appearances on Raw can also be found on these platforms.

How did Dominik Mysterio get into wrestling?

Dominik comes from a wrestling family. His father is the legendary Rey Mysterio, and he grew up around the industry. This naturally led him to pursue a career in professional wrestling.

What are some of Dominik Mysterio’s signature moves?

Dominik’s move-set incorporates elements of his father’s style, including the 619 and the Frog Splash. He has also developed his own unique arsenal of maneuvers.

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