All Decked Out: A Guide to Minecraft’s Armor Trimmings


For seasoned Minecraft players, conquering foes and exploring the vast world is an exhilarating experience. But what if you could personalize your character’s armour, adding a touch of individuality to your well-worn gear? Enter the exciting world of armour trimmings, a recent addition to Minecraft that lets you customize your armour’s appearance without sacrificing its protective qualities.

This article delves into everything you need to know about armour trimmings, from their introduction and functionality to the various ways you can acquire them and unleash your inner fashion designer in the blocky realm.

A Fresh Coat of (Virtual) Paint: What Are Armor Trimmings?

Debuted in Minecraft update 1.20, armour trimmings are purely cosmetic additions that allow you to spruce up your armour’s look. They come in a wide variety of designs, each inspired by the biome or structure where you find the corresponding Smithing Template, the key to applying the trimmings.

Think of them like decals or appliques you can attach to your armour, completely transforming its aesthetic without affecting its base stats or functionality.

Why Should You Care About Armor Trimmings?

Here’s why armour trimmings are a welcome addition to the Minecraft experience:

  • Express Yourself: Show off your unique style! With over 100 designs and the ability to mix and match trims across different armour pieces, the customization possibilities are endless.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Tired of seeing everyone running around in the same generic armour? Armour trimmings let you personalize your look and truly stand out from the pack.
  • Collect and Craft: The hunt for Smithing Templates adds a new layer of excitement to exploring various biomes and structures. You can even trade them with other players to complete your collection.

Unveiling the Toolbox: Smithing Templates and Application

The magic behind armor trimmings lies in Smithing Templates. These special items act as blueprints for specific trim designs. Here’s how to find and use them:

  • Finding Smithing Templates: Explore various biomes and structures. Each one has a chance to spawn a chest containing a Smithing Template specific to that location.
  • Applying Trimmings: Once you have a Smithing Template, head to a smithing table. Place your armour piece and the template in the respective slots. A preview of the applied trim will appear. If you like it, confirm the application, and voila! Your armour sports a brand-new look.

Here’s a helpful tip: You can remove a trim at any time by placing the armoured piece back in the smithing table with nothing in the second slot. This will return the armour to its original appearance and recover the Smithing Template for reuse.

A World of Designs: Exploring the Different Armor Trimmings

With over 18 Smithing Templates scattered across the Minecraft world, the variety of armour trimmings is truly impressive. Here’s a glimpse into some of the coolest designs you can find:

  • For the Adventurer: Explore the depths of the ocean monument and emerge adorned with the majestic Tide Armor Trim.
  • Channel Your Inner Warrior: Conquer a Woodland Mansion and claim the ominous Vex Armor Trim.
  • Embrace the Mystery: Unearth the secrets of the Ancient City and unlock the enigmatic Ward Armor Trim.

These are just a few examples. Be sure to venture into different biomes and conquer various structures to discover the full spectrum of armour trimmings available.

Pro Tip: Utilize online resources like [Minecraft Armor Trim Generator] to experiment with different trim combinations before venturing out on your in-game expeditions.


Q: Can I use the same Smithing Template on multiple armour pieces?

A: Yes! A single Smithing Template can be used to apply the same trim design to any number of armour pieces.

Q: Do armour trimmings offer any protection benefits?

A: No, armour trimmings are purely cosmetic. They do not affect the armour’s base defence points.

Q: Can I trade Smithing Templates with other players?

A: Absolutely! Smithing Templates are tradable items, allowing you to barter with friends or on servers to complete your collection.

Q: Are there any limitations on how I can combine armour trimmings?

A: No limitations exist! You can mix and match trims across different armour pieces to create truly unique and personalized looks.

Q. How do I use Armor Trimmings?

You’ll need two things: a Smithing Template and your chosen piece of armour. The Smithing Template dictates the design that will be applied. Once you have both items, simply combine them in the Smithing Table to apply the trimming!

Q. Where do I find Smithing Templates?

Smithing Templates come in various designs, each inspired by the biome or structure you find them in. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Forest Biomes: Find Jungle Temple Templates for a “Wild” look.
  • Ocean Biomes: Explore Shipwrecks for “Coast” trimmings or Ocean Monuments for “Tide” designs.
  • Desert Biomes: Unearth “Dune” templates in Desert Pyramids.
  • Nether Biomes: Battle your way through Nether Fortresses to find “Rib” templates.
  • The End: Reach the End City to claim “Spire” trimmings.
  • Other Structures: Look for “Sentry” templates in Pillager Outposts, “Ward” templates in Ancient Cities, “Vex” templates in Woodland Mansions, “Snout” templates in Bastion Remnants, “Eye” templates in Strongholds, and “Wayfinder” templates in Trail Ruins.

Q. How many Armor Trimmings are there?

There are over 100 unique designs across all the Smithing Templates, allowing for nearly limitless combinations! You can even mix and match trims from different templates on a single piece of armour for a truly personalized look.

Q. Can I see what the Armor Trimmings look like before applying them?

Absolutely! Several online tools like [Minecraft Armor Trim Generator] allow you to virtually try on different trims and see how they’ll look on your armour.

Q. Are there any other benefits to Armor Trimmings besides looks?

Nope! Armour Trimmings are purely cosmetic and don’t affect the protective qualities of your armour. However, they’re a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd and showcase your unique style!

Q. I’m playing Minecraft on Bedrock Edition. Do Armor Trimmings exist there?

Unfortunately, Armor Trimmings are currently exclusive to the Java Edition of Minecraft 1.20. However, there’s always a chance they might be added to Bedrock Edition in a future update!

Conclusion: Spruce Up Your Style with Armor Trimmings

Armour trimmings are a fantastic addition to Minecraft, offering a fun and creative way to personalize your character’s appearance. With a plethora of designs to discover and the freedom to mix and match, the possibilities for self-expression are truly limitless. 

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