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Empires 2 cheats, Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition continues to reign supreme as a strategy classic. While mastering intricate build orders and military tactics is the ultimate path to victory, sometimes you just want to cut loose and have some chaotic fun. That’s where cheats come in!

This guide delves into the world of Age of Empires 2 cheats, exploring everything you need to know to unleash unlimited resources, conquer enemies with a single command, and even explore the entire map in an instant. But before we dive into the specifics, let’s address some key questions.

Empires 2 cheats

Are cheats allowed?

Cheats are entirely disabled in online multiplayer matches. They are strictly for single-player scenarios and experimenting in campaigns. Using cheats in online games will disrupt the fair competition and frustrate other players. Stick to single-player for some cheat-fueled fun!

How to activate cheats?

There are two main ways to activate cheats in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition.

In-game chat: Press Enter to open the chat window and type the desired cheat code exactly as it appears (including spaces and capitalization). Hit Enter again to activate the cheat.

Campaign selection: On the campaign selection screen, type the cheat code directly into the text box where you would normally choose a campaign. Press Enter to activate the cheat and then launch your desired campaign.

Important Note: Activating cheats in a campaign will disable achievements for that specific scenario.

Popular Age of Empires 2 Cheats

Now, let’s explore the most popular cheats that will transform your Age of Empires 2 experience:

Resource Boosts:

cheese steak jimmy’s: Grants a whopping 10,000 food.

robin hood: Provides a massive injection of 10,000 gold into your coffers.

lumberjack: Instantly grants 10,000 wood for all your building needs.

rock on: Gives you 10,000 stone to construct formidable defenses.

ninjalui: The ultimate resource cheat, granting 100,000 of each resource (food, gold, wood, and stone).

Map Exploration:

marco: Reveals the entire map, eliminating the fog of war and giving you complete situational awareness.

polo: Disables the fog of war entirely, providing constant full map visibility.

Construction and Upgrades:

aegis: Enables instant construction of buildings and units. No more waiting for your Town Center to pump out those archers!

Victory and Defeat:

i r winner: Grants an instant victory in the currently selected campaign mission.

resign: Ends the campaign mission in defeat.

wimpywimpywimpy: Commits suicide with all your units, effectively ending the game.

Other Fun Cheats:

natural wonders: Allows you to control wild animals on the map, turning them into a makeshift army.

black death: Instantly wipes out all enemy units on the map, securing a swift (and slightly morbid) victory.

torpedo [1-4]: Eliminates a specific opponent (replace the number with the corresponding player slot).

Beyond the Basics: Exploring Advanced Cheats

While the above cheats provide a solid foundation for messing around, there’s a hidden layer of advanced options accessible through the game’s launch options. Here’s how to access them:

Right-click on Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition in your Steam library.

Select Properties.

Click on the General tab.

Locate the Launch Options text field.

Here are some advanced launch options you can try:

-nosound: Disables all game sounds.

-nomusic: Disables in-game music.

-noterrainsound: Disables ambient sounds like wind and animals.

-nomstartup: Skips the intro cinematic.

Remember: Experiment with these launch options at your own risk. Some may cause compatibility issues.

Using Cheats Responsibly: A Few Pointers

Cheats can be a great way to unwind, experiment with strategies, and test the limits of the game. However, it’s important to use them responsibly:

Focus on single-player: Don’t disrupt the online multiplayer experience for others.

Learn the mechanics: While cheats can be fun, understanding core gameplay mechanics is essential for long-term enjoyment.

Use them strategically: Cheats can be a tool to test specific builds or experiment with complex tactics.


Are there cheat codes in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition?

Absolutely! Age of Empires 2: DE carries on the tradition of the original game with a variety of cheat codes. These can be used to grant yourself resources, reveal the map, or even win or lose instantly.

How do I activate cheat codes?

There are two ways to use cheats in Age of Empires 2: DE. You can either enter them directly in the game or use them as launch options.

In-game: Press Enter during gameplay and type the cheat code exactly.

Launch Options: Right-click Age of Empires 2: DE in your Steam library, go to Properties > Launch Options, and type the cheat code there (e.g., “-cheat robin hood” for 10,000 gold).

What are some useful cheat codes?

Here are some popular cheat codes:

Resource Cheats:

robin hood – Grants 10,000 Gold

cheese steak jimmy’s – Grants 10,000 Food

lumberjack – Grants 10,000 Wood

rock on – Grants 10,000 Stone

ninjalui – Grants 100,000 of all resources

Map Cheats:

marco – Reveals the entire map

polo – Disables Fog of War (you see everything)

Are there any cheat codes to win the game?

Yes, but use them with caution!

i r winner – Grants instant victory in the current campaign mission.

resign – Instantly loses the current campaign mission.

Are cheat codes allowed in multiplayer?

No way! Using cheat codes in online multiplayer will get you disconnected and possibly banned. Cheat codes are for single-player fun only.

Will using cheat codes disable achievements?

Yes, enabling cheats in a game will disable achievements for that specific playthrough.

Are there any cool or funny cheat codes?

There are a few!

wimpywimpywimpy – Commits suicide with all your units.

natural wonders – Lets you control animals instead of villagers.

What if I forget the exact wording of a cheat code?

No problem! Simply type the first few letters and press Tab to auto-complete the code.

Are there any downsides to using cheat codes?

While cheats can be fun for messing around, they can take away the challenge and satisfaction of playing the game normally.

Is there another way to make the game easier without cheats?

Sure! You can adjust the difficulty settings before starting a new game. You can also download mods that add AI opponents of varying difficulty levels.

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