The Curious Case of the Evolving Wurmple: Unveiling the Mystery


Evolving Wurmple, the adorable little worm Pokémon from Generation III, holds a unique place in the Pokémon universe. Unlike most Pokémon who evolve based on level or specific conditions, Wurple’s evolution takes a surprising turn. Trainers hoping to add a Beautifly or Dustox to their team might find themselves scratching their heads, wondering how to influence this fuzzy friend’s final form. Buckle up, trainers, because we’re diving deep into the fascinating world of the evolving Wurmple!

Evolving Wurmple

The Branching Paths: Silcoon or Cascoon?

The key to Wurmple’s evolution lies in its hidden personality value. This unseen statistic determines which path your Wurmple will take – Silcoon, the cocoon with a soft, silky exterior, or Cascoon, the harder, spikier cocoon. Each cocoon then evolves further into either Beautifly, the graceful butterfly, or Dustox, the moth with a venomous sting.

The allure of Wurmple’s evolution lies in the element of surprise. There’s no way to control which cocoon your Wurmple will become. This randomness has sparked numerous questions and misconceptions among trainers, with some believing factors like time of day or location influence the outcome. Let’s address these common queries:

Daylight vs. Nighttime Evolution: A widespread theory suggests evolving Wurmple during the day guarantees a Silcoon, while nighttime evolution leads to Cascoon. This is entirely untrue! The personality value is determined at the time you encounter Wurmple, not when you initiate the evolution.

Location-Based Evolution: Similar to the time theory, some trainers believe catching Wurmple in specific areas affects the evolution. There’s no evidence to support this claim. The location of capture has no bearing on which cocoon your Wurmple transforms into.

The Numbers Game: Probability and Chance Encounters

So, if there’s no way to control evolution, what are the chances of getting the Wurmple you desire? The good news is that the evolution is purely random, with a 50/50 chance of your Wurmple evolving into either Silcoon or Cascoon. This means you have an equal opportunity to obtain both Beautifly and Dustox.

For some trainers, this randomness can be frustrating. But here’s the silver lining: Wurmple only requires 12 Wurmple Candy to evolve. This relatively low candy cost allows you to catch and evolve multiple Wurmples until you get the desired outcome.

Here’s a tip for the more patient trainers: hatch Wurmple eggs! Eggs don’t require catching the Pokémon, so you can potentially hatch multiple Wurmples and evolve them without expending Poké Balls.

Beyond the Cocoon: Unveiling Beautifly and Dustox

While the evolution process might be shrouded in mystery, both Beautifly and Dustox are fantastic Pokémon in their own right. Let’s take a closer look at these final evolutions:

Beautifly: This butterfly Pokémon boasts a graceful design with vibrant blue wings. Beautifly is a Bug/Flying-type known for its high Speed stat and moves like Gust and Silver Wind. It excels in battles that require swift attacks and evasion tactics.

Dustox: This moth Pokémon has a more menacing appearance with black and red wings. Dustox is a Bug/Poison-type known for its Special Attack stat and moves like Poison Gas and Psychic. It can be a strategic asset in battles, inflicting status conditions and dealing surprise attacks.

The choice between Beautifly and Dustox ultimately comes down to your team’s needs and playstyle. Beautifly offers speed and aerial prowess, while Dustox provides a strategic edge with its poison attacks.

Trainers, Embrace the Mystery!

The element of surprise in Wurmple’s evolution might seem like a hurdle at first. However, it can also be an exciting opportunity to discover the hidden potential within your Wurmple. Embrace the chance encounters, trainers! You might just find yourself surprised by the power and beauty of both Beautifly and Dustox.

Here are some additional points to consider:

Trading: If you’re desperately seeking a specific Wurmple evolution, consider trading with other trainers. You might find someone who has the Wurmple you desire and is willing to trade for the other form.

Breeding: Breeding a Beautifly or Dustox can potentially result in a Wurmple egg. This allows you to continue evolving Wurmples even after acquiring your desired final form.


How Does Wurmple Evolve?

Unlike other Pokémon where reaching a specific level triggers evolution, Wurmple’s fate is a bit more mysterious. It evolves into either Silcoon or Cascoon at level 7, but the choice is completely random! There’s no way to influence it, so it’s all about chance.

Silcoon or Cascoon? What’s the Difference?

These two cocoon Pokémon may look similar, but they represent different evolutionary paths. Silcoon evolves into the beautiful butterfly Pokémon, Beautifly, known for its elegant flying skills and special attacks like Gust and Silver Wind.

On the other hand, Cascoon evolves into the cool and creepy Dustox, a moth Pokémon. Dustox relies on Poison-type attacks like Poison Sting and Toxic Thread to take down its opponents.

Can I Choose Which Wurmple Evolves Into What?

Unfortunately, in the main Pokémon games (up to Generation VIII), there’s no way to choose which form Wurmple evolves into. It’s purely random.

So, How Do I Get Both Beautifly and Dustox?

The good news is that Wurmple evolution only costs 12 Wurmple Candy. This means you can catch multiple Wurmple, evolve them, and keep trying until you get both Silcoon and Cascoon.

Is There a Trick to Evolving Wurmple in Pokémon GO?

Trainers looking to expand their collection in Pokémon GO face the same random chance when evolving Wurmple. There are rumors about evolving Wurmple during the day for Silcoon and at night for Cascoon, but these haven’t been confirmed by Niantic, the developers of Pokémon GO.

Is One Evolution Rarer Than the Other?

Nope! Both Silcoon and Cascoon, and consequently Beautifly and Dustox, are equally common. So, keep catching and evolving Wurmple until you get your dream team!

So, Which Wurmple Evolution Should I Choose?

That depends on your preference! Beautifly boasts a higher Speed stat, making it great for outspeeding opponents. Dustox, on the other hand, has a stronger Defense stat and can be a more defensive battler. Ultimately, the choice depends on your battling style and team needs.

Wurmple Trivia: Did You Know?

Wurmple’s name is a combination of the words “worm” and “wrumpy,” hinting at its stubborn nature.

Wurmple’s hidden ability is “Shield Dust,” which protects it from most secondary effects of moves.

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