The Hunt for Power: A Guide to Horizon Zero Dawn’s Power Cells


Horizon zero dawn power cells, post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy, a skilled hunter, embarks on a journey to unravel the mysteries of her past and save humanity from a mechanized threat. Along the way, she stumbles upon a valuable collectible – Power Cells. These enigmatic relics hold the key to unlocking a powerful armor that can turn the tide of battle.

This guide delves deep into the world of Power Cells, answering the burning questions that players have been posing on YouTube and across the internet:

Horizon zero dawn power cells

What are Power Cells?

Where can you find them?

What rewards await you for collecting them all?

Unveiling the Power Cells

Power Cells are crucial components scattered throughout the Horizon Zero Dawn map. They are remnants of a bygone era, vital for activating an ancient armory containing a legendary suit – the Shield-Weaver Armor. This armor boasts unmatched defensive capabilities, offering Aloy temporary invincibility, making it a coveted prize for any player.

The Power Cell Quest: The Ancient Armory

While Power Cells can be collected throughout the game, they initiate a specific side quest called “The Ancient Armory.” This quest activates as soon as you acquire your first Power Cell. The quest marker will guide you to the location of the Ancient Armory, a hidden underground bunker nestled within The Embrace. However, to access the armory and claim your prize, you’ll need to collect all five Power Cells.

Power Cell Locations: A Hunter’s Guide

Finding all five Power Cells requires exploration and keen observation. Here’s a detailed breakdown of their locations, presented in the order you’ll likely encounter them during the main storyline:

Underground Bunker (The Embrace)

This Power Cell holds a touch of nostalgia, as it’s located in the very first area you explore as a young Aloy during the game’s prologue, “A Gift from the Navigate through the familiar path, past the barracks and down the stairs. Before opening the door ahead, head back upstairs and climb the tower located at the east end of the room. Scale all the way to the top and claim your first Power Cell.

All-Mother Temple (The Embrace)

The second Power Cell can be obtained either during the main story quest, “Womb of the Mountain,” or by revisiting the All-Mother Temple at any point after completing the Proving. Once inside the temple, make your way to the chamber where you fought the corrupted Stalker. Look for a hidden crawl space behind a breakable rock formation on the southeastern ledge. Squeeze through and collect the Power Cell nestled within.

Maker’s End (The Meridian Wilds)

This Power Cell can be conveniently retrieved while completing the main story quest, “Maker’s End.” As you ascend the imposing tower during the mission, keep an eye out for a ledge overlooking a large open area. Instead of continuing towards the objective marker, head right and climb the nearby rubble piles. You’ll find the Power Cell waiting for you in a small, blue-lit cave.

The Grave Hoard (The Grave Hoard)

The Grave Hoard mission itself holds the key to the fourth Power Cell. As you progress through the ancient ruins and reach a locked electronic door, you’ll need to solve a puzzle involving three separate mechanisms to unlock the passage. Once you’ve gained access to the next area, the Power Cell will be readily available for collection – you can’t miss it!

GAIA Prime (The Cauldron)

The final Power Cell is located within the mysterious GAIA Prime facility, which you’ll infiltrate during the main story mission, “The Mountain That Fell.” After conversing with Sylens in his workshop, descend the elevator shaft and then rappel down into the ruins below. Instead of following the objective marker directly, take a detour to the left and head north. Climb the rubble ahead and enter the blue-lit cave you’ll find there. Your final Power Cell awaits you on a shelf within this hidden chamber.

The Reward: The Invincible Shield-Weaver

Once you’ve collected all five Power Cells, the location of the Ancient Armory will be marked on your map. Head back to the hidden entrance you discovered earlier in The Embrace. Inside, you’ll face two final challenges – a series of puzzles involving glowing panels and a locked door requiring a specific code to unlock. The code itself is a clever reference to real-world timekeeping – the solution lies in adjusting the dials on the lock to represent the numbers on a clock face (hours in a day).


What are Power Cells in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Power Cells are crucial collectibles in Horizon Zero Dawn. These missing components hold the key to activating the Ancient Armory, a hidden location that grants access to the incredibly powerful Shield-Weaver armor. This armor provides Aloy with a temporary invincibility shield, making her nearly unstoppable for a short period.

How many Power Cells are there?

There are a total of five Power Cells scattered across the Horizon Zero Dawn map. You’ll need to track down all five to unlock the Shield-Weaver armor.

Where can I find the Power Cells?

The Power Cells are hidden within various key locations throughout the game, often tied to the main story missions. Here’s a breakdown of where to find each one:

Childhood Ruins: This Power Cell is obtainable relatively early in the game. Revisit the Childhood Ruins as an adult Aloy to access a hidden chamber behind a breakable rock formation.

Mother’s Watch: You’ll encounter this Power Cell during the main quest “The Heart of the Nora.” Look for it after speaking with Teersa. There’s a chance you might miss it during your initial visit. Don’t worry; you can return later to grab it after acquiring a mount and some climbing abilities.

Maker’s End: Progress through the main story until you reach Maker’s End. The Power Cell will be hidden within the facility itself.

The Grave Hoard: This Power Cell is part of the side quest “Seeker of Knowledge.” Locate it within the Grave Hoard as you explore the area.

GAIA Prime: Deep within the Cauldron during the main quest “The Mountain That Fell,” you’ll find the final Power Cell.

Can I miss a Power Cell?

While some Power Cells are readily available during missions, others might require revisiting locations later in the game with improved skills and equipment. The only exception is the first Cell in Mother’s Watch, which becomes inaccessible until the “Heart of the Nora” quest. However, with a mount and some climbing techniques, you can still retrieve it later.

Are there any missable Power Cells after completing the story?

No, all Power Cells can be obtained even after finishing the main story. You can freely explore the world and revisit locations to collect any you might have missed.

What do I get for collecting all Power Cells?

The true reward for collecting all Power Cells is the Shield-Weaver armor. This armor provides Aloy with a significant defensive boost, granting her a temporary shield that absorbs a massive amount of damage.

Tips for Finding Power Cells:

Keep an eye out for hidden pathways or breakable rock formations that might conceal a Power Cell.

Utilize your Focus scanner to highlight lootable items and objects you can interact with. This can help you pinpoint the location of a hidden Power Cell.

If you’re stuck finding a specific Power Cell, consult online guides or walkthroughs that provide detailed instructions and visuals for each location.

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