Romance: How to Win Over Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077


Panam Palmer, the fiery nomad leader from Cyberpunk 2077, has captured the hearts of many players. Her strength, loyalty, and love for her clan make her a compelling romance option. But if you want to win her over, you’ll need to navigate the treacherous roads of the Night City wasteland with care. This guide will equip you with everything you need to know to spark a flame with Panam.

Panam Palmer

Who is Panam Palmer?

Panam is the second-in-command of the Aldecaldos nomad clan, a fierce group known for their survival skills and tight bonds. You’ll first encounter her during the main story mission “Ghost Town,” where you team up to retrieve a stolen military vehicle. Throughout subsequent missions, you’ll witness her unwavering loyalty to her clan and her sharp wit in the face of danger.

Important Note: Romancing Panam is only available for players with a male V character.

Getting Started: Building a Bond with Panam

There’s no single magic bullet to unlock Panam’s heart. Instead, focus on building a strong connection with her by completing her side quests and making choices that demonstrate your trustworthiness and respect for the nomad way of life. Here’s a breakdown of key points to remember:

Complete the “Ghost Town” Main Story Mission: This is where you first meet Panam. While the mission itself doesn’t affect your romance chances, it lays the foundation for your future interactions.

Wait for Panam’s Call: After completing “Ghost Town,” wait for at least 24 in-game hours. Panam will reach out with a new side job called “Riders on the Storm,” marking the official start of her questline.

Panam’s Quests: The Road to Romance

Panam’s side quests offer numerous opportunities to impress her. Here’s a breakdown of the key quests and the crucial choices you should make:

Riders on the Storm: Help Panam rescue Saul from Raffen Shiv. During the quest, you’ll have the option to ride with Panam to the camp. Taking this option shows your willingness to integrate with her world.

People Like Us: Assist Panam in retrieving Nash’s stolen truck. Throughout the quest, choose dialogue options that prioritize helping the Aldecaldos and express your understanding of their struggles.

Storm Over the Fields: Embark on a daring heist with Panam to steal a military vehicle known as the Basilisk. Here are some key choices:

While inside the Basilisk: When Panam remarks about the coziness, respond with “Nice and cozy in here” followed by “Oh, yeah. Let’s go.” This playful banter shows your interest.

At the bar after the heist: Tell Panam you’ll miss your escapades together. When she invites you to join the Aldecaldos, politely decline by saying “I’d love to, but I can’t” followed by “I’ll think it over. I promise.” This shows your respect for her offer while maintaining your own agency.

The Crucial Moment: Queen of the Highway

After completing “Storm Over the Fields,” you’ll receive a call for the side job “Queen of the Highway.” This is where things get romantic (if you’ve played your cards right). Here’s the key point:

During the Basilisk training mission: After successfully completing the shooting drills, Panam will ask if you want to “try it out.” This is your chance to initiate the romance. Choose the option with the kissing lips icon that says “[Let Panam touch you].” This will lead to a sexual encounter, solidifying your bond with Panam.

Beyond the Romance: The Aldecaldos Ending

If you’ve successfully romanced Panam, you’ll unlock a unique ending during the final act of the game. Here’s what you need to know:

Pick the “No More Heroes” ending: During the final act, when Rogue proposes a plan to attack Arasaka Tower, choose to help the Aldecaldos leave Night City instead. This will trigger a special cutscene where Panam confesses her feelings for V and they ride off together towards a new horizon.

Additional Tips for Romancing Panam

Nomad Lifepath: While not essential, choosing the Nomad lifepath for V can give you a slight edge in understanding Panam’s perspective and culture.

Dialogue Choices: Throughout Panam’s quests, prioritize dialogue options that showcase your trustworthiness, courage, and respect for the nomad way of life. Avoid being reckless or disrespectful.


Can I Romance Panam?

Unfortunately, Panam’s affections are only available for V with a male body type.

How Do I Start Romancing Panam?

The groundwork for romance begins during the main story mission, “Ghost Town” (Act 2). Here, you’ll first encounter Panam and her crew. While there are no romance-specific choices here, focus on building a positive rapport by helping Panam and her people.

When Does Panam’s Romance Questline Begin?

After completing “Ghost Town,” wait for at least 24 in-game hours. Panam will call you with a new side job, “Riders on the Storm,” marking the official start of her romance questline.

What are Key Choices for Romancing Panam?

Throughout Panam’s quests, keep these dialogue options in mind:

“Nice and cozy in here” (Inside the Basilisk during “Riders on the Storm”)

“Oh yeah. Let’s go” (When Panam suggests a joyride after “Riders on the Storm”)

“I’ll miss our escapades with Panam. But… I can’t” (At the bar during “Queen of the Highway”)

“I’d love to, but I can’t. I’ll think it over. I promise” (When Panam invites you to settle in the Aldecaldo camp)

“Honestly? I dunno” (When Panam talks about her feelings during “Queen of the Highway”)

“Thanks for being here with me” (The final choice during “Queen of the Highway”)

Are There Any Points of No Return?

Failing “Riders on the Storm” by not reaching the Raffen Shiv camp within 24 hours

Choosing aggressive or antagonistic options towards Panam

Romancing another character (Panam won’t be happy about it!)

What’s the Big Payoff?

By making the right choices, you’ll unlock a romantic scene with Panam during “Queen of the Highway.” This includes a scenic night ride and the chance to solidify your bond.

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