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Shrines botw, The sprawling world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW) is teeming with secrets waiting to be uncovered. Scattered across the landscape lie 120 hidden Shrines, each containing unique puzzles, challenging enemies, and a coveted Spirit Orb. These Orbs are essential for Link to increase his power and progress through the game. But fear not, adventurers! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to tackle any Shrine that comes your way.

Shrines botw

What are Shrines?

Shrines are ancient Sheikah structures that serve as testing grounds for warriors. Inside, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges that test your problem-solving skills, combat prowess, and mastery of the Sheikah Slate’s many abilities. Completing a Shrine rewards you with a Spirit Orb, which permanently increases your maximum hearts or stamina. Some Shrines also offer valuable treasures like weapons, shields, or armor.

There are two main types of Shrines:

Main Shrines (120): These are scattered throughout Hyrule and are essential for completing the game.

DLC Shrines (16): These additional Shrines are part of the Champions’ Ballad DLC pack and offer even more challenging puzzles and enemies.

Finding Shrines

Shrines are cleverly hidden throughout Hyrule. Here are some tips to help you discover them:

Activate Sheikah Towers: Climbing the Sheikah Towers scattered across the map activates the map for that region, revealing the locations of Shrines (among other things).

Look for glowing blue Sheikah symbols: These symbols often mark the entrance to a Shrine.

Talk to NPCs: Some NPCs may offer hints about the location of nearby Shrines.

Explore! Keep your eyes peeled for suspicious-looking structures or hidden entrances while traversing Hyrule.

Conquering the Challenges Within

Once you’ve located a Shrine, prepare to be tested. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect inside:

Puzzles: Shrines are packed with creative puzzles that utilize the environment, the Sheikah Slate’s runes (Remote Bomb, Magnesis, Stasis, Cryonis), and Link’s abilities. Be prepared to think outside the box and experiment to find solutions.

Enemies: Many Shrines contain enemies that you’ll need to defeat to progress. These enemies can range from simple Bokoblins to more complex foes like Guardians. Utilize your combat skills and the environment to your advantage.

Shrine Monks and Spirit Orbs: Completing the main challenge of a Shrine grants you an audience with a Sheikah Monk. The Monk will offer words of wisdom and reward you with a Spirit Orb.

Here are some additional tips for conquering Shrines:

Experiment with the Sheikah Slate Runes: These runes are incredibly versatile and can be used to solve puzzles in many creative ways. Don’t be afraid to try different combinations to find the solution.

Utilize the environment: The layout and objects within a Shrine can often be part of the puzzle. Look for ways to use the environment to your advantage, such as pushing objects onto pressure plates or using updrafts to reach high places.

Don’t be afraid to use resources: Weapons, bows, and arrows found within Shrines are meant to be used! Don’t be afraid to break them during combat or puzzles, as there’s usually a good supply within.

Save often: Especially within challenging Shrines, creating a save point before tackling a difficult puzzle or enemy encounter can be a lifesaver. Shrines often have Sheikah Sensor pedestals that allow you to create a temporary save point.

Types of Shrines

While the core gameplay loop of solving puzzles and defeating enemies remains consistent, there’s a surprising amount of variety within Shrines. Here are some of the different Shrine types you’ll encounter:

Trial Shrines: These are the most common type of Shrine and offer a balanced mix of puzzles and combat challenges.

Combat Shrines: These Shrines focus heavily on testing your combat skills against waves of enemies.

Blessed Shrines: These Shrines require no effort to complete and simply grant you a Spirit Orb upon entering. They are often hidden rewards for completing specific Shrine Quests.

Sheikah Tech Shrines: These Shrines introduce you to a new Sheikah Slate rune or ability.


What are Shrines?

Shrines are mini-dungeons packed with puzzles, enemies, and a final test to earn a Spirit Orb. These Spirit Orbs can be traded with specific statues to increase your health (Heart Containers) or stamina (Stamina Wheels). There are 120 Shrines in total, with some requiring the completion of a side quest (Shrine Quest) to access them.

What’s inside a Shrine?

Puzzles: These can involve using your Sheikah Slate runes (Bomb, Magnesis, Stasis, Cryonis) to manipulate objects, solve environmental challenges, and defeat enemies in creative ways.

Enemies: Test your combat skills against Bokoblins, Moblins, and even mini-bosses. Some Shrines may focus entirely on combat, while others offer a mix of puzzles and battles.

Treasure Chests: Keep an eye out for chests containing valuable items like weapons, bows, arrows, shields, and rupees.

Spirit Orb: Completing the final challenge within a Shrine rewards you with a Spirit Orb.

How do I find Shrines?

Explore!: Keep your eyes peeled for the distinctive glowing blue spires marking a Shrine’s location.

Sheikah Towers: Activate these towers to reveal the surrounding area, including nearby Shrines.

Talk to NPCs: Some helpful characters may offer clues or point you towards hidden Shrines.

Shrine Quests: Completing these side quests unlocks access to specific Shrines.

Are there different types of Shrines?

There isn’t a strict classification, but some Shrines have a heavier focus on:

Motion Control Challenges: These Shrines may require tilting the controller or using the gyroscope to navigate obstacles or solve puzzles.

Combat Trials: Prepare to fight waves of enemies or a mini-boss to earn your prize.

Test of Strength: These Shrines pit you against a powerful Guardian enemy. Beating them earns you a weapon of similar strength.

What are the benefits of completing Shrines?

Increased Health and Stamina: By trading Spirit Orbs, you can expand your health and stamina, making Link tougher and more versatile.

Improved Gear: Many Shrines offer valuable weapons, bows, arrows, and shields to bolster your arsenal.

Challenge and Fun!: Shrines provide a satisfying mix of puzzles, combat, and exploration, adding variety to your BotW experience.

Unlocking the Champions’ Ballad DLC: Completing all 120 Shrines is a requirement to access the “Champions’ Ballad” downloadable content. This DLC offers new challenges, story elements, and powerful gear.

Are there any Shrines I should do first?

The first four Shrines on the Great Plateau serve as tutorials, introducing you to the Sheikah Slate runes that become essential tools for future Shrines. Beyond that, there’s no set order. Explore at your own pace and tackle the Shrines that pique your interest!

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