Party Like a Superstar: A Guide to Mario Party Superstars


Mario party superstars, Calling all party animals! Get ready to dust off your controllers and unleash your competitive spirit, because Mario Party Superstars is here to bring the fun. This exciting addition to the beloved Mario Party franchise takes players on a nostalgic trip down memory lane, revisiting classic elements that made the Nintendo 64 titles so unforgettable. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the party scene, Mario Party Superstars offers a delightful experience filled with laughter, friendly competition, and the occasional dash of chaos.

A Return to Form: Classic Boards and Minigames Take Center Stage

One of the most celebrated aspects of Mario Party Superstars is its focus on the golden age of the series. The game throws it back to the Nintendo 64 era, featuring five iconic boards meticulously recreated to capture the magic of the originals. Race around the whimsical cake on Peach’s Birthday Cake, navigate the ever-shifting pathways of Woody Woods, or try your luck against the tides (and Bowser!) on Space Land. Each board boasts its own unique quirks and challenges, ensuring a fresh experience every time you roll the dice.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Mario Party Superstars boasts a whopping 100 minigames, culled from across the entire Mario Party series. From button-mashing classics like Button Mashers to strategic gems like Shell Shock, there’s a minigame to suit every taste and skill level. The variety ensures that every party session is packed with surprises and keeps everyone on their toes.

Mario party superstars

Embrace the Party Anywhere, Anytime

One of the biggest strengths of Mario Party Superstars is its versatility when it comes to multiplayer. Whether you’re huddled around a single console with friends and family, battling it out online, or enjoying a casual local wireless session, the game caters to all your party needs.

Here’s a breakdown of the multiplayer options:

Local Multiplayer: Up to four players can gather around a single Switch for a classic Mario Party experience. Pass the Joy-Con controllers and get ready for some friendly competition (and maybe a little friendly sabotage).

Online Play: The party doesn’t have to stop when your friends are far away. Mario Party Superstars offers robust online functionality. You can team up with friends online, battle random players worldwide, or enjoy a mix of both. The online mode also features voice chat, allowing you to strategize and celebrate victories (or commiserate over losses) with your fellow players.

Local Wireless: Take the party on the go with local wireless multiplayer. Connect multiple Switch consoles together and enjoy the same fun whether you’re at home or hanging out with friends.

This flexibility makes Mario Party Superstars a perfect game for any occasion. You can have a quick match with friends online, a marathon session with family at home, or even take the party to a friend’s place with local wireless.

Modes Beyond the Board: Something for Everyone

While the classic board game experience is undoubtedly the heart of Mario Party Superstars, the game offers additional modes to keep things fresh.

Free Play Minigames: Want to jump straight into the action without navigating a board? The Free Play Minigames mode lets you select any minigame from the entire collection and play it solo or with friends. This mode is perfect for practicing your skills or simply having a quick burst of competitive fun.

The Coin Challenge: Put your skills to the test in this solo mode designed to challenge your button-mashing and strategic prowess. You’ll race through a gauntlet of minigames, aiming to earn as many coins as possible. This mode offers a great way to hone your minigame skills and unlock new rewards.

Daily Challenges: Test your mettle against online players in daily challenges. These challenges feature a rotating selection of minigames, keeping the competition fresh and exciting.

Beyond Nostalgia: A Celebration of Mario Party’s Legacy

Mario Party Superstars isn’t just a simple rehash of past glories. The developers at NDcube have taken great care to modernize the experience while preserving the core gameplay that fans know and love. The visuals have been given a delightful HD makeover, making the classic boards and characters shine with vibrant colors and personality. The controls feel smooth and responsive, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience.

But perhaps the most significant addition is the introduction of online play. This long-awaited feature breathes new life into the Mario Party formula, allowing players from all over the world to connect and compete. Whether you’re reuniting with old friends or making new party pals online, Mario Party Superstars fosters a sense of community and shared fun.


What is Mario Party Superstars?

It’s a party game for the Nintendo Switch that brings back the classic Mario Party experience! Race across iconic boards from the N64 era, compete in hilarious minigames, and try to steal stars from your friends.

How many players can play?

Up to four players can join the fun locally on one Switch, or you can have a party with friends online or even a mix of both!

Can I play on Switch Lite?

Absolutely! Mario Party Superstars uses button controls, so you can play on your Switch Lite or any other Switch controller.

Are there new boards?

No, this game focuses on bringing back the best boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games. Get ready for nostalgic trips around Woody Woods, Space Land, and Peach’s Birthday Cake!

Are there new minigames?

Nope! Just like the boards, Mario Party Superstars features a collection of minigames from the N64 era. There are over 100 minigames to test your skills and reflexes!

Can I play online?

Yes! You can team up with friends online for a full Mario Party game or jump into a quick session of just minigames.

What if someone disconnects online?

Don’t worry, the game won’t be ruined! A CPU will take over for the disconnected player until they can reconnect and rejoin the party.

Can I save my progress?

Unlike past Mario Party games, you can finally save your progress in Mario Party Superstars! This is perfect for those long game nights where you need to take a break.

Are there any new features?

While the core gameplay remains classic, there are a few new features. You can use stickers to celebrate your victories or mess with your friends, and there’s a handy online leaderboard to see how you stack up against other players.

Is this game for me?

If you’re looking for a fun and chaotic party game to play with friends and family, then Mario Party Superstars is a perfect choice! It’s easy to pick up and play, but with plenty of strategy and laughs to keep everyone entertained.

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